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  • Jon

    The park is being paid for by taxpayer dollars, and will leave taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars. It’s another instance of Christian Privilege, where a similar case of this kind of money going toward a Muslim park would (rightly) result in howls of outrage. (though the ark structure itself isn’t being paid for by taxes, the surrounding constructions are). Just google “friendly atheist ark encounter funding” for details.

    This directly hurts American education and therefore competitiveness, and will rightly be pointed to by people around the world as proof of American anti-science backwardness. What a nightmare for our kids’ futures.

    Minor correction – carbon dating doesn’t tell us the earth’s age (it’s only usable to ages ~50,000 years ago). There are three dozen other dating methods that are used, and they all confirm each other, giving the same results. Just google it. .

  • Larry

    Its not Christian privilege, it is outright corruption. Not mentioned in the article is how the hiring for Ark Encounter is deliberately sectarian discriminatory (only Fundies may apply). On that alone, there is no way they should have qualified for public funding.

    One of many articles Jon referenced:

  • The Great God Pan

    A more in-depth look at the project’s funding can be found here:


    Among other things, it appears that the funding scheme actually involves portions of all employees’ wages being diverted back into paying off bonds. Render unto Jesus!

  • Bernardo

    Noah as with Abraham and Moses was a mythical character invented by the Jewish scribes to give credence to their religion. No Noah, no ark. So just another con game in the guise of religion. Very strange that some continue to believe that the OT is an historical document. See added details in the NY Times review at http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F20E1EFE35540C7A8CDDAA0894DA404482

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  • Bill Ludlow

    Oh boy, the reporter said carbon dating of rocks instead of radiometric dating and Ken Ham is having a field day with this saying you folks don’t understand science. There is simply no question that the earth is billions of years old and what Ken Ham teaches children is 100% wrong. I wonder how many of his follower’s children have failed science tests by responding “were you there” whenever the subject of millions of years is brought up. It is sad seeing children lied to like that and taught that man once rode dinosaurs as pictured in his book Dinosaurs Of Eden. This amusement park will be just as anti-science as his museum and just as dishonest in presenting the facts. He wants to be rewarded for bringing the state revenue while practicing religious discrimination in hiring too.

  • Carbon dating of rocks shows the Earth is billions of years old. Ha ha ha ha.

    Evolutionists are so silly.

  • randy

    No government funding is being used to build the Ark. This is a false charge being spread largely by secularists opposed to the Ark project, and those that object to a Christian facility being treated equally like any other organization for a sales tax rebate program. To find out all the details about this bogus claim, go to AnswersForFreedom.org. The life-size Ark project is being funded by a combination of a bond offerings, donations, and memberships.

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  • happylada

    “Scientists have calculated the earth is over 4 billion years old, based on carbon dating of rocks and other research.”

    Pity the writer seems confused about science. C14 cannot ever be used to test rocks as it ONLY applies to organic material. HOWEVER it DOES contradict the old age myths of the earth – in ONE specimen, lava flows encasing a tree trunk are dated at almost 3 MILLION years old while the tree trunk encased is dated at less than 40,000 years. OBVIOUSLY the tree is OLDER, not younger, than the lava flow. Science seems quite conflicted as this article illustrates, and such contradictions seem almost the norm, as opposed to the exception.

    Dates for the age of the earth are purely speculation. And recent discoveries of C14 in both coal and Dinosaur remains have all dated less than 40,000 radio-carbon years of age. Old age advocates simply refuses to admit their speculations are unsupportable with observable, real, science.

  • Spuddie

    You are full of it! The science is not in dispute as to the age of the earth at this point. Not to any degree which makes the garbage creationists spout even remotely plausible. Uranium dating is used for inorganic samples.

    You are lying like a cheap rug about dinosaur remains dating. Show me a peer reviewed scientific journal which confirms your statement.

    Creationists by their nature are liars. The whole premise is to pretend fundamentalist Christianity can be accepted on the basis of objective evidence and not faith. But it is untrue all creationists believe based on faith. They don’t really believe what they say with creationism. It’s just a means to an end.

  • Lidell Simpson

    The Bible is NOT a science textbook Mr. Ham. What a porker…….