Reflections on Boston (updated)

America's funniest Catholic reacts in his unique way to the tragedy in Boston:

Make sure to check out RNS's Dan Burke's reflection on running and the Boston Marathon.

I posted some of my own thoughts at

I love running, and I love writing about the spirituality of running. It never occurred to me that I would one day write about terror and running. The two just don’t make sense together. “More on the Boston Marathon Bombing,” was the headline on NPR’s hourly news updatewhen I walked into my house yesterday. It sounded so ridiculous.

I imagine that many of those running Boston Monday had their own spiritual or meditative practices helping them as they approached the finish line as well. As their excitement and jubilation turned to fear and terror, I have to believe there weremoments of grace, too. Police and medical personnel rushed to help the fallen, many thrown to the ground and remaining there in shock.

Also, those interested in running and spirituality might enjoy this 2012 article in America, which includes an interview with a Catholic nun, a Benedictine monk, and Buddhist monk:

Today, Sister Stephanie, 24, says that physical activity helps her focus her mind on praying and frees her from distractions that come easily. She said that from a Catholic perspective, meditation involves thinking or praying about something specific in an attempt to achieve contemplation. This is the moment when an individual feels God’s very presence. Though rare for her, she said the few times she has experienced this feeling happen to coincide with something resembling a runner’s high.

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