Bill Gothard founded the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Conservative leader Bill Gothard resigns following abuse allegations

(RNS) Bill Gothard, an Illinois-based advocate for home schooling and conservative dress who warned against rock music and debt, has resigned from the ministry he founded after allegations of sexually harassing women who worked at his ministry and failing to report child abuse cases.

Bill Gothard founded the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Bill Gothard founded the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

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Gothard's resignation from the Institute in Basic Life Principles, according to a letter sent to families affiliated with the ministry he founded, comes a week after he was put on administrative leave. According to an organizer involved in the whistle-blowing website Recovering Grace, 34 women told the website they had been sexually harassed; four women alleged molestation.

RNS spoke with several women who alleged they were sexual harassed, including one woman who alleged that Gothard molested her when she was 17.

Gothard is 79 and single.

Gothard told the Board of Directors he wanted to follow the New Testament command to listen to those who made accusations against him, according to an email sent from David Waller, administrative director of the Advanced Training Institute to families involved in the ministry.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus directs his followers to "go and be reconciled" if "your brother or sister has something against you."

"To give his full attention to this objective, Mr. Gothard has resigned as president of the Institutes in Basic Life Principles, its Board of Directors, and its affiliated entities," Waller's email said.

Waller said the two institutes will continue under interim leadership, including upcoming conferences in Nashville and Sacramento under ATI president Chris Hogan.

Gothard’s ministry had been a popular gathering spot for thousands of Christian families, including the Duggar family from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.” Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute conferences were also popular among families within the Quiverfull movement, who eschew birth control and promote big families.

Gothard has also rubbed shoulders with Republican leaders. He and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee were photographed at a campaign lunch together; former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue spoke at one of Gothard’s conferences; and Sarah Palin, when she was a small town mayor in Alaska, attended his International Association of Character Cities conferences declaring  Wasilla among Gothard’s “Cities of Character.”

The allegations against Gothard dovetail with financial woes. In recent years, IBLP’s net revenue has dropped significantly, and the ministry is losing money. Between 2009 and 2012, it lost $8.6 million. Its net assets dropped from $92 million in 2010 to $81 million in 2012. It held 504 seminars in 2010, but that number dropped to fewer than 50 in 2012.



  1. I had a lot of respect for thiss minnistry but now since i see thiss i lost all my respect for thiss minnistry and will no longer listen to enything it says or does inclouding buying books published through thiss minnistry

  2. I don’t know how this will turn out, James; but sexual harassment can mean anything(!) these days. As for the allegations of molestation, they are at this point, allegations. I hope they are not true, but as everyone is open to all sorts of temptation, nothing will surprise me. Like you and me; if he’s not guilty of this, he is at least guilty of something else that will send him straight to Hell (apart from God’s grace).

    Though I have attended a couple of IBLP conferences, I never got into ATI; but I know many people who have done so. Of those, quite a few are pretty resentful toward Bill Gothard, and I think will be tickled pink if this pans out. The ex-ATI people I know, generally are just hacked off because they spent much of their lives wearing one piece bathing suits, and listening to boring music, when they could have been wearing bikinis and listening to popular radio.

    Personally, I got a lot of good out of the seminars I attended. I happen to agree that modesty is a good thing, and that friendship with the world is enmity with God; because that is scriptural. I know Gothard goes too far in his analogies and applications of scripture; but in those cases, I just say I don’t agree with that part, and go on. Perhaps the “Kill Bill” crowd just followed him too closely and made him an idol.

    I’m sure my ex-ATI friends will keep me up to date on this story as it progresses.

  3. Ron, and anyone else interested, please check out our stories at

    Gothard failed the generation he claimed he was giving ‘A New Approach to Life’ to. He not only failed us, but harmed thousands and his teachings directly empowered domestic abuse.

    Of those who grew up in his homeschooling program, 98% have chosen to have nothing more to do with any part of Gothard’s organization, much less enroll their children in the homeschooling program. That should be a telling factor worth paying attention to.

    Please be careful with generalizations. It never hurts to hear both sides of a story. Gothard has been telling his side for over 40 yrs. He is one man. There are thousands of us, and it’s well past the time that our story should have been heard.

  4. Where did you get the 98% statistic? I would be interested in knowing.

  5. @Ron: two items from your post that are thoroughly beside the point:
    1)you’ve been blessed by some of what Bill has taught
    this does not undo his multiple misuses of scripture

    2)we are all sinners saved by grace
    yes, we all are, thank GOD, but not all us have used a position of power and influence to prey on young women and men, over the span of decades

  6. @ron, i agree with you, you have a balanced view, sexual harassment could be anythi these days, just a pat on the back when its on someone who is ultra conservative and doesnt touch in their family could be taken the wrong way. And at this point its allegations, nothing more, there isnt hard evidence. So until then we cant proclaim him guilty. And like you said its the youth that resented their parents getting involved in ATI who have a vendetta out to destroy the guy who stole all the fun out of their lives. My opinion is grow up and use your energy for causes that are worthy. Its not your responsibilty to warn others of the super conservative view of one organization, who cares, if you dont agree then move on. And for people that recovering grace thinks they are showing the light to, if its that important for families to know the truth, i think God is plenty capable to show it to them on His own if He so chooses.

