Tuesday’s round up

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The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport (Conn.) to keep documents related to sexual abuse secret, and the Diocese of Wilmington asked a bankruptcy judge to stop alleged victims of sexual abuse from suing its parishes.

The Archdiocese of Washington says recognizing gay marriage in the District could force Catholic schools and charities to close. eBay has removed items posted by anti-abortion activists who were trying to raise money for Scott Roeder, and a federal appeals court sided with a Christian legal group and struck down a Pittsburgh law that created two kinds of buffers around abortion clinics.

A Texas medical clinic says it regrets telling a Muslim job applicant that she couldn’t wear her headscarf. A nun has been found dead on a Navajo reservation and a 60-year-old woman was shot and killed at a Christian camp in California. The Hallelujah chorus is as popular as ever. Ninety percent of black students will be on food stamps during their childhood.

The Vatican defended its investigation of American sisters, Europe’s court of human rights says Italy should not hang crucifixes in public schools, and China says the Dalai Lama is “anti-China.” More than a million Brazilians turned out out to “March for Jesus,” an event sponsored by a convicted smuggler. Creationism is becoming popular among Muslims.

AP image is of girl at “March for Jesus” in Sao Paulo.

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