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German-Israeli singer admits he lied when accusing hotel of antisemitism in a video that went viral

By Kirsten Grieshaber — November 29, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — Germany's leading Jewish group, which initially stood behind the singer, sharply condemned him after his surprise confession.

Holocaust survivor recalls ‘Night of Broken Glass’ horrors in interactive, virtual reality project

By Kirsten Grieshaber — November 9, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — The virtual reality project guides users through interactive reconstructions of spaces, such as synagogues, that were destroyed during Kristallnacht.

The German chancellor condemns a firebomb attack on a Berlin synagogue and vows protection for Jews

By Kirsten Grieshaber — October 19, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — Police said they were investigating “an attempted serious arson” in which two people approached the synagogue on foot and threw the firebombs, which burst on the sidewalk next to the building.

German police search church properties in probe of Cologne archbishop over perjury allegations

By Kirsten Grieshaber — June 28, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — The cardinal is under investigation on suspicion of having falsely testified to court about when he became aware of reports of clergy sexual abuse in the archdiocese.

Germany to give $1.4 billion to Holocaust survivors globally in 2024

By Kirsten Grieshaber — June 15, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — The compensation was negotiated with Germany's finance ministry and includes $888.9 million to provide home care and supportive services for frail and vulnerable Holocaust survivors.

German curator on a mission to return silver heirlooms stolen from Jewish families by the Nazis

By Kirsten Grieshaber — June 13, 2023
(RNS) — The Bavarian National Museum is returning 111 silver objects at the that the Nazis stole from Jews during the Third Reich in 1939.

Can a chatbot preach a good sermon? Hundreds attend church service generated by ChatGPT to find out

By Kirsten Grieshaber — June 12, 2023
FUERTH, Germany (AP) — The 40-minute service — including the sermon, prayers and music — was created by ChatGPT and Jonas Simmerlein, a theologian and philosopher from the University of Vienna.

German bishop resigns, cites responsibility in abuse scandal

By Kirsten Grieshaber — March 27, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — Franz-Josef Bode had been the bishop of Osnabrueck, Germany, since 1995.

Jehovah’s Witnesses mourn victims of Hamburg shooting

By Kirsten Grieshaber — March 27, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — “We are speechless in the face of the violence and brutality. There’s no word for this,” said Dirk Ciupek, a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

16 objects from Germany tell story of Holocaust in new ways

By Kirsten Grieshaber — January 24, 2023
BERLIN (AP) — The exhibition Sixteen Objects marks the 70th anniversary of the Yad Vashem memorial, bringing back to Germany an array of items Jews took with them when they fled the Nazis.

‘A dear friend’: Syrian carves model of Cologne cathedral

By Kirsten Grieshaber and Daniel Niemann — June 21, 2022
COLOGNE, Germany (AP) — Alkhudr, who is Muslim, said he developed such a close connection to the Catholic cathedral that at some point it felt like the building became a part of him.

Auschwitz survivor Leon Schwarzbaum dies at 101 in Germany

By Kirsten Grieshaber — March 14, 2022
BERLIN (AP) — The German art and antiques dealer was the subject of director Hans Erich Viet's 2018 movie, 'The Last of the Jolly Boys.'

Ukrainian diaspora helps civilians back home escape the war

By Kirsten Grieshaber — March 4, 2022
BERLIN (AP) — 'A major part of the 50,000 Jews living in Berlin are from Ukraine,' says Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal from the Chabad community.

In eastern Germany, pastors push for shots despite protests

By Kirsten Grieshaber — December 28, 2021
CHEMNITZ, Germany (AP) — Lutheran pastors across Saxony have used their sermons to promote vaccines as the most efficient way to end the pandemic.

Cologne Catholic church holds penance service on sex abuse

By Kirsten Grieshaber and Daniel Niemann — November 18, 2021
The German Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse reports has caused a crisis in Cologne, where the archbishop, Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, has taken a “spiritual timeout" on the advice of Pope Francis.
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