  7. Personally what I have against RG is the attitude of all the things iv read on your site, sure IBLP is very conservative blah blah, just like there are groups that are super liberal, who cares! There is always going to be both sides of the camp. The attitude that i sense from you guys is of pride and revenge. If you think bill failed you then you idolized him and were stupid enough to only look to one guy for your spiritual leadership. Wrong move. I think yall are out for blood because he stole your childhood happiness. Grow up and move on. Alot of the cpmments tuat RG post to people that dont agree with them have been mean and judgmental. Now im sure someone could claim you are anti free speech and opinion and start a website about how yall have targeted people trying to give their opinion and how you guys are haters and close minded people and are only concerned with yourselves blah blah blah. See, you can turn anything into a huge crusade that has no truth to it. Boom

  8. My wife survived his ministry. She refused to talk about it, so I did my own research. After I had an idea what went on in his ministry, she opened up to me about it. Mr. Gothard might have started out with an honest and Christian ministry, but he surrounded himself with yes men and included in his teachings a lot of pop psych (much of it based on outdated/disproven research) that had nothing to do with the Bible, and his ministry became a cult of personality.

  9. Be careful Bood, as there were children in this movement and pulled into the company of Mr. Gothard who did not yet have the ability to discern his directions and were deeply offended by his activities that did not accord with the “purity” he taught and demanded of others.

  10. I am not a religious man, so all I have to offer is common sense.

    I think Gothard, uses scripture to manipulate people into doing what *he* thinks is right and what is best for *him*. He cites scripture to justify his going out and trying to seek reconciliation with his victims. Next, he will point out Mark 11:25 to victims, but only for their own good, of course.

    But it is really all about *him* and it always has been. He thinks he is very special. He thinks he is some kind of Messiah who understands God’s words and will better than others who read the same scripture. If the victims fall for his machinations they will forgive him, “knowing” that God will judge him in the end. And you can bet he is hoping they will fall for it. That way, he will not have to deal with any *real* consequences for his actions.

    You can use scripture to justify just about anything. And if people are gullible enough, you can use the same to make them believe that they must act according to *your* will or be damned. Charlatans have been doing it for millennia. As I see it, Gothard is just another religious thug, plain and simple.

  11. You now have to wonder if these ‘men’ are big enough to listen, and learn about how this could happen themselves. Its all great and grand that he resigns, but there is systematic issues here as well…do they plan on addressing that?

  12. Don’t you in the American way? INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? After all, the devil’s target is on those of his caliber and realm of influence.

  13. If there was criminal activity here and it is proven then I hope he gets what he deserves.

  14. Gothard certainly deserves his day in court, although I worry he may not get it.

  15. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Satan is out to destroy all God’s truths and his people. People rightly divide what he taught as truth as what he did or taught from a fault point of view. Don’t throw out everything. Pray that he will be honest and repent, striking a blow to Satan’s tactics. Beware yourself, lest you fall.

  16. James, It’s always difficult for us when someone we care for goes astray. But this is what Satan wants. Personally, I’ve never been to the seminar, but I have many friends who gained a lot from it.
    To keep this generic b/c we do not know if the allegations are true, I’ll say it this way:
    Just because a leader falls to the temptations Satan puts before him, doesn’t mean his former ministry was not of God. Satan STRONGLY tempts those who are doing good. Why would Satan need to bother with those he has already led astray?
    So I pray that no matter what happens in this case, the people will continue to receive a blessing from the good work that gone before.

  17. @Bood: you wrote

    And at this point its allegations, nothing more, there isnt hard evidence

    I don’t know what you mean by “hard evidence..” If, and that is a big if, someone was prone to sexually harrass his own workers, would he do so under video surveilance ?? Do you want pictures, or someone who was actually THERE (a third party) when Bill fondled someone ??

    What we do have are the sworn statements of no less than 34 first person witnesses, telling an account that hundereds have said “based on my experiences with Bill, what you have said is thoroughy believable.” and these are ALL by former staff, these are NOT accounts from those (like myself, truthfully) outside the camp.

    Time to wake up and look at things in the better light of today: you might start with the 1983 Transcript over at RG. If you want to do more than throw victims under a bus.

  18. We were in ATI for many years. We have 6 children, and homeschooled all 6 of them. I thank ATI for helping me understand the Bible and how to live the Christian life, and for helping me school our children. Our oldest is a foreign missionary/photojournalist, then we have a mechanical engineer and then a nurse, then an Air Force guy who went to Alert, then two more engineering students.

  19. Blood,

    I only have a few words for you. First of all, the above name I chose to comment with; second of all, you took the words out of my mouth.

    Regardless of whether or not he has done the things he has alleged he did, does not mean his WHOLE ministry is a waste. Again, like you said, the people who are most angry are probably those that idolized him and listened to his every word, never thinking to go to the true source. Cheers.

  20. greg

    What gives you the right to say Bill has misused scripture? Are you the all knowing “greg” that knows the true meaning behind the entirety of the bible?
    I’m not saying I agree with everything he has said, but where do you get off saying “undo his multiple misuses of Scripture”?

  21. I learned some good things from Bill, but also stopped participating some 25 years ago because the over-Americanized ideas were not just provincial but racially exclusive.

  22. @Agreed:; every believer will have to judge what Bill has said and written against the word, and of course, I’d recommend referring to other teachers who MUCH more than I do. I’d recommend checking out the RG archives, the peices by Dr.Hobbs and the paper written by the elder board headed by Dr.Daniel Kirk. They aren’t the final authority, of course, but then neither is Bill. I’d remind you that Bill’s own board were strongly warning Bill to balance the “chain of command teaching” as early as 1980. So those closest to Bill had strong disagreements that went unheeded.

    This being America, if you think Bill’s teaching is more cool than teflon or silly putty, you are free to disagree with me. Peace.

  23. You’ve obviously never met the man.

    No, he isn’t perfect, but he’s one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met, and he has sacrificed a lot more than his critics have for the sake of the Lord. And, contrary to most of his critics, he would be *unwilling* to criticize in print those who have no qualms vilifying him publicly (just read some of the comments above and below).

    I personally have benefited immensely from his ministry–his teachings helped me to find direction in life, to resolve a huge guilt issue in my youth, to take steps that the Lord used to lead me to my wife, to conquer the plague of lust that’s swept our generation, and to build a family that others admire.

