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Ryan Burge

Ryan Burge is an author at Religion News Service.

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Americans who aren’t sure about God are a fast-growing force in politics – and they’re typically even more politically active than white evangelicals

By Ryan Burge — November 10, 2022
(The Conversation) — Winning elections isn’t just a matter of how many players you have. It’s how engaged they are.

From abortion and porn to women and race: How Southern Baptist Convention resolutions have evolved

By Ryan Burge — June 12, 2021
(The Conversation) — A religion data analyst scraped the texts of all Southern Baptist resolutions over the last 150 years. Here's what he found.

Faith in numbers: Fox News is must-watch for white evangelicals, a turnoff for atheists…and Hindus, Muslims really like CNN

By Ryan Burge — May 26, 2021
(The Conversation) — Fox News viewers sway religious. A dive into who exactly is watching shows that it is a favorite among white evangelicals, Mormons and members of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
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