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Rosalyn R. LaPier is an author at Religion News Service.

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Trump’s Wounded Knee jab evokes dark history of suppressing indigenous religions

By Rosalyn R. LaPier — January 16, 2019
(The Conversation) — A tweet aimed at Elizabeth Warren is the latest statement to draw criticism of the president’s inaccurate portrayal of Native American history.

How the loss of Native Americans’ languages affects our understanding of their belief

By Rosalyn R. LaPier — October 9, 2018
(The Conversation) — Embedded in indigenous languages is information about their beliefs about the creation and preservation of the environment.

For Native Americans, a river is more than a ‘person.’ It’s also a sacred place

By Rosalyn R. LaPier — October 9, 2017
(The Conversation) If a suit by an environmental group asking for personhood rights for the Colorado River is successful, it would mean lawsuits can brought on behalf of the river for any harm done to it, as if it were a person.

Why Native Americans do not separate religion from science

By Rosalyn R. LaPier — April 21, 2017
(The Conversation) For many Native Americans, myth and medicine, religion and science, are not viewed as separate, but are interwoven into the fabric of our lives.
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