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White evangelicals, don’t just condemn Christian nationalism. Own it.

By Anthea Butler — December 14, 2020
(RNS) — Piously opposing Trumpism as evil is empty, because it does not deal with white evangelicalism's own racism.

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s fall, Liberty University and the myth of the Moral Majority

By Anthea Butler — August 27, 2020
(RNS) — The evangelical movement has abandoned its claims of piety and morality — instead, becoming a voting bloc intent on holding on to political power.

The fire this time

By Anthea Butler — June 11, 2020
I’m done believing that religion will help Black people get justice in America. It isn’t. Black men and women are still dead.

Is faith as we know it enough to get us through a pandemic?

By Anthea Butler — April 10, 2020
(RNS) — It turns out that a virus we cannot see is a more formidable threat to religious faith than secularism, government or unbelief.

Why Trump — and some of his followers — believe he is the Chosen One

By Anthea Butler — August 23, 2019
(RNS) — Trump’s two announcements this week reveal why some evangelicals see him as 'God’s Chosen One' — a King Cyrus-like figure, anointed by God to save America from cultural collapse.

Anti-Christian attacks in Nigeria threaten precarious balance of faiths

By Anthea Butler — August 8, 2019
(RNS) — In this West African nation, religion stands at the intersection of a divisive colonial history and a current political crisis caused by drought and land scarcity.

Honoring the memory of Lamin Sanneh, Yale Divinity School expert on world Christianity

By Anthea Butler — January 8, 2019
(RNS) — Lamin Sanneh, a renowned professor of world Christianity at Yale Divinity School, died this week at age 76.
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