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Hong Kong’s Roman Catholic cardinal says he dreams of bishops from greater China praying together

By Kanis Leung — November 17, 2023
HONG KONG (AP) — Joseph Li's arrival in Hong Kong on Monday at the invitation of cardinal Stephen Chow marked the first-ever official visit by a Beijing bishop to the city.

The head of China’s state-backed Catholic church begins historic trip to Hong Kong

By Kanis Leung — November 14, 2023
HONG KONG (AP) — Experts said the invitation was a symbolic gesture that could strengthen the fragile relationship between China and the Vatican.

Head of China’s state-backed Catholic church will visit Hong Kong as ties with Vatican are strained

By Kanis Leung — November 6, 2023
HONG KONG (AP) — Joseph Li, the state-appointed archbishop of Beijing, will take a five-day trip to Hong Kong starting Nov. 14 at the invitation of the city’s newly appointed cardinal Stephen Chow

Hong Kong’s newly named Roman Catholic cardinal wants reconciliation and more hope for young people

By Kanis Leung — July 12, 2023
HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s newly named Roman Catholic cardinal said Monday that he hopes for reconciliation and wants the city to give young people more hope following the economic downturn and a campaign to crush a pro-democracy movement.

Hong Kong bishop visits Beijing on historic trip

By Kanis Leung — April 17, 2023
HONG KONG (AP) — The five-day trip by Bishop Stephen Chow began about two weeks after Vatican News, the news portal of the Holy See, reported that China had unilaterally appointed a new bishop to Shanghai.

Hong Kong court convicts Cardinal Zen, 5 others over fund

By Kanis Leung — November 25, 2022
HONG KONG (AP) — While the cardinal has not yet been charged with national security-related charges, he was charged with failing to properly register a fund aimed at helping democracy protestors.
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