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Elana Schor

Elana Schor is an author at Religion News Service.

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Anti-Semitism seen in Capitol attack raises alarms

January 14, 2021

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two white nationalists known for racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric livestreamed to their online followers after breaking into the Capitol during the deadly insurrection.

Trump-supporting Christian leaders and their Sunday messages

January 11, 2021

(RNS) — While some preachers were defiant, one pastor said, ‘We must repent for making the person who occupies the White House more important than the one who occupies our hearts.’

Warnock, Biden wins give twin thrills to religious liberals

January 8, 2021

(RNS) — Warnock and Biden are in the vanguard of the Democrats’ evolution toward engagement on spiritual matters.

President in the pews: DC churches offer Biden options

December 21, 2020

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Once he arrives in Washington, the trappings of the presidency could make casual church visits nearly impossible.

A unique recipe for healing: Bill Murray and a biblical text

December 7, 2020

(AP) — A group of acclaimed actors on Sunday staged an online reading of a religious text with remarkable relevance to the current moment: the Book of Job.

Faith takes the forefront as Georgia Senate runoffs heat up

November 29, 2020

(RNS) — The GOP has resurfaced excerpts from a Democratic candidate’s sermons to assail him as insufficiently supportive of the military as well as anti-Israel.

1,000-plus faith leaders call for ‘free and fair election’

October 27, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 1,000 clergy members, religious scholars and other faith-based advocates have signed onto a unique statement that supports a comprehensive path to “a free and fair election” and urges leaders to heed the verdict of “legitimate election results” regardless of who wins in November.

Divided reactions in US as pope backs same-sex civil unions

October 22, 2020

(AP) — Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, was one of the first conservative Catholic leaders to go public with criticism.

ADL report: Jewish lawmakers face anti-Semitic tropes online

October 6, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — Misinformation about billionaire liberal philanthropist George Soros remains common among anti-Semitic tweets directed at Jewish members of Congress, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League.

Trump’s Israel strategy makes few inroads with Jewish voters

September 25, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP/RNS) — With battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan collectively decided in 2016 by fewer than 200,000 votes, any loss of the Jewish support by Democratic nominee Joe Biden could be pivotal.

GOP attacks Harris amid battle for Catholic voters’ support

September 9, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — The line of attack stems from questions Harris posed in 2018 to a federal judicial nominee about his membership in the Knights of Columbus.

Liberal Christian group kicks off new swing-state organizing

September 8, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — Faithful America is launching a new project focused on chipping away at President Donald Trump’s support among religious voters in three swing states.

Liberty announces investigation into Falwell’s tenure

August 31, 2020

The investigation will look at legal, real estate, and financial matters.

Biden friend Sen. Coons to elevate faith on convention stage

August 20, 2020

(AP) — Coons is optimistic about Biden’s ability to reshape faith issues in a way that Democrats can connect to their spiritual beliefs.

Christian groups unveil new criminal justice reform push

August 20, 2020

(RNS) — The police killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans galvanized engagement by faith leaders from multiple denominations to press for criminal justice reform.

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