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Dr. Charles C. Haynes is director of the Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum and a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center. He writes and speaks extensively on religious liberty and religion in American public life.

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‘Cross at Ground Zero’: History lesson or state religion?

By Charles C. Haynes — August 19, 2014
The First Amendment separates church from state, but not religion from public life – and it doesn't require equal time or balanced treatment for all faiths and beliefs.

In a world of sectarian violence, what can be done?

By Charles C. Haynes — July 30, 2014
Amid persecutions of Christians, Muslims and other faiths around the globe, Face to Faith is a beacon of hope.

Beyond the outrage, is Hobby Lobby decision a win-win?

By Charles C. Haynes — July 24, 2014
Supreme Court ruling is neither the all-out assault on women’s rights alleged by some on the left nor the major expansion of religious freedom trumpeted by many on the right.

In Tenn. mosque fight, religious freedom trumps Islamophobia

By Charles C. Haynes — June 19, 2014
U.S. Supreme Court puts an end to bias-based lawsuit challenging permit for construction of an Islamic Center near Murfreesboro.

From the Supreme Court, prayer rules that won’t work

By Charles C. Haynes — May 28, 2014
Decision in New York case creates confusion for government officials who now must decide when an official legislative or meeting prayer crosses the line into proselytizing or disparaging other religions.

Politics and perils of closing school for religious holidays

By Charles C. Haynes — May 28, 2014
As religious diversity continues to expand in all parts of America, many school and city officials may be forced to decide that the only viable solution is not to close schools on religious holidays.

Wake-up call in Kansas: Anti-Semitism is alive and dangerous in America

By Charles C. Haynes — May 28, 2014
We can act to inoculate the next generation against the sick and twisted ideology that inspired Frazier Glenn Miller to gun down three innocent people in a fit of rage against the Jews.

In higher education, low tolerance for free speech

By Charles C. Haynes — May 22, 2014
A student who handed out flyers is charged with religious discrimination for disseminating views critical of a religious group. But wait, there's more.

Wake-up call in Kansas: Anti-Semitism is alive and dangerous in America

By Charles C. Haynes — April 17, 2014
“I hate all Jews” was Frazier Glenn Miller’s mantra, repeated time and again by the well-known white supremacist at rallies, in publications and on the Internet over a period of many years. This week, on the eve of Passover, Miller translated his words of hate into violent action by opening fire on a Jewish community […]

Are ‘religious viewpoint’ laws needed in public schools?

By Charles C. Haynes — April 3, 2014
The biggest problem with protection laws for student religious expression is the potential for abuse.

Gay marriage, religious freedom and the need for civil dialogue

By Charles C. Haynes — March 20, 2014
The issue is fast becoming a shouting match where any concern for the common good is lost in the din of charge and countercharge.

With the stroke of a pen, Ariz. governor changes everything

By Charles C. Haynes — March 6, 2014
The sad lesson of the battle over S.B. 1062 is that in the current climate of name-calling and fear-mongering, few people on either side are willing to work together to uphold both nondiscrimination and religious freedom.

Push for ‘school prayer’ is about power, not prayer

By Charles C. Haynes — February 20, 2014
Despite what you hear, prayer has never been banned in school; what's banned is government-forced prayer.

Vladimir Putin’s Potemkin village

By Charles C. Haynes — February 6, 2014
Putin’s “new Russia” looks very much like the old Russia that denied freedom of expression, religious liberty and other human rights.

Do corporations have religious freedom?

By Charles C. Haynes — January 23, 2014
When people of faith choose to live out that faith in the world of business, they should not be put to what the Supreme Court once called 'the cruel choice' between following their God and making a profit.
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