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Elana Schor

Elana Schor is an author at Religion News Service.

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Democrats tap array of faith leaders to speak at convention

By Elana Schor — August 16, 2020
(AP) — Bishop Mariann Budde will deliver the benediction on Tuesday, the second night of the convention, according to a list shared with The Associated Press on Sunday before its public release.

With Falwell on leave, Liberty board names Jerry Prevo acting president

By Sarah Rankin and Elana Schor — August 10, 2020
The chair of Liberty University's board of trustees will serve as acting president with Jerry Falwell Jr. on leave.

Biden’s bid touts faith, courts even religious conservatives

By Elana Schor and Jack Jenkins — July 17, 2020
(RNS) — Joe Biden’s identity as ‘a very devout Catholic and person of deep faith,’ the former vice president’s deputy political director, John McCarthy, said, is ‘baked into the core messaging and core functions of the campaign.’

Abortion foes vent disappointment after Supreme Court ruling

By Elana Schor — June 29, 2020
(RNS) — The ruling delivered a defeat to anti-abortion activists but could intensify interest in the November election among religious conservatives who are a key part of Trump's base.

Black Liberty U. alums rebuke Falwell after blackface tweet

By Elana Schor and Sarah Rankin — June 1, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Nearly three dozen black alumni of Liberty University denounced school President Jerry Falwell Jr. on Monday, suggesting he step down after he mocked Virginia’s mask-wearing requirement by invoking the blackface scandal that engulfed the state’s governor last year. In a letter to Falwell, shared with The Associated Press, 35 faith leaders […]

For top U.S. virus experts, faith and science work together

By Elana Schor — May 29, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Personal spirituality remains an unquestioned guidepost for some scientists leading the U.S. response to coronavirus.

Poll: US believers see message of change from God in virus

By Elana Schor and Hannah Fingerhut — May 15, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — A new poll found that 31% of Americans who believe in God feel strongly that the virus is a sign of God telling humanity to change.

‘We’ve got to move on’: Q&A with Franklin Graham

By Elana Schor — May 12, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Franklin Graham talks about his Christian relief charity’s Central Park field hospital and reopening the country.

Gun control group starts faith-driven push ahead of election

By Elana Schor — May 12, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — A leading gun control advocacy group has enlisted more than a dozen religious leaders to boost voter turnout this fall in support of candidates who support measures to prevent gun violence.

Christian leaders seek $4B for secure voting during pandemic

By Elana Schor — May 11, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — A multidenominational coalition is calling on Congress to allocate upward of $4 billion to help Americans safely cast their votes in November.

Top evangelicals urge release of some immigration detainees during virus

By Elana Schor — April 14, 2020
(RNS) — The evangelicals also called on religious and other local groups to find released detainees ‘safe accommodations’ to ‘shelter in place.’

Trump campaign kicks off Catholic voter outreach project

By Elana Schor — April 6, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is ramping up its courtship of Catholic voters ahead of a likely November matchup against a Catholic Democrat, former Vice President Joe Biden.

States differ on exempting worship from coronavirus closures

By Elana Schor — March 24, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — As multiple governors issue orders to curb large gatherings and implore residents to stay home in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus, at least a half-dozen states have exempted some level of religious activity.

Orthodox Jewish leaders unite against the coronavirus

By Elana Schor — March 24, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Orthodox Jewish communities have faced unique challenges in constraining practices built around social engagement, including multiple daily group prayers.

Pray and wash: Religion joins with science amid virus crisis

By Elana Schor — March 13, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — ‘Science is a wonderful arena of truth and understanding truth. It is an amazing tool that can help human flourishing. We just believe it can’t address all truth that exists,’ said D.J. Jenkins, pastor at Anthology Church in Studio City, California.
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