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Patrick Ryan is an author at Religion News Service.

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‘Son of Saul’ unflinchingly portrays Holocaust horrors

By Patrick Ryan — December 28, 2015
The film is told from the perspective of of a Jewish prisoner working in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, who saves a child's body from the cremation ovens and attempts to find a rabbi to give him a proper burial.

With ‘Woodlawn,’ Christian films enter new playing field

By Patrick Ryan — October 16, 2015
"It wasn't politicians that led the Civil Rights Movement, it was pastors," said faith-based filmmaker Jon Erwin, whose new faith-and-football movie opens Friday (Oct. 16.)

‘War Room’ trounces ‘Compton’ for No. 1 at box office

By Patrick Ryan — September 7, 2015
Made on a budget of just $3.5 million, the PG-rated Christian film has earned $27.9 million in just two weekends of release.

Jesus is all over the small screen, and that’s no accident

By Patrick Ryan — March 30, 2015
"We didn't make Sunday-school programming," says Hollywood producer Mark Burnett. "We made stuff that was accurate to the Bible, but realistic, and didn't feel like it had been made on a shoestring budget."
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