Religion News Service announces $40,000 grant for expanded coverage of Hindus and Hinduism


Guru Krupa Foundation logo. Courtesy image

Religion News Service (RNS) is pleased to announce it has received a $40,000 grant from the Guru Krupa Foundation to expand its coverage of Hindus and Hinduism. This coverage can be found on RNS’s Hinduism channel at

With this grant, RNS will highlight current events, emerging issues and trends to illuminate how Hinduism is lived in America and the world, focusing on people’s daily experiences and important religious, economic, and social issues.

“Because of the support of the Guru Krupa Foundation, RNS has connected with many individuals in the Hindu community. We hope that the community will view RNS as a site where important conversations about Hindus and Hinduism can take place and an outlet where people’s voices can be heard,” said RNS Editor-in-Chief Paul O’Donnell.   

The stories and columns supported by this grant will reflect the many experiences of Hindus worldwide and the diverse family of philosophies, traditions and practices that make up Hinduism. They will give voice to personal and family experiences and laws and policies, reflecting the breadth of the community.

“We are excited by RNS’s expanded coverage of Hindus and Hinduism. We thank the Guru Krupa Foundation for making this coverage possible. By telling the many stories of the millions of Hindus who live in the U.S. and worldwide, RNS is fulfilling its mission of covering the broad landscape of religion, faith and spirituality in a multi-religious, multicultural world,” said RNS’s publisher Deborah Caldwell.



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