    There are at least two sides to every story. When will the body of Christ learn to hold judgment until both sides have been told? It’s usually immature believers and unbelievers who are quick to comment on hearsay, rather than to wait, to find out all of the facts before commenting on the alleged offenses of others (this is in fact what the Lord warned against when he commanded us to not judge others).

    Just as you would want if you were the object of accusations, let us wait until we’ve heard his side, instead of tearing down a fellow brother in the body of Christ.

  24. Sexual harassment can mean anything these days….what a ridiculous statement.
    Sexual harassment is SIN in the workplace. Instead of defending Gothard by attacking laws that protect victims, why not show compassion towards the women he hurt?
    And as for “modest” dress…Jesus said a man has a responsibility to tear out his eye if it he has a problem with lust. Some men will look at a woman in a denim skirt jumper and white tennis shoes or a burqua.
    I hope other Christians will support the victims instead of trying to minimize what happened to them. This can’t be the Church.

  25. These are not’alleged’ offenses. This has been going on for years and years, have been documented and swept under the rug. He has , over the years, been confronted by Godly, knowledgeable men over his aberrant Bible doctrine. Always refusing to listen or heed advice.

  26. I welcome hearing or reading Bill’s responses to his accusers. So far, since Recovering Grace had been real active, Bill has been very silent. You seem to think that’s a moral strength of his, we agree to disagree: in fact Bill’s “don’t carry an evil report” stance tends to protect and shield the wicked, as I see it.
    We agree that Bill is certainly hard working, I don’t think that is necessarily a trump card morally.
    I’m glad you’ve benefitted from Bill and his ministry. that is not the experience of thousands of others, so I don’t see where BOTH might be true.

  27. thank you Jessica; I am very sure that Bill would not have lasted 6 months where I work if he harassed the young women here in the way he is said to have done at IBLP HQ. seems like the world has a higher standard here than the some parts of the church

  28. I believe you pretty well summed it up…I have always thought there was something unsavory about this character

  29. Gothard’s teaching has always been extra-biblical at best. I’m not sure how anyone truly benefited from this ministry.

  30. I just want to voice that I worked at IBLP headquarters for 3 years, was in the ATI program for over 10 years, and personally know some of the women who testified to his sexual harassment/abuse. I trust them, not Mr. Gothard. Yes, Mr Gothard comes across as a humble man, but while working near him I can testify that he is a proud man, not a humble one. I am not bitter by what I experienced as I met some amazing people while being involved in ATI/IBLP, but I do think that his lies need to be exposed and his sins dealt with.

  31. I’m very interested in understanding the negative atmosphere around Bill and IBLP. Is it more about ATI than the basic or advanced seminars? I just skimmed my basic seminar book. It’s conservative for sure, but very little seems extreme. Love to briefly dialogue with someone. I’m a campus pastor at the U of Illinois.

  32. Just goes to show what happens to the character of a person when they are deprived of rock music and hanging out with bikini babes.

  33. He’s left with a quotation from Scripture left hanging in the air, something about the Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus is said to direct his followers to “go and be reconciled” if “your brother or sister has something against you.”


    My impression is that truth and honesty are prerequisites of reconciliation.


  34. Shelly,

    Yes — but conversely, if he’s guilt but if he repents and comes clean about what happened, then let him have mercy rather than justice.

    This is not exactly wishing him well: if his crimes, not merely the sexual ones, but also the long continued collateral crimes of falsehood, self-deception, and apparently enthusiastic dishonesty would mean that the coming clean and repenting would be far far worse than the conventional criminal punishments.

    My guess is he’ll take the easy way out — disgrace without honesty.


  35. David,

    If what you say is true, who is responsible for his being in such a position for the last 25 years? (And I’m sorry, it looks as though this would include you…)


  36. I must ask this question in light of the many deviant sexual practices/solicitations boing exposed by our LORD; “Why are there so much sexual perversion in the organized ecclesiastical religion here in the western churches?” “And why, after the LORD has exposed the darkness of these sexual sins, that most are back on the pulpit preaching and teaching as if nothing ever happened?”

    Do these religious leaders of our day, the clergy and church leadership systems set up by man to rule over the laity (that is the rest of us) truly love the sheep as Jesus, the Good Shepherd, loves His sheep?

    Perhaps the greatest persecution, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, and eventually physically, comes and will come from the church system invented by men here in the west, for it is possible Jesus left the building long ago in search of His ecclesia. May our Father have mercy on us, for we have created and endorsed a false religious system that “looks good” on the outside, but the wickedness/sin that lies within is infinite. And we pray for “all of those sinners out there” when our own hearts/our church hearts show no signs of empathy, remorse, or repentance over our very own dark, dark sins……and the church continues to “hide” the wickedness of its own members.

    Is there a pastor, church governmental (elected) church board member, elder, deacon, deaconess, or whatever lordship system you have created, that a church attendee can truly trust in these church systems?

  37. Wager W: shoot me an email at [email protected] and I would be glad to get you started. Or go to the recovering grace site andcheck out the archives. they have a lot of solid research about
    Bill’s false teaching, which is widespread, sad to say. He really doesn’t even get GRACE correct. thanks

  38. May I STRONGLY suggest getting the book “A Matter of Basic Principles” by Vernoit and Henzel off Amazon!! It is an excellent fact-filled book that leaves no doubt as to Bill’s unethical practices, unscriputural theology and abuse. It, as Recovering Grace, stands for truth without the touch of revenge that a few of you are wrongly assuming exists.

  39. you obviously haven’t read enough to get your facts straight

  40. read Vernoit and Henzel’s “A Matter of Basic Principles” from Amazon to get the undeniable facts!

