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Bridget Moix is an author at Religion News Service.

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Sixty years later, King’s dream still calls

By Bridget Moix — August 31, 2023
(RNS) — Six decades after King proclaimed his dream that we would all be ‘free at last’ from racism and violence, Black lives are still threatened every day by race-based killings. 

The atomic bomb shocked the world, but not enough to stop killing civilians

By Bridget Moix — July 27, 2023
(RNS) — As we mourn the devastation of the last world war, policymakers need to work to prevent the next one. 

Welcoming the stranger on World Refugee Day

By Bridget Moix — June 21, 2023
(RNS) — Accepting refugees professionally and compassionately is part of America’s history.

Protect people. Raise the debt limit and cut wasteful Pentagon spending.

By Bridget Moix — May 25, 2023
(RNS) — For too long, the Pentagon has been treated as a sacred cow in budget negotiations.

Celebrating our shared humanity by building peace 

By Bridget Moix — May 3, 2023
(RNS) — War is never inevitable.

Will Congress keep hanging humanity on the Pentagon’s iron cross?  

By Bridget Moix — April 3, 2023
(RNS) — For 2024, President Biden requested the largest military budget in history — $886 billion.

A litany for Ukraine: Pray — and act — for peace

By Bridget Moix — March 1, 2023
(RNS) — One year into the expanded war in Ukraine, it is clear a military approach will not bring peace.

Reclaiming our democracy is a matter of faith

By Bridget Moix — January 26, 2023
(RNS) — The gulf between Democrats and Republicans feels unbridgeable, so why bother engaging with the institution at all?

Remind them we are human beings

By Bridget Moix — December 21, 2022
(RNS) — We need a humane immigration system that upholds the dignity and worth of each person.

Whoever wins in Georgia, democracy already won the midterms

By Bridget Moix — December 1, 2022
(RNS) — We ignore the victory of the peaceful and orderly elections at our own peril.

Environmental justice must lie at the heart of climate action 

By Bridget Moix — October 25, 2022
(RNS) — The IRA is a long-awaited step forward, but there is still much work to be done.  

Will Congress support God’s children?  

By Bridget Moix — October 3, 2022
(RNS) — The Child Tax Credit helped lift millions of children out of poverty. Why would we abandon it?

Despite its failings, the global war on terror grinds on 

By Bridget Moix — August 24, 2022
(RNS) — Two decades deep, the annual number of terror attacks worldwide has significantly increased, terror groups have proliferated across the globe, and more than 900,000 people have been killed.

America’s original sin must be addressed, not ignored  

By Bridget Moix — August 3, 2022
(RNS) — The tragedy of slavery can never be erased or undone, but it must be addressed and atoned for on a national level.

A reckoning on Native boarding schools is long overdue 

By Bridget Moix — June 13, 2022
(RNS) — The more we learn, the more we see gaping holes between our country’s traditional narrative and the realities of how our nation was built and who paid the costs.
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