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Shonal Ganguly is an author at Religion News Service.

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‘A time bomb’: India’s sinking holy town faces grim future

By Shonal Ganguly and Krutika Pathi — March 1, 2023
JOSHIMATH, India (AP) — For months, the roughly 20,000 residents in Joshimath, revered by Hindu and Sikh pilgrims, have watched the earth slowly swallow their community.

Tibetans in India demonstrate against Beijing Olympics

By Shonal Ganguly — February 4, 2022
NEW DELHI (AP) — Hundreds of Tibetan exiles held a protest rally while denouncing the Beijing Winter Olympics and demanding freedom for their region.

‘What fear?’: Hindus bathe in frothy, polluted Indian river

By Shonal Ganguly and Altaf Qadri — November 11, 2021
Hundreds of Hindu devotees entered the Yamuna river for a holy dip to mark the festival of Chhath Puja, despite it being covered in a layer of toxic foam.
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