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Tobin Grant

@TobinGrant blogs for Religion News Service at Corner of Church and State, a data-driven conversation on religion and politics. He is a political science professor at Southern Illinois University and associate editor of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

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Six words Trump never said to evangelicals

By Tobin Grant — June 24, 2016
Jesus. Christ. Bible. They're all missing from Trump's vocabulary

Who flipped to join Trump’s evangelical advisory board? (COMMENTARY)

By Tobin Grant — June 22, 2016
These so-called leaders traded in their integrity for a seat at Trump's gold-plated table.

UK uses bogus quiz to rule on Christian asylum seekers

By Tobin Grant — June 21, 2016
The UK is using the one method scientifically shown to fail.

Pakistan poll: 70% say ‘It’s NEVER permissible for a man to beat his wife’

By Tobin Grant — May 27, 2016
A prominent group of clerics does not represent the views of Pakistanis.

Why Charleston shooting is both an obstruction of religion and a hate crime (but not terrorism)

By Tobin Grant — May 25, 2016
What is a 'hate crime'? What is 'obstruction of religion'? How are they different from 'terrorism'?

Can music be your religion?

By Tobin Grant — May 23, 2016
How a religion geek ruins a great country song.

How do Methodists view homosexuality and same-sex marriage? Some poll results

By Tobin Grant — May 18, 2016
It's not just at the General Conference. United Methodists in the pews are also split over LGBT issues.

Why do we pick-and-choose our religious beliefs? Blame social media

By Tobin Grant — May 16, 2016
We now pick the emojis that go with our beliefs.

Top 5 surprising religion and politics stories (and it’s only May)

By Tobin Grant — May 13, 2016
It's unexpected events like these that keep me loving religion and politics in the USA.

Why Pro-Life Democrats are disappearing

By Tobin Grant — May 10, 2016
In six years, the number of pro-life Democrats in Congress has dropped from forty to just two.

Trump isn’t Hitler: It’s OK for a person of faith to vote for Trump

By Tobin Grant — May 3, 2016
Even this year, people can disagree on politics without sacrificing their faith.

Why greater diversity may (temporarily) thin out your pews

By Tobin Grant — April 27, 2016
Congregations that grow in diversity may decline in attendance.

Trump won big in the Bible Belt (and lots of mini-Bible Belts outside the South)

By Tobin Grant — April 21, 2016
Trump won across the South, but he also is doing well in other evangelical regions.

James Dobson’s flawed take on population decline (no.1: We’re not in decline)

By Tobin Grant — April 13, 2016
Raising false "facts" doesn't excuse shaming women into not breeding enough.

What’s in a nickname? 6 college teams with unexpected religious roots

By Tobin Grant — April 12, 2016
A devil isn't always a devil, and a Quaker sometimes fights.
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