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On Faith and Culture

5 reasons the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision is a victory for all Americans

By Skye Jethani — June 8, 2018
The following is a guest post by Skye Jethani The case of the Colorado baker who refused to create a cake for a same-sex wedding has been a topic of heated debate since 2015. My writings about the case have received criticism from both conservative Christians and marriage equality advocates because I sided with the […]

Why weren’t Christians the ones to ‘ruin’ Miss America?

By Mandy McMichael — June 8, 2018
(RNS) — The little known history of how America's Christians got entangled with America's beauty pageant.

Paige Patterson has resigned. Imagine if he were Tim Cook.

By Jonathan Merritt — May 23, 2018
(RNS) — Many of the secular communities in America that Southern Baptists have painted as evil possess more moral courage than they do.

What Alcoholics Anonymous could teach Paige Patterson

By Jonathan Merritt — May 15, 2018
The beleaguered baptist leader should join a 12-step program. It might teach him how to make amends.

On Mother’s Day, let’s listen to our moms’ cries for justice

By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove — May 12, 2018
(RNS) — "We cannot honor our mothers in this #MeToo moment without listening to the cries of generations of women who have suffered sexual violence and domestic abuse because of an unrighteous order that we imagined to be from God," writes Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.

Why Paige Patterson’s apology may not be enough

By Jonathan Merritt — May 10, 2018
(RNS) — Southern Baptists cannot move on because they've been thrust into a larger cultural conversation.

How American Christians can break free from ‘slaveholder religion’

By Jonathan Merritt — May 2, 2018
(RNS) — It's been 150 years since the Civil War ended, but does the racist theology remain?

‘Doubting Thomas’ story is about gratitude, not doubt

By Jonathan Merritt — April 11, 2018
Post-enlightenment Christians read this as a story of dogma and doubt. But it is actually a story of thanks.

From hell to atonement, musician Audrey Assad has been quietly evolving

By Jonathan Merritt — April 5, 2018
(RNS) — 'I suppose if there is anything I could say I reject, it is the idea that God’s love and acceptance is dependent on our right belief. I no longer see how that could be possible,' said Audrey Assad.

Why isn’t there a ‘War on Easter’ like Christmas?

By Jonathan Merritt — March 28, 2018
Despite their many similarities, Easter has avoided the controversy that stalks Christmas. Here's why.

Evangelicals haven’t always cozied up to Russia

By Jonathan Merritt — March 21, 2018
(RNS) — A generation ago, evangelical luminaries denounced the Soviet Union and Russian leadership in the strongest possible terms.

Can former journalist Lee Strobel make a convincing case for miracles?

By Jonathan Merritt — March 14, 2018
Former editor for "The Chicago Tribune" compiles evidence to prove miracles. But is it effective to build a logical case for a mystical event?

Advice for dealing with critics — from a religion writer with plenty of them

By Jonathan Merritt — March 9, 2018
If you have courage enough to speak up in this divided and uncivil moment, you'll soon find yourself facing a wave of criticism and resistance.

Responding to American Christianity’s obsession with youth

By Jonathan Merritt — March 1, 2018
Author Andrew Root says, "As the church finds itself with an authenticity deficit, it often runs to youthful forms to legitimate it."

Desiring God, mental health, and the truth about ‘chronological snobbery’

By Jonathan Merritt — February 16, 2018
"Thank God for psychologists and Lexapro," writes Jonathan Merritt. "Without them, I might be dead today."
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