  41. To all those who state they don’t have problem with Gothard because all your children turned out just fine, do you understand the banality of this attitude? You espouse that the end justifies the means. This is why the church is in such a mess. History is full of dictators who lived by this creed. The only right response is righteous anger over even one of these Gothardites being abused. Where is the outrage?

  42. Outrage is apparently being suppressed to “protect the body of Christ”, which is a dangerous teaching, and is partially responsible for this situation in the first place.

  43. Careful. folks Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The principles taught in the Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts seminars have salvaged many lives and the principles are Bible based. Mightier men of God than Gothard have fallen under the temptations of the flesh. I do not condone his actions, but be careful about using your tongue as a sword to cut a man to pieces when he has fallen into the ditch.

  44. Jesus warned in the last days there would be a great falling away. I have finally realized I am saved by grace through faith in Christ,not of myself lest any man should boast,it is a gift of God. It is a looking away from ourselves and unto Jesus for everything in our lives, especially God’s grace in living for Him.Most of the Christian leaders today add to God’s grace..they have fallen from grace. I have thrown away all my Christian books and going to bible only..the only safe way to do.

  45. Dear many Godly Christian men over the past 40 years have gone to Bill Gothard over his twisting of God’s word. Bill Gothard refused to be held accountable. Not only did he refuse to be held accountable but he SLANDERD AND LIED about the character of any who disagreed with him. When in 1980 the sex scandle came out he fired many of his staff (those who investigated and knew the truth) and RUINED their name and ministry so as to protect him and his ministry. Anyone who disagrees with Mr. Gothard is in danger of his vindictiveness and vengeance. If only you really knew.

  46. Listen to yourselves. You sound like a bunch of wolves or better yet buzzards. For those of you who have condemned the man I hope you don’t consider yourselves better than he. And I hope you are not spiritual leaders in an evangelical church. You should be ashamed. He without sin cast the first stone. Did you get on your knees & pray for him or just kick him while he is down. I lift up prayer to God for you that God will have mercy & forgive you. We can expect this from the unsaved but if you claim to be a Christian you are immature. It is my experience that those who are quick to condemn are ones who are struggling in their own Christian walk & want to pull others down with them. If the truth were known about you…! The true spiritual ones in the church are the ones who are at this time praying earnestly for their brothers & sisters. If you are not one of these you should be on your knees repenting & being concerned about your spiritual growth. You have love & concern for the unsaved (I hope) but you don’t have the same love & concern for your Christian brother.

  47. @Darling, please take your own advice. I would encourage you to research this and see how all of this came to a head before accusing others of being wolves or buzzards. Thank you.

  48. @Eugene: ashamed of what exactly ?? Trying to keep more young women from being sexually and spiritually harassed by a man who is old enough to be their grandpa ?? I,m only ashamed I haven’t said more boldly, and sooner, about his false stand on so many things in the name of the LoRD. If that makes me a wolf, then WOOF, WOOF… Yes, let,s pray..bill,s damage has been widespread. The lord can heal

  49. I won,t beat this into the ground, but the bill Gothards of the world are counting on the “Eugenes” to do crowd control, and allow their rule to go unchecked and unchallenged. That’s largely how this big mess came to be. If you agree with Eugene, then hush yourself and pray. If this looks like gross abuse of power and position, pray and speak up.

  50. Wager, I’d be happy to discuss this also – I grew up in ATI, have personally known Mr. Gothard, and as an adult, still respect the ministry. Even so, it is good to recognize every person make mistakes, and every ministry has flaws – not to say I believe the allegations.
    You can email me at [email protected]

  51. Diane,

    I understand what you are wanting to see but I caution you that if these allegations are true (and the documentation is looking pretty solid) it is not in spite of his teachings, it is because of them. Gothard’s teachings directly enabled such abuse, authoritarian systems of structure combined with teachings that going against your authority is sin or that instruct on only giving “good reports” make it ripe for taking advantage of the vulnerable. It is the very doctrine that is problematic in the first place. Any blessings of his work have not been because of the teachings, only by the grace of God.

    To suggest that such temptation and sin is actually verification of his ministry’s legitimacy is a bit short sighted. Would you say that of someone in leadership with teachings you did not embrace? Or in the face of a scandalized politician of whom you did not approve? “Why would Satan need to bother with those he has already led astray” makes it sound as though you think Satan doesn’t tempt nor do those that have rejected following Jesus ever sin. I assure you, they do.

    All the best.

  52. As one of thousands of students that came through his program that would say the opposite, I am relieved to see him revealed for the false prophet he is. His teachings did,’t salvage my life, God’s grace did that. His teachings are directly responsible for shredding my life.

  53. Eugene,
    I find it interesting that you and so many through the verse around about not casting the first stone “He without sin cast the first stone.”
    With your mouth, you say these things……as you,,,,,pick up stones and hurl them at others.
    “You sound like a bunch of wolves or better yet buzzards.”
    “It is my experience that those who are quick to condemn are ones who are struggling in their own Christian walk & want to pull others down with them. If the truth were known about you…! ”

    Talk about being quick to judge! Really? You know so much about those who are critical of Gothard?

    “The true spiritual ones in the church are the ones who are at this time praying earnestly for their brothers & sisters.”

    Careful, that is sounding awfully prideful.

  54. His twisting of Scripture is very well documented. He has been confronted by biblical scholars, seminary presidents and members of his own board. Some have resigned over it. His false teaching on the chain of authority is the backbone of his teaching, as well as his false teaching on grace, as something that is merit. This is very well done and covers many of the areas of his false teaching.

    Gothard’s definition of Grace: “The desire and power to do God’s will.”
    Gothard’s definition of Faith: “Visualizing what God intends to do.”

    The problem:
    Eph 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith.


    For by ‘the desire and power to do God’s will’ you have been saved through ‘visualizing what God intends to do’

    Grace is God’s free gift. Gothard turns Grace into something that is earned.

