1. I have run into a whole bunch of us former SBC who have become Orthodox (and I don’t mean jewish).

  2. “Other evangelicals” looks to be bigger than “not Christian” and “no religion” put together, judging by bar size. Am I misreading those?

  3. Baptists in my area have done a lot to alienate persons with brains and education. As this trickles down to the “lower orders” who merely want to be attached to power and success, the snowball effect will likely create a full blown crisis. It could not be more deserved.

  4. Make a Chart we can all read, not a cutting edge chart that looks good but confuses all of us readers! That Chart above we can not make out what you are trying to tell us!

  5. It’s actually pretty interesting when you understand his explanation. In my humble opinion anyway.

  6. Hunh? Where they go, where they come from, I don’t see how it could be clearer.

    My only obvjection is there are neither numerical nor percentage guages super’d on the pic.


  7. what a clear way to show the data! I’d be interested to see these for other religions, especially Unitarian Universalist.

  8. Southern Baptists have earned a reputation as the most intolerant and self-righteous of denominations. Except in small towns in the South, membership in a Southern Baptist Church tends to brand one as ignorant, homophobic, and mean-spirited. In other words, whereas in previous eras, membership in a SBC church might merely have indicated that one had been born into the church or had converted for religious reasons that had nothing to do with politics, nowadays membership in a SBC church marks one as politically conservative in a very narrow way.

  9. I was reared Southern Baptist. Four weeks to the day before my twentieth birthday I became a Latter-day Saint.

  10. Good to see the significant “No Religion” fraction. Hoping to see more of that as humanity puts religious superstition behind it. That’s something great to hope for, anyway.

  11. Assuming by his icon (see what I did there?), Eastern Orthodox

  12. OK. That is a bit unusual. Most people I know in that faith were either born into it or converted to please a prospective spouse. That could be more of a Greek and Russian thing.

  13. I can’t help but wondering if part of the movement away from SBC churches to non-denominational churches stems from so many SBC churches being so dysfunctional. My thoughts are that most people are leaving SBC church for non-denominational churches that have almost identical theologies and structure, but don’t have the politics (within the church and at the denominational level).

  14. I am inclined to agree with you. Some years back, the SBC left the comfort of its homelands and held their conference in SLC to coincide with the biggest load that has ever been assembled into one package of lying Anti-Mormon hogwash.

    Whether this has made a contribution to the exodus from intolerance and religious hatred I have no means of knowing, but I am still human enough to consider that their lies about Mormonism were so egregious that even some of the SBC noticed and voted with their feet.

  15. I had no church as child. I became a Catholic as an adult because it has the fullest expression of the faith. It’s historical and theological legacy is unparalleled compared to Protestant denominations. It is THE Church. All others pale in comparison. Some are even heretical, Episcopalianism.

  16. I was raised Southern Baptist. I’m now an Episcopalian.

  17. Examples of the”fullest expression of faith.” : The seven sacraments: Eucharist, Confession and Reconciliation, Marriage, Holy Orders, Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick. Second: Transubstantiation of the Eucharistic feast. Third: Faith, Hope, and Love are Theological Virtues, real gifts from God, not mere human inclinations. Roman Catholicism is the mother church, nearly 2000 years old, and protestant denominations are her children, 600 years old.

  18. Poor deluded creature, who has drunk the koolaid so eagerly you probably don’t even know, much less care, how offensive you are.

  19. Thank you JayJonson. I’m not interested in being politically correct or even polite. We are called to a life of holiness. Romans 1:7 “All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be dominated by anything.” 1 cor 6

  20. Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

  21. If I read this chart correctly, every person who was without a religion at age 16 entered the Baptist church as an adult. Clearly I don’t read it right, as that is far from true.

  22. I hope some of the mega churches surrounding my home will soon have to close.

  23. I was raised SBC. Went to an SBC college. Converted to rational liberal thought by SBC professors. Education over indoctrination!

  24. The explanation says the chart is not meant to encompass everyone. It shows only what happened to 16 year old SBs (stayed, took up a different religion, left religion) and where adult SB members came from (born into it, converted from some other religion, or previously not religious.). Anyone who was nonreligous at age 16 but did not convert to SB as an adult is outside the scope of this chart.

