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Holly Meyer

Holly Meyer is an author at Religion News Service.

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Some praise, some doubts as Facebook rolls out a prayer tool

By Holly Meyer — August 9, 2021
(AP) —  Facebook already asks for your thoughts. Now it wants your prayers.

Interfaith efforts strained by Israeli-Palestinian violence

By David Crary — May 14, 2021
(RNS) — The escalation of violence is dismaying American Muslims and Jews who've been working to build bridges between their communities.

Rachel Zoll, esteemed colleague, friend and AP religion writer, dead at 55

By David Crary — May 7, 2021
Zoll, an award-winning journalist, was admired and respected by colleagues and peers. She was a beloved member of the religion journalism community.

US Catholic bishops may press Biden to stop taking Communion

By David Crary — April 28, 2021
(AP) — At issue is a document coming from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Doctrine clarifying the church’s stance on an issue that has repeatedly vexed the bishops.

LGBTQ Catholics stung by Vatican rebuff of same-sex unions

By David Crary — March 16, 2021
(AP) — The Vatican's declaration that same-sex unions are a sin the Roman Catholic Church cannot bless was no surprise for LGBTQ Catholics in the United States — yet it stung deeply nonetheless.

Faith leaders’ year of pandemic: grief, solace, resilience

By Luis Andres Henao — March 13, 2021
(AP) — The pandemic, said one assistant pastor, "has called us to rethink and re-imagine what our philosophy of ministering really is in the age of COVID."

LGBTQ rights bill ignites debate over religious liberty

By David Crary — March 8, 2021
(RNS) — The bill maintains exemptions for houses of worship, but faith-based homeless shelters and adoption or foster-care agencies that get federal funding would not be permitted to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

Marriage & divorce amid pandemic: Couples’ challenges abound

By David Crary — February 15, 2021
(AP) — When it comes to marrying, divorcing and having kids, people have become more cautious amid the pandemic.

Catholic schools in US hit by unprecedented enrollment drop

By David Crary — February 8, 2021
NEW YORK (AP) — Amid the pandemic and economic stress, enrollment in Roman Catholic schools in the United States saw the largest single-year decline in at least five decades.

Some Black Southern Baptists feel shut out by white leaders

By David Crary — January 25, 2021
(RNS) — The SBC's national meeting in June cold be a crucial moment for Black pastors if delegates rebuff their views on systemic racism in the U.S.

Trump-supporting Christian leaders and their Sunday messages

By Mariam Fam — January 11, 2021
(RNS) — While some preachers were defiant, one pastor said, ‘We must repent for making the person who occupies the White House more important than the one who occupies our hearts.’

Anti-abortion faith leaders support use of COVID-19 vaccines

By David Crary — January 10, 2021
(AP) — One outspoken foe of abortion based in Dallas, Southern Baptist megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, has called the vaccines a "present from God."

More US churches commit to racism-linked reparations

By David Crary — December 13, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Many are weighing how to make amends through financial investments and long-term programs benefiting African Americans.

Pandemic, loss unite 2 rural Missouri pastors around faith

By Jessie Wardarski — December 9, 2020
NOEL, Missouri (RNS) — While the pastors both want to keep parishioners safe, they are determined to carry on with in-person services as long as members of their congregations are eager to attend.

Divided reactions in US as pope backs same-sex civil unions

By David Crary — October 22, 2020
(AP) — Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, was one of the first conservative Catholic leaders to go public with criticism.
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