    Many of his principles and rules are good. The problem is his claim that his principles are non-optional. So, this leads to a big problem when there is a conflict between Scripture and a Gothard principle. Gothard’s solution- twist God’s word to fit his principles. That is a problem and he does this over and over again- the teachings on Abigail, Moses, Job, it is a long list.

  55. How about this for legalism:

    “Seven Steps to Enter into Christ’s Power”
    Page 22 of the Rebuilder’s Guide.

    That is right, if you want to enter into Christ’s power you need to follow Gothard’s seven steps. Many of them are good ideas, but that’s all they are, memorize this Scripture and that Scripture. Great, but one could come up with hundreds of other verses that one aught to memorize as well, that are also really good ideas, but to claim that these steps will cause you to enter into Christ’s power? So, you follow the steps, and things still are not working out in your life, which happens for a lot of people. Then what? Gothard teaches that you are not doing it right, or that you have some hidden sin in your life that is holding you back. Better search the attic for a Cabbage Patch doll. Or, make sure that your kids aren’t secretly listening to Christian rock and opening the door to Satan in your home (yes, he really teaches both these things as Satanic and things that could be blocking the success of his principles.)

  56. One more example of the toxic nature of the fundamentalism in which I grew up. Gothard-Hyles-Bob Jones University-Pensacola Christian world may be many things but truly Christian would not be one of them.

  57. I, too, was benefited from Bill’s teaching and ministry. In fact, I truly became free in Christ through his Biblical teaching. I consider him my greatest Christian mentor. Do I agree with every single thing he teaches? No, but neither will any two Christians agree on every single thing. I really believe there were people under his teaching (namely, the kids) who were following a set of rules, which were never a conviction with them. I believe their parents never knew their hearts. That is a MAJOR issue. And rules without a relationship = rebellion. I had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which gave me a heart to want to obey and be holy as He is holy. Gothard is not the only teacher, preacher, ministry, school, etc. that holds these same standards for dress, music, courtship, etc. If you are not convicted of having these standards, then live your life the way you want. When parents don’t know their children’s hearts, they stray, and one day it will be revealed. Rules without a relationship = rebellion. I personally think most of these kid’s problems stemmed from their home lives, and had minimal to do with Bill’s ministry. RG said there were 34 allegations, but they are not all posted on their website. In fact, there are no names or faces behind that website. I can’t find it’s founder, or even one staff member. Not one name is connected to that site. You have to ask yourself, why are they withholding their names? That shows me that they are trying to hide something. And when Bill invited them over to discuss the allegations, they just wanted him to repent, right there on the spot. They were not fostering Biblical counseling (Matthew 18:15-16). What they are doing is sowing discord among the brethren (Proverbs 16: 19b). Bill has said he will reach out to these girls in reconciliation. I will wait to hear what happens. We will all know the truth one day about each one of us. The Lord will judge all of the motives of our heart. That includes every one connected with RG, as well as Bill.

  58. I, too, was benefited from Bill’s teaching and ministry. In fact, I truly became free in Christ through his Biblical teaching. I consider him my greatest Christian mentor. Do I agree with every single thing he teaches? No, but neither will any two Christians agree on every single thing. I really believe there were people under his teaching (namely, the kids) who were following a set of rules, which were never a conviction with them. I believe their parents never knew their hearts. That is a MAJOR issue. And rules without a relationship = rebellion. I had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which gave me a heart to want to obey and be holy as He is holy. Gothard is not the only teacher, preacher, ministry, school, etc. that holds these same standards for dress, music, courtship, etc. If you are not convicted of having these standards, then live your life the way you want. When parents don’t know their children’s hearts, they stray, and one day it will be revealed. Rules without a relationship = rebellion. I personally think most of these kid’s problems stemmed from not having spiritual unity in their family, and had minimal to do with Bill’s ministry. RG said there were 34 allegations, but they are not all posted on their website. In fact, there are no names or faces behind that website. I can’t find it’s founder, or even one staff member. Not one name is connected to that site. You have to ask yourself, why are they withholding their names? That shows me that they are trying to hide something. And when Bill invited them over to discuss the allegations, they just wanted him to repent, right there on the spot. They were not fostering Biblical reconciliation (Matthew 18:15-16). What they are doing is sowing discord among the brethren (Proverbs 16: 19b). Bill has said he will reach out to these girls in reconciliation. I will wait to hear what happens. We will all know the truth one day about each one of us. The Lord will judge all of the motives of our heart. That includes every one connected with RG, as well as Bill.

  59. Yes! Bill deserves his day in court, but so do ALL of his accusers. If his accusers are correct and honest in their accusations, they are the ones that the church and the public should feel sorry for, because they are the ones who will carry the aftermath of their abuse with them, for the rest of their lives! Let justice prevail!

  60. “Bill has said he will reach out to these girls in reconciliation.” Huh? If he is not guilty of what he is accused then what could he possibly need to reconcile?

  61. I would need to verify the credability of anyone making an accusation & question why it wasn’t reported to the PROPER ATTORITIES in a timely manner. Be aware, that people may have numerious reason for making accusations. Great care needs to be taken with another persons reputation as if it were your own. Especially if the information is not accurate. It is like opening a Pandora’s Box–once done it can never be undone.

  62. I agree with you. My family and children have attended several of his conferences back in the 1980’s. Godly and Biblical principles. Thankful God does forgive us when we go astray. And He helps us get back on His path.

  63. Just to clarify, I agree with Diane. I don’t want someone to get confused with who I agree with.

  64. The woman caught in adultery is one thing but she was not a well known preacher.It’s no surprise to me that this man is a hypocrite money making fraud.
    I understand human weakness,but if that was the case he should have quit the ministry years ago instead of hurting and abusing his flock,and his own soul.Whether God forgives him or not I say shame to him! I don’t pray for him but for the poor souls he’s hurt and deluded.

