Post Speech Poll

A new NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll has some interesting numbers. Besides showing that Americans are reticent to elect AARP members president, the poll revealed strong insight into the Rev. Wright fallout. First, most Americans followed the Rev. Wright controversy somewhat or not too much (37 and 19). Thirty five percent of respondents said that Wright's comments disturbed them a great deal and twenty percent said it disturbed them somewhat. About half (46%) watched Obama's speech and another quarter of respondents learned about it from the news. And of those who saw the speech fifty five percent were satisfied and thirty two percent were dissatisfied. Now here is where it gets interesting. It appears that the racial divide Obama talked about was reflected in the polls. Seventy seven percent of blacks who saw it were satisfied as opposed to fifty five percent of whites. Thirty five percent of whites were dissatisfied and only nine percent of blacks were dissatisfied. When it comes to Obama's relationship with Wright, Americans are most concerned that they don't know enough about Obama's background (24%) and that he is not being honest and open about his views (13%).