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Where does the Anglican Evangelical belong today? New white paper has answers

Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion - USA

— The U.S. chapter of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC-USA) announced the publication of a new white paper — “Where Does the Anglican Evangelical Belong Today?” — this morning. 

“Your faith has a future,” EFAC-USA Board President Rev. Zac Neubauer said. “The paper is a word of hope to Evangelical Anglicans, in whatever jurisdiction they may be, and to the whole church,” he continued.

The paper details the three things that the Evangelical Anglican needs to come to terms with at this moment in history and goes on to describe the five things that the Evangelical Anglican must do in response.

It also highlights the role of the Evangelical Anglican post-pandemic. “The church that went into the pandemic will not be the same church that emerges from it,” Neubauer said. “We want people to know that EFAC-USA is the place for Evangelical Anglicans to join with others who are coming from the same place, and who want to move forward into the kingdom together.”

The white paper is available for download at EFAC-USA’s website at

EFAC-USA is the U.S. branch of EFAC Global. We are a gathering of evangelicals in the Episcopal and Anglican churches for networking, prayer, Bible study, worship, and mutual encouragement in gospel ministry, both as lay and ordained ministers of the gospel.


Zac Neubauer
Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion – USA
[email protected]

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