  65. Well said.We have full confidence that God will vindicate,defend this Godly man against the attacks of satan,the father of lies.
    My husband and I including our children have been greatly blessed by this ministry.
    We intercede to almighty God for Dr.Gothard.
    We bought into the “Embassy Institute” and are just listening to the Basic Seminar again,what a blessing!!!
    Marianne Audette

  66. respond to “timeless wisdom” Well said.

  67. Learn to spell check your writing before sending it viral.

  68. I beg to differ Anna. Although the books may not be entirely accurate, they may still hold important knowledge. You can only know the errors when compared with the scriptures. I simply over look these mistakes / opinions etc and see what related info I can glean form this publication.

  69. Diane I am not connected with RG in any fashion. In addition I have been blessed by some of Bill’s teaching. So as the old southern saying goes, “I have no dog in this fight.” However, I do know some of the folks in RG & your characterization is way off. They in fact HAVE made overtures to Mr. Gothard & he basically did not want to discuss any of their concerns. Not until RG became a place for those whom Mr. Gothard had treated in an ungodly way did they get his attention. It is well known & well documented that in the 80’s scandal Mr. Gothard used tactics that would warrant the cautious approach RG is taking. The fact is that the IBLP board in recent times has warned Bill in the about some of the things he was doing. The truth is that Moses was right, “You can be sure your sin will find you out.” I encourage you to not fall into the judgment of others, when you do not truly know them, their motives or their heart, that Jesus warned us about in the Sermon on the Mount. Bill Gothard is not God and should be under the authority of the board. Any attempt to whitewash these allegations will fail. Just as the internet brought down the wall in Berlin, the ability to hide behind walls of denial and control no longer work. If Bill is guilty of 10% of what these young ladies have experienced, then it demonstrates that he was teaching us one thing (which as I noted benefited me) and doing something different. It is unfortunate that many in leadership positions fall into this. Unless there is confession & repentance the whole ministry will fail & the responsibility will not be on the young ladies, it will be on Bill Gothard.

  70. let ye without sin cast the first stone.

  71. Jessica wrote:
    ‘His teachings are directly responsible for shredding my life’

    Wow! That’s impressive!
    You are communicating that because of his teachings, You ceased to have a relationship with God, stopped reading the Bible and the work of the Holy Ghost was completely inactivated in your life.

    I don’t think that’s what you mean, but that’s what your communicating.
    I went through his seminar >25 years ago – took lots of notes and compared them to my understanding of the the Bible. I found what He said to be quite profitable – dont know that I agreed with all of it but it was quite helpful. When we hear someone teach, we are responsible for comparing it to what the Word of God says and going from there. To do otherwise (in addition to being quite stupid) is contrary to what the word of God says.

  72. @greg: If we take you as cannon, your statement would be valid. Regrettably for you your not canonical – the Word of God is. All you can offer is your opinion. Its up to us all as individuals to compare what Mr Gothard is/was saying to what the Bible says and rely on the person and work of the Holy Ghost to lead us and guide us in all truth.
    You will have to pardon the bunch of us who dont take your opinions to seriously — You may be good – but your not that good.

  73. If Satan can destroy an entire ministry and all the wonderful things it has done by bringing down one person then Satan has won the victory. Their materials are excellent, especially for instructing families — you just have to balance it and not become a cult…

  74. I have never agreed with everything that anyone has said — research it! Paul praised the Berean Believers for looking up everything he said. Myself and my family benefitted much from most of IBLP’s teaching. We will continue to use that part that is good…

  75. And yet we will spend Eternity with him in the presence of our LORD…

  76. No it is NOT innocent until proved guilty. That is totally misquoted. It is only presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is only talking about law proceedings.

  77. That works if leadership encourages that. Leadership that say or IMPLIES that they are the ones who need to interpret truth and have the authority is dangerous. Something like this could never have happened in a ministry where the leadership was held accountable. Control is a deadly thing, and like absolute power, it corrupts absolutely. My heart breaks for the ones who have been devastated by this “ministry”.

  78. Amen, Ed. I appreciate the gracious and cautious spirit on the RG website. The very fact that people are so quick to defend him, regardless of evidence, is proof that he misused his authority. He is God to these people, and that is just sad.

    Time for the church to get back to Jesus and HIM crucified instead of worshipping leaders like rock stars.

  79. Maybe he’s just the greg who isn’t afraid or intimidated into saying a skunk DOES stink…… Does that make me hate the skunk? No. Does that mean I have to pretend otherwise? No. Gothard is a dirty old man. I have seen and heard enough to know this. (And I have studied enough of his teachings to know that he was in error before all of this) And while I have no stones to throw at Bill, my heart hurts for the young ones he hurt. My heart hurts for the families he hurt.

    Nothing is ever 100% good or bad, but if there were any good (I’ll take all of you defenders word for that there was some), to me it doesn’t justify hurting young women.

  80. 25 years ago I attended 2 of gothards, video shows both in Dayton , Ohio. I thought it funny to pay that kind of money for books and watching him on a video screen through a VCR instead of him being there live. While I read the material and he spoke on screen, he came across as to gentle & meek bordering on having gay mannerisms. But… His materials was very Old Testament legalism through self discipline ., the existence of New Testament teaching was virtually non-existent. He was so caught up with submission and authority, especially his views and his position of authority…kind of a …. Submit to me ! Attitude., only using a very very gentle voice , scary. I was always suspicious of him after this, along with the home teachings done by his most faithful. He (Gothard) scared the hell out of me. I also wondered how can a man be and know so much about family, love, relationships, mercy, forgiveness , etc., when he’s never had any of these experiences. No wife, no children, no daily family problems. I am even suspicious of his sexual orientation or other psych sexual related problems. At his age, no experiences…strange. A few years later I had a major falling out with the person who introduced me to this character and so called ministry… During this confrontation I told lew that he is involved with a CULT, and his reply was…SO ! SO ! I have always been suspicious of the Gothard ministries and Last Days Ministries….I have seen some strange – strange VooDoo between these to.

