Latest release in Hi God series delivers music for First Holy Communion

PORTLAND, Ore.— On the 40th anniversary of the acclaimed Hi God series, Carey Landry and Carol Jean Kinghorn present their latest volume to inspire youth: Hi God: First Communion.

Teachers, Catechists and Liturgists alike have relied on Hi God to develop faith in children for decades. This new installment brings a wealth of music and opportunities for participation to one of the most important sacramental moments in a young Catholic’s life: First Holy Communion.

“We compiled this collection because we felt we had many songs that were appropriate for First Communion. We wanted musicians, teachers and catechists to have access to those songs, hymns and psalms in a single collection. We hope it will be a useful resource for First Communion celebrations and for catechetical lessons preparing children to receive their first Holy Communion,” said Cary Landry.

From energetic processional pieces—such as "God Is Here" and Let Us Sing"—to reflective selections for the Communion Rite—like "We Receive the Lord and "At the Center of My Heart—Hi God: First Communion delivers a variety of age-appropriate and theologically sound music to lift voices in praise throughout this important sacramental moment.

In celebration of this release and in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Hi God series, OCP is set to host a contest exclusively for their Facebook fans. To participate, fans will be asked to submit videos, photos with captions or essays explaining how the series has made an impact on their spiritual life and the lives of the young Catholics they work with. The winner, chosen by Landry and Kinghorn will receive copies of each volume and book in the entire 40-year span of Hi God, along with a special thank you from the composers.

The contest will launch in April 2013 and is open to fans of OCP’s Facebook page (OCPmusic) that reside in the U.S.

To learn more about or to purchase Hi God: First Communion, please visit For all other inquiries including media requests, please contact Erin McClellan at [email protected] or 503.460.5363.

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