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Colorado baker loses appeal over transgender birthday cake

By Colleen Slevin — January 27, 2023
DENVER (AP) — Jack Phillips maintains the cakes he creates are a form of speech and plans to appeal.

Man sues Denver archdiocese over abuse by convicted priest

By Colleen Slevin — January 20, 2023
DENVER (AP) — The lawsuit targets Timothy Evans, a priest convicted in 2007 of sexually abusing other teens in two Colorado counties around the same time frame.

Colorado baker fighting ruling over gender transition cake

By Colleen Slevin — October 6, 2022
(AP) — DENVER (AP) — Jack Phillips, who won a partial Supreme Court victory after refusing to make a gay couple's wedding cake a decade ago for faith reasons is challenging a separate ruling that he violated Colorado law by refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition.

Activist’s self-immolation stirs questions on faith, protest

By Deepa Bharath and Colleen Slevin — April 26, 2022
(AP) — Bruce’s act was reminiscent of Thich Quang Duc, a Vietnamese monk who burned himself to death in 1963 in protest of the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government.

Colorado woman who won’t get vaccinated denied transplant

By Patty Nieberg, Thomas Peipert, and Colleen Slevin — October 8, 2021
Even though she has stage 5 kidney disease that puts her at risk of dying without a new kidney, Lutali, 56, said she could not agree to be vaccinated because of the role that fetal cell lines have played in the development of vaccines.

Baker fined for refusing to make transgender transition cake

By Colleen Slevin — June 17, 2021
DENVER (AP) — While Jack Phillips said he could not make the cake because of its message, the judge said the case was about a refusal to sell a product, not compelled speech.
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