  81. We’ll those of you with short memories have forgotten Gothards Brother…! Bill tried to hide his brothers grab- feel- squeeze romp through the office. When caught and proven, remember proven. Last I heard he got laid off, If he was fired, unknown. This type of problem seems to run in Gothards family. Who knows how long this type of thing has went on. Maybe ol’Bill G. Needs to hire Ron Jermey on staff !

  82. While Bill Gothard might have a large following, a biblical exegesis of his teachings would show that they are unbiblical, particularly his beliefs on the issue of submission by adult children to their parents. There are also a number of illustrations used by his syllabus that are poor interpretations of scripture. And I went to his seminars so I am not talking without knowledge. While his teachings may have been sincere, many are just plain incorrect. For those that disagree with me, study the scriptures and examine his teachings.

  83. All The False Accusation Against MR. BILL GOTHARD Are Just That: FALSE ACCUSATIONS !




    Truthfully, Honestly, Sincerely Yours And Faithfully Recorded & Submitted,

    Tony Cisneros
    2011 (& Possible 2015) Candidate For City Treasurer,
    City Of Chicago,
    State Of Illinois,
    United States Of America.

  84. Way to go, Anna. God’s word is “a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.”

  85. What about the “millstone” principle taught by Jesus? I sincerely hope he does spend eternity with Jesus, but it must be predicated upon sincere repentance, which it seems by his statement that he has made. He does go way beyond other ministers who have failed morally, by not just just saying he made a mistake, but he fully admits his transgressions by spelling them out individually.

    It is the most believable public statement of repentance I have yet seen. My hope and prayer is that he is restored in the eyes of the Lord. It matters little what others think if he truly has repented.

    Of course there is the issue of all the pain and suffering he has caused others by his actions. May the Lord heal and deliver ALL of them by His Unfathomable riches of grace and power.

    Undoubtedly, Bill Gothard will suffer eternal rewards as well as shame and disgrace in this life. I sincerely hope that he inherits eternal life in Christ.

  86. Gordon,
    You are absolutely correct. His teaching that adult children need to submit to their parents is not biblical. Mind you, he does not teach just we aught to just honor, but obey, even as adults. At age 60, when Bill Gothard wanted to pursue marriage, he was denied permission by his father and so dropped it. It’s best that he did, as the girl was his 20 -year old personal assistant. His dad was right to be against it, but still, the idea that a 60 year old man needs his father’s permission to marry is a very odd and nonbiblical teaching.

  87. Moise,
    The number of women who have reported that he harassed and/or abused them has now grown to 50. Your position is that Gothard is a godly man, and their testimony is just an attack from Satan against a godly man? Really? How do yo know this? Do you know that Gothard has now confessed to crossing boundaries in touching young girl’s hair, holding their hands and touching their feet? He has denied the more serious allegations,but his admission should tell you that there is truth in their testimonies.
    Do you think he would have made this confession had it not been for Recovering Grace and these women bravely coming forward?
    Bill Gothard said: “My actions of holding of hands, hugs, and touching of feet or hair with young ladies crossed the boundaries of discretion and were wrong. They demonstrated a double-standard and violated a trust.”
    Do you feel that you owe the victims an apology for characterizing their testimonies as a Satanic attack against a godly man?

  88. I never joined the followers of Gothard, never read his books or attended any of his seminars. I observed the lives of those among my friends who did so. While all of that I knew personally seemed to live Godly lives, they were also among the extremists in their theology and were more than willing to persuade others that Gothard’s writings and their extreme doctrinal positions were what we needed. When a doctor friend started telling me that I should read Gothard’s teachings about when women should–or should not–have mammograms, and when I learned that using Gothard’s home school curriculum meant having to promise that no rock music of any kind will be listened to in our home, it became clear to me that Gothard would be the spiritual head of our home, rather than my husband. I’m very glad now that I took no part in his “Basic Youth Conflicts” or whatever title it may go by now.

  89. Bill Gothard even “rubbed shoulders” with Republican leaders? Whoa! Now that’s going too far!

  90. You may be right ! But he certainly deserves it. My daughter was in close as in speaking about how his organization helped her when she was thirteen yrs old. She still tells me Thank You , for changing her directions. She said there were never any spankings . Time to think about bad behavior never hurt anyone .

  91. If Satan can destroy an entire ministry and all the wonderful things it has done by bringing down one person then WE are placing too much emphasis on that one person. Our greatest weakness if often the stars in our eyes for human leaders and celebrities.

  92. Agreed! Those who allow themselves to be enraptured by a leader will often refuse to acknowledge the truth, no matter how much evidence is presented. Still, the accused deserves a fair hearing where evidence can be properly examined for veracity.

  93. I think most people have love and concern for our Christian brother, but we have more for his alleged victims. The church has promoted leadership to the point of idolatry. FEW are actually called to be leaders. Too many people want to be leaders for the perks and to advance their own agenda or mission. But being a genuine leader means you take responsibility when you screw up, as well.

  94. This is why Chicago is so broken.

  95. I hope you had more than one source to “help you understand the Bible.” There are some within Christianity who believe all we need to understand the Christian life is a Bible and the help of the Holy Spirit. I’m just saying.

  96. Thanks Diane! That is so true – Satan tries even harder to tempt the leaders to fall into sin.

    A Navy pilot friend of mine put it this way, “The flak is always heaviest over the target”.

    Blessings and Peace to each of you who read this.

