Doctor who fought church gunman remembered as kind protector
By Associated Press — May 19, 2022
ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (AP) — It was no surprise to friends and colleagues that John Cheng spent his final moments saving others by rushing a gunman who fired on a Southern California church
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Why Vance Pitman, megachurch pastor, resigned as top leader at his Las Vegas church
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An American rabbi went to help Ukrainian refugees. But he hoped to find his cousins.
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Fox News host Shannon Bream explores flawed families of biblical women
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Disinviting Alice Walker is not cancel culture
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My Ukrainian teacher
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Hillsong pastor Brian Houston resigns after revelations of indiscretions with women
By Roxanne Stone — March 23, 2022
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Russian Orthodox eye expansion in Africa, maybe Turkey as well
By Tom Heneghan — March 22, 2022
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Franklin Graham, Russia and the ‘Moralist International’
By Mark Silk — March 21, 2022
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