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Vanessa Gera

Vanessa Gera is an author at Religion News Service.

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Auschwitz museum begins emotional work of conserving 8,000 shoes of murdered children

By Vanessa Gera — May 22, 2023
OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — The Germans destroyed evidence of their atrocities at Treblinka and other camps, but they failed to do so entirely at the enormous site of Auschwitz.

Jewish volunteers bond with Ukrainian kids at summer camp

By Vanessa Gera — August 1, 2022
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — With the war about to enter its sixth month, the camp at the Lauder Morasha School in Warsaw reflects the type of programming being developed to meet the changing needs of refugees.

Ukraine’s only woman rabbi among the many Jews fleeing war

By Vanessa Gera — March 14, 2022
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — With some 200,000 Jews in Ukraine, one of the world's largest Jewish communities, it is inevitable that many Jewish people are also among those fleeing.

Iraqi baby buried as death toll in EU-Belarus crisis grows

By Vanessa Gera — November 24, 2021
Poland has ordered a state of emergency along its border to stop migrants from coming through, and to keep family — or smugglers — from approaching the border to facilitate their travel further west.

Pence hopeful the Supreme Court will restrict abortion in US

By Vanessa Gera and Balazs Kaufmann — September 23, 2021
BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Speaking to a forum devoted to demographics and family values, Pence praised how abortion rates have fallen under Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Poland keeps ambassador at home amid dispute with Israel

By Vanessa Gera — August 17, 2021
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Israel downgraded diplomatic ties with Warsaw and strongly criticized a new Polish law that restricts the rights of Holocaust survivors to reclaim property.
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