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David Crary

David Crary is an author at Religion News Service.

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Pandemic, loss unite 2 rural Missouri pastors around faith

By Jessie Wardarski, David Crary, and Luis Andres Henao — December 9, 2020
NOEL, Missouri (RNS) — While the pastors both want to keep parishioners safe, they are determined to carry on with in-person services as long as members of their congregations are eager to attend.

Divided reactions in US as pope backs same-sex civil unions

By David Crary and Elana Schor — October 22, 2020
(AP) — Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, was one of the first conservative Catholic leaders to go public with criticism.

Black Catholics’ history: Will US Catholic schools teach it?

By David Crary — July 27, 2020
(AP) — Top leaders are encouraging Catholic schools to place a new emphasis on teaching about racial justice, as well as the history of Black Catholics.

Black Catholics: Words not enough as church decries racism

By David Crary — June 22, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — As protests against racism and police brutality continue nationwide, there are rising calls for huge new investment in Catholic schools serving Black communities.

Amid pandemic, scores of US Catholic schools face closure

By David Crary — June 12, 2020
(AP) — About 100 Catholic schools have announced in recent weeks that they won’t reopen this fall — that number could more than double in the coming months.

Pandemic will alter Communion rituals for many US Christians

By David Crary — May 19, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Striking changes in Communion will take place at Catholic and Protestant churches across the United States over coming weeks as restrictions on large gatherings — imposed because of the coronavirus outbreak — are gradually eased.

2 Hispanic churches and too many tears: 100 COVID-19 deaths

By Luis Andres Henao and David Crary — May 13, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Two churches, one Catholic, one Lutheran, have lost more than 100 members to the coronavirus and because of lockdown rules lack the ability to mourn together in person.

Pandemic, border crackdown hamper Catholics’ aid to migrants

By David Crary — April 6, 2020
NOGALES, Mexico (AP) — For years, Catholic-led, U-S.-based nonprofits have been at the forefront of efforts to support migrants and asylum seekers along the Mexican border. Tough new border policies, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, have drastically changed their work, much of which now takes place in Mexico. The once heavy flow of undocumented border-crossers […]

As offerings dwindle, some churches fear for their future

By David Crary — March 23, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — As weekly contributions drop as in-person worship services are canceled amid the coronavirus outbreak, some churches are bracing for cutbacks in programs and staff.

Virus outbreak disrupts joyous Purim fest, but some improvise

By David Crary — March 10, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — Purim is traditionally one of the most joyous Jewish holidays, but some celebrations in Israel and hard-hit parts of the United States are being scaled back or canceled due to the coronavirus threat.

Worries over virus prompt changes in many worship services

By David Crary — March 5, 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — A rising number of churches across the United States are making changes in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including a decision by numerous Catholic dioceses to suspend the serving of wine during Communion. Thus far, there have been relatively few cancellations of worship services. However, Jamie Aten, a psychologist who is […]

Stresses multiply for many US clergy: ‘We need help too’

By David Crary — February 19, 2020
(AP) — From anti-Semitic violence to Islamophobia to sex abuse fears to their own financial insecurity, rabbis, imams, priests and ministers face newly evolving stresses that compound the usual cares of clergy.

More US firms are boosting faith-based support for employees

By David Crary — February 11, 2020
(AP) — The Internal Revenue Service has a group specifically for Christian fundamentalists, while other high-profile companies including Walmart have recently decided to launch faith-based employee groups.

Mormons pulling 400,000 youths out of struggling Boy Scouts

By Brady McCombs and David Crary — December 18, 2019
KAYSVILLE, Utah (AP) — On Jan. 1, the Utah-based faith will deliver the latest blow to the struggling organization when it pulls out more than 400,000 young people and moves them into a new global program of its own.

Hispanic immigrant in line to lead US Catholic bishops

By David Crary — November 11, 2019
(AP) — Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, an immigrant from Mexico, is widely expected to win election as the first Hispanic president of the bishops' national conference.
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