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  • John Mulholland

    Here are links for From Conflict to Communion: Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017.

    The Lutheran World Federation

    The Vatican

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  • It sounds “nice” but I wonder just where it would lead. All of the “major” churches seek some kind of unity however I was a Lutheran for most of
    my life and I am now an Episcopalian and there are attempts to “unite” the
    two in various services and clergy. Episcopalians have far more in common with
    RC’s then Lutherans, especially when Lutherans have a different concept of
    “real presence” and it’s lack of presence after the use in a service. It would be
    hard, at best to imagine a Roman Catholic/Lutheran service then a Roman
    Catholic/Episcopal one. Its a matter of doctrine and just who is ordained,
    as well as the understanding of Word and Sacrament, etc. etc.

  • William Bockstael

    Nice….I’d like to see a joint service in which one of the celebrants is a woman….let’s see if it flies

  • Debbo

    I’m with you, Mr. Bockstael. One of the clergy should indeed be a woman.

    Ms. Lundeen, I applaud the efforts of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to forge more common bonds with other Christian denominations. Those bonds are about Jesus Christ and his forgiving and redeeming work. As this article tells u, that is the focus of this celebration.

    Those who choose to focus on doctrinal differences, such as yourself, are free to associate and worship with only those who follow the same narrow ridge. I do not understand why one would do so. It surely seems like missing the entire forest while searching for a few particularly correctly suited trees, but if that’s your faith, have at it.

  • and what. about the luther´s hate on jews?

  • Bill

    Please Catholic haters reading this,do you really think almighty God would allow the catholic faith to prosper and survive for 2000 years just so that billions of people would follow the churches teachings and be condemned to a eternal hell and separation from God? Please, I am not Catholic, but I do respect their teachings and consider them to be Christians in every sense of the word. Just about everything I read about Catholic doctrine can be backed up by a reasonable interpretation of scripture. We all might not agree but who is to say they are wrong and certain others of us are right?

  • Observer

    The working together of these two church bodies is a major milestone.

    Luther initially was more tolerant than the prevailing view of the Roman Church regarding the Jews. As he aged, he became disillusioned when the Jews would not convert to the Evangelical Church (Luther’s preferred name for the new church) His later views on Jews has been denounced by modern Lutheran leaders. In the 16th century, the Spanish Inquisition was going full force and it was not an era for tolerance. The Roman Church was no model of tolerance for any deviation from its perception of truth or its control on society. It was an era of absolute power and ideas that were not up for compromise.

    In the US, seven presidents owned slaves including some of the heroic founding fathers. Many a hero has his or her flaws, but we need to look at their accomplishments.

    My question is will they have a joint communion in the shared service?

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  • Ed Lincolniensis

    Who can deny the logic?

  • Rick

    Your comments are very interesting! I remember well when the Episcopalians and Lutherans in the US entered into joint communion a few years ago that a friend of mine, a Lutheran minister, lamented to me that he was gravely concerned about it because Episcopalians don’t believe in the real presence and their statements about the Eucharist were just a mask hiding their true Protestant beliefs that it is merely a memorial and not the real presence of Christ. He believed that Catholics were being duped by Episcopalians in the ecumenical dialogues because of this.

  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Long live the memory of the contributions of Martin Luther.

  • George Pierson

    The Catholic Church does not recognize the ordination of female clergy. This could do more harm than good, especially if it turns out that the female cleric is a lesbian.

  • Stephen Wood

    What about the RC church’s quiet support of the Nazi holocaust? How about the church’s steadfast claim that Jews are Christ killers when he was actually crucified by Romans? Please, open your eyes.

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