• G Key

    Logically, all lives matter. But people don’t think logically. And skin is such an easy way to otherize: “we” don’t even have to look at “them” closely, let alone under the surface.

    Everybody knows white lives matter. Look at racial opinions, assumptions, likes and dislikes, public services, social programs, drinking water, communities, education, employment, positions and promotions, management and boardrooms, wealth, housing, home ownership, car ownership, history books, art books, literature, research, medicine, health and safety, technology, monuments, politicians, celebrities, entertainment, advertising, marketing, the media, law enforcement, stop-and-frisk, stand-your-ground, prison sentences, voting rights, jury selection — notice who gets selected for what.

    I’m not talking “merit”. I’m talking opportunities, means, mentors, contacts. In this century.

    I care about how we treat each other. That includes how we treat what others hold sacred, such as beliefs, rights, privacy, and equality. I don’t believe in God, but I believe in the Golden Rule. So, to counter the 3 evils that I witness far too often in our society — inequality, trespass, and cruelty — I have chosen 3 guiding principles: Equality, Respect, and Empathy. I have since realized that these values come with a common-sense corollary: ” ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ breeds contempt. Familiarity breeds solutions.”

    These guiding values have been surprisingly effective at helping me evaluate so-called “complicated, contentious, controversial” issues — like how we treat others.

    I recommend these basic social principles to anyone who feels justified in breezily buzzing off “Black Lives Matter” with the stupefying sting of “All lives matter”.

  • Spuddie

    I am pretty sure many churches already have an understanding of white privilege. The problem is that their primary goal seems to be to reinforce it.

  • Any church that gets its directions from the world rather than the Scripture is not a church of Jesus Christ.

  • Her Leftness

    G Key, you’ve written a wonderful synopsis of white privilege. While white males are more privileged than women and girls, any white skin holds the built in advantages of race.

    I want to applaud those churches and the people within them who are facing this critical and crippling American problem. Even more, thank you to the people of color who are willing to invest themselves by taking the risk of teaching these courses or workshops. The risk is that the white people are really serious this time.