What the New Hillsong Doc Gets Right … and Wrong + Janice Lagata

Why so much Carl Lentz? And other thoughts on the 'The Secrets of Hillsong,' with former NYC volunteer Janice Lagata.

… and very messy.

It’s not everyday Saved by the City hosts Katelyn and Roxy get invited to be on documentaries, but it is every Hillsong documentary. The latest documentary treatment of the global megachurch’s descent into scandal recently premiered on FX and Hulu. And it featured our very own Ms. Beaty with some real zingers.

It also featured Carl Lentz. Like a lot of Carl Lentz.

The disgraced former pastor of Hillsong NYC took center stage once again and not everyone is happy about it. We talk with Janice Lagata, a former volunteer at Hillsong in Manhattan and fellow interviewee for the documentary, about how she felt after watching and why it prompted her to write an open letter to the director.



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