  25. I’m Catholic. We’re I to switch, it would be to the Orthodox or Episcopalians. I need to belong to a Church of the Seven Councils.

  26. I call one of them the First Church of Christ Meal Ticket.

  27. I disagree with the comment about Episcopalians. The Oxford Movement pointed out the break with Rome was muddy.

  28. Hmm? Episcopalian clergy is fast and loose with right to divorce. The priest who married me suggest divorce to my wife. We are now divorced. It ordains women and homosexual priest. Correct.

  29. “The breakup with Rome was muddy” what do you mean by that? Does that mean it’s better that bloody and burning bridges? Clarify.

  30. What religion is the only religion? Is there one god or many? Is there one book or many? God wants his will not mine or yours? Signed up for SBC, got screwed so many times I just got weary of it and walked away and nothing can bring me back to SBC or any “only” religion. I’m not called to “holy” and I don’t want to do holy crap for god, don’t want to do his will, or wait on the “Lord” or quote scriptures to heal other people. Don’t feel sorry for me, because you don’t really feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for you though. Religion is such a colossal waste of life. And the SBC and religious people want to ostracize me and kill me, Jesus wants to give me an ultimatum-hell or heaven and religious people can’t wait to cast the first stone. And I bet none give the plan of salvation. Look out, in coming. So here I am, let the stoning begin from all the good self-motivated, self-righteous christians, DAR, priest, popes, pastors, deacons, females, males, let’s see who throws the first stone:

  31. You can hope. But God will continue to call and save His elect.
    Executive Orders by O’Bummer won’t stop Him.

  32. I believe that is correct.
    While the article talks mainly about SBC it is ALL mainline Protestant denominations seeing a decline.
    Independent, unaffiliated churches are growing rapidly though. They pop up everywhere.
    The heirarchal, denominational model may just be a leftover relic of Romanism which Protestants are finally shedding.
    And the infiltration of those hierarchies by liberals has contributed as well. Just look at the positions of the United Methodists, the Episcopalians, and the Presbyterian Church USA on the subjects of homosexuality and “gay” clergy.
    That’s when born-again Christians start asking: “Why do we need denominations anyway?”
    And nowhere does the Bible require them.

  33. I was raised Catholic. I never knew Christ as a Catholic. Now I know Him.
    You will not find salvation in any church. Only Christ Himself can save anyone.
    Romanian is the devil’s counterfeit. Peter was never a pope. There is no office of pope mentioned anywhere in the New Testamentm

  34. Amen Scottie123… are right on track….totally agree.

  35. Sorry….I converted to Catholicism eight years ago….never knew Christ in protestantism BEFORE the Catholic Church . Church history does not solely reside in the New Testament….do some research on the early church fathers…..maybe a bit of homework instead of glibly spouting off?

  36. Sorry Jason. You say you “never knew Christ in Protestantism”? I’m sure that’s true. I’m also sure you never met Him in Catholicism. As long as you are looking for “the church” that saves your search will produce nothing.

    I said this in my previous post:

    As for the early church fathers: I have read the writings of Augustine – the 4th-century Bishop of Hippo. In both “The City of God”, and in his “Confessions”, there is no mention of any papacy or any pope.
    The reason is simple: The papacy did not exist before the 7th-century AD.

    The was a church at Rome (Paul wrote an epistle to them).
    There was, no doubt, a Bishop of Rome (as other cities had).
    The the primacy of that Bishop was unknown prior to the Emperor vacating Rome for Constaninople.

  37. There was no papacy prior to the 7th-century.
    That 2,000-year-old claim is a papal lie.

  38. In the 60’s the SBC claimed over 22 million membership. I think the true numbers, currently, are probably around 8 million, a few million ahead of the Methodist. At any rate, the new , improved Marxist Liberal SBC, along with the Methodist, will decline to total inconsequential sects before the end of this century.

  39. The independent churches with contemporary pop psychology and a more easy going attitude appear to be replacing so called Protestant “Mainline” type churches that rely on a more rigid doctrine.

