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  • Ted

    There are soooooo many weasel words available when what people really want is juicy gossip. If the people involved – including any victim(s) involved – wanted further facts to be known, they would be.

    So stop digging for gossip while trying to pass it off as “concern.”

  • Jamie whiteley

    Amen. If there were no legal charges filed; than I don’t think it’s any of our business. Two people lost their jobs after an intense investigation. Done. Why keep rooting around in the garbage? Boredom?

  • Christi Caughey

    You have it right! To label a person over an action that is okay in the rest of the world but not in a church organization is still labeling them! You are asking for something to gossip about! Leave it alone!

  • Tom Rightmyer

    The usual causes of mis conduct are money (a past national church Treasurer was convicted of stealing church money), sex (bu the ages suggest not), or abuse of power. Absent any evidence I think tha may be part of the problem.

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  • Robert Coates

    No charges, no facts, not even the usual invisible, anonymous “victim” to pity. Apparently, the Church has descended to shooting people out of a cannon with no excuse at all. I refuse to judge people or make presumptions without evidence. I hope they sue. I have lost all confidence in our new PB.

  • Garson Abuita

    The fact that the Church is being so circumspect about it may be a sign that they’re trying to ward off litigation, or that there’s something already settled, or a nondisclosure agreement (as the article notes). Nevertheless, the part of the Church’s statement that the employees “failed to live up to the Church’s standards of personal conduct in their relationships with employees” makes it sound like this is at least in part about sexual harassment.

  • Tom Downs

    Who asked you to judge or presume anything? There is a personel policy. It was followed. This stuff happens every day. The difference in the Episcopal Church is that the Church is walking the “second mile” to make sure everyone directly involved is treated fairly and genuinely cared for; it’s as open as it needs to be. That’s a good thing.
    This is a far cry from the stories of sexually missbehaving Catholic priests. These individuals in question will carry this on their resume and job references from the Episcopal Church.

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  • Andrew Kadel

    For what it’s worth. The bishops of the Episcopal Church met a few weeks before these firings were announced. (The three had been suspended in December). At least one of these bishops told a group of priests that there was a brief presentation to them on the issue. They were told that the matters being investigated were that one was being accused of “financial misconduct” another of “sexual misconduct” and the third of “creating a destructive (sic) work environment” However, it was not said which was accused of what, and the implication was that each was only being investigated in one of those areas.

  • Pegram Johnson, III

    I agree with the early comments: this is another attempt to make a news story of something that happens every day in the corporate world. I trust the PB. I have heard bad things about one of the three for years. Anything that puts out church in a bad light is popular amongst some of
    the populace – – the same ones who call the PB a heretic and counted the number of times the previous PB did not use the name of Jesus in sermons and lectures.

  • Doug Desper

    Let’s remember that “openness” has not characterized this Church lately. Financial figures were blacked out of a presentation given to the Executive Committee. A drunken bishop killed a cyclist AFTER the previous Presiding Bishop and diocesan knew that she had problems before they consecrated her. And let’s not forget that General Convention voted to start the process to move the Manhattan headquarters “815”. That was in 2012 and so far has not been heeded.

    Sorry — but there are legitimate concerns about truth-telling.