  40. SBC needs more homosexuals, SWJ’s, Marxist and extreme Leftist if it’s going to survive.

  41. I grew up as a Southern Baptist. I left the SBC in 2014, and found a home in the Episcopal Church.

  42. I was raised Independent Baptist, then later Southern Baptist. I’m now 60, and 20 years ago, after becoming familiar with the early church fathers, I crossed the Bosporus, and converted to the ancient and unchanging faith of the Eastern Orthodox Church. For me, evangelical Protestantism was an inch deep and a mile wide. Today, I belong to an Antiochian Orthodox communion. We are Eastern Rite, or Byzantine Rite, and our liturgy is in English, Arabic, and Greek. I serve in Minor Orders at altar as an Alcolyte. This past fall, I took an evening class at Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary. It was the only conservative seminary, be it Protestant, in my area. I was polite, respectful, and non-combative, and answered questions about the Orthodox faith when asked by classmates and the professor. I was surprised by several of my young classmates who were interested in patristics and liturgy. I purchased books from my parish bookstore to give to classmates on topics like the Great Schism and patristics. I was equally surprised at the influence of Five Point Calvinism that has invaded Southern Baptist seminaries. For the most part, I was treated respectfully by faculty and classmates, and made some new friends. I plan on taking a couple more evening classes, be they limited, at MBTS in the future, and be they from a Protestant perspective. So much of what I’ve seen and experienced while growing up in evangelical Protestantism was based on a deep hatred and vitriol of the RCC, and although the EOC is less visible to the average evangelical layperson, I’ve seen the same hatred and animus towards the Orthodox as well. I wish the Southern Baptists well, but they need to be wary of the trend of their churches to leave their convention to become trendy hip megachurches. Just as liberalism has been a threat to the SBC in the past, heterodox megachurches, IMHO, are as much a problem. Mainline Protestantism is deeply liberal, toxic, and dying. Groups like the Southern Baptists, are Protestantism last traditionalist stronghold.

  43. The Protestant view ( I grew up evangelical Protestant) that the pre-Nicene church suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth after the deaths of the apostles, but mysteriously reappeared in Northern Europe in the sixteenth century, was an invention of a chubby German monk, and Protestantism. The further denial of the ante-Nicene church, Constantine and the Council of Nicene, and the other six ecumenical councils, again is Protestant revisionist church history. As the 19h century Russian theologian, Alexis Khomiakov said, “All Protestants are Crypto-Papists”. Sorry, but your roots came out of the Latin church, like it or not. This coming from an Eastern church convert from evangelical Protestantism. With the Great Schism of AD 1054, Jason and Scottie 123 differ with me, but I have to side with them in their well articulated responses to your’s.

  44. I see the “frozen chosen” popping up more and more in the Southern Baptist seminaries.

  45. Well said. My journey took me from evangelical Protestantism, into the Eastern Orthodox Church 20 years ago. I’ve never looked back.

  46. Paleo-orthodox Christian now. Still Southern Baptist, but about to leave I think

  47. Southern people are haters and racist. How and why would a loving God bless. In fact I believe anything Southern will disappear soon. America is sick of Southern ways. Southern people are so proud about their Heritage. My goodness how lost are they. Murder, Incest, torture. Need I say more!

  48. I left the SBC about 15 years ago and haven’t looked back. Being raised SBC I learned a lot about outreach and the Christian faith. What caused me to leave was as I got older I noticed the church becoming increasingly judgmental. They love to preach one thing but do another. You see so many baptists judging other people (i.e. people drinking, lgbtq community) that it became a major turn off. Whether you accept these issues or not it is not our place to judge others. The baptists are so quick to judge others for a specific sin when they should be taking a hard look at themselves in the mirror. Sin is sin to God. No one sin is better or worse than the other (except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit). I believe the church should be more welcoming to anyone who desires and seeks God. Yes we should preach what the bible says but that doesn’t mean to discriminate against someone because they sin different than you do.

  49. Were the still being called Racist…..Being .Told of the White Privilege…?? The SBC has really done it this time. My wife and I served in our Baptist church for 10 years…We’ll never go back after the recent onslaught of Racial Justice B.S. I don’t really think it’s their plan to keep White Evangelicals. Bye. Bye.

  50. Bingo. That’s why we left. All of The SBC’s political crap. We joined a non denominational Bible church. Couldn’t stand the current SJW’s Push.

  51. I assure you, it was not to avoid the teachings of the Church on racial equality.
    Dave, I welcome you to Orthodoxy. I challenge you to accept the teachings of the Church on this matter and surrender fear of the stranger.

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