  97. No man has all the answers. That’s why we are never to follow a man. We all see through that glass dimly.
    When Bill fasted for days at the beginning, God most certainly answered his prayers.
    He shared with us all that he gleaned.
    King David asked God to take that light and shine it in him to see if there be any evil way in him and set him on the right way.
    We are Adam and Eve’s grandkids.
    That evil nature has been passed down.

  98. I am very sad to hear this. His message was wonderful and his God is great. It may be true and it may be exagerated. As a child my moher taught me that no person is perfect and that even a minister can fail. I am 72 and I have seen many fail. They are not God who never fails

  99. I agree completely, the false legalistic teachings and “principles” 5 steps to this and 7 steps to that, are little more than Pharisee ism and rather than leading people into a closer walk with the Lord, and depending on the Bible itself and the indwelling teacher (for Christians) His name is The Holy Spirit.
    Bill Gothard’s teachings were extreme and lead to a system of extreme control through his trying to keep his “principles”. His false teachings and his strong advisement against adoption, which thankfully most normal Christians see exact opposing view. Thankfully many young women have seen giving up their babies to adoption to good families over abortion. Bill Gothard while firing people for just talking to a young person of the opposite sex while he himself was found in his private quarters with a young woman sitting on his lap in a thin nightgown is much more than simply his thigh touching their thigh, and as most people know there is thigh touching and there is thigh touching combined with holding hands rubbing a young woman’s leg up and down with his sock feet. I know Gothardites will say anything and everything to protect their idol. This nightgown incident was seen first hand by Gary Smalley who was Bill Gothard’s personal friend. Gary Smalley had warned his friend that his behavior would take his ministry down if he did not chose to change his ways. It is the teachings of his “ministry” itself which are flawed, creating his lists of principles based own his opinions and finding scriptures that he took out of context to “prove” his principles. I have seen the pain this way of trying to attain what has already been given to us through Jesus Christ by faith creates in those who get caught in this type of system. I think he must never have studied the book of Romans or the book of Galatians. But the Gothardites will defend him and his flawed teachings because it is difficult to believe that one they have put up as the person to be like, has himself lived a hypocritical life for 40+ years. It is a very very sick system out of which these sick actions naturally would develop. The way Satan goes after men is through their own pride, seeing their goodness which they have worked to achieve as the thing rather than looking to Jesus Christ who has done for us what we can never achieve. Legalists are going to be blind until their eyes are opened by the eventually heaviness and burden of the Law. Remember that the Bible says if you have broken one law you have broken them all. So you who will try to attain by your principles and systems ignoring the simplicity of walking in the spirit, simply focusing on Jesus and what He has accomplished for us.

  100. You say his teachings helped you find direction in life. Do you suppose an actual study of the scriptures for yourself, asking the Holy Spirit who among other things has been called a teacher, you may have been helped just as much. Do you suppose that perhaps if you had studied Romans or John or any of the New Testament scriptures in context you might have been helped even more to resolve guilt problems. Since there is a simply solution, read the Word, read that Christ took your guilt and imputed to you, His Righteousness. Titus 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Nothing about 5 steps here and 7 steps there, or agreeing with Bill Gothard’s un-biblical opinions. I believe that many who were close to him confronted him over the years. He either fired them for disloyalty or simply did not see himself as one who needed to be accountable, as he expected others to be accountable. His very weird teachings on the chain of command, husband is the hammer, the wife the chisel, the children the ones to be chiseled upon. This is so far from scriptural as to be laughable. Anyone who actually studies the Bible itself by itself will see. Bill Gothard’s teachings and systems are like every other cult. Focused primarily on one man, who does not see himself accountable to anyone but God. Wake up folks before it is too late. God will have no other idols before Himself.

  101. If you will read more carefully his admissions, he really hasn’t admitted to much, certainly not anywhere near what witnesses have reported. He made his transgressions seems less than they were. I do hope that He is a Christian. Time will tell if his repentance reflects in his behavior. Since this same kind of thing caused a scandal in 1980 which resulted in 2/3’s of his staff leaving in disgust and being replaced by people who did not know as much and Bill Gothard quickly put himself back at the helm after only 15 days, and continued in the same behavior. It will have to be proved over time if he has truly seen the depths of the sing of error and actions. If we find he is again the President of the “ministry” within 6 months then to me that doesn’t seem like true repentance. He would do well, not to put himself in the same position for the rest of his life. The teachings are flawed so if the same teachings are passed on to another generation, there will be just as much damage done by the teachings alone.

  102. You are so right. Gothardites as long as they continue to ignore scripture will not see the truth.

  103. If you actually read the different stories from these women who were once girls who felt, at first, honored to work for such a great man. I think the main problem was with an older much more experienced and sophisticated man and powerful man took advantage in full of the innocence of these young girls. With most I do not read any bitterness, most are married with children and these stories are from many years past. I believe they want to put out the alarm to other young women and the parents of young women be aware of what they may encounter working at the HQ. I would hope that parents would say, oh no, I didn’t send my daughter there to be used. Bill Gothard took a real pride in having never kissed a woman. But what is a kiss in comparison with being in the room of young innocent women who had no power or recourse to rebuke this man for his inappropriateness at least and his outright sexual harassment and abuse at most. This kind of thing is built into the results of living under a works religion to “attain holiness”. In Romans there is a verse that says, the strength of sin (some versions say power) of sin is in the law. What it means is the more law you live under, the greater the hold sin will have over you. I think it is just laziness that people would rather get their information from the Gothard Red Book than the pure Word of God. Every religion in the world is about doing to attain God’s favor or blessing, Authentic Christianity alone is about done. What Jesus has already done and our faith that itself is a gift, to believe that Christ has accomplished what we can never accomplish. Long dresses, only older hymns, courtship, chain of authority teachings can never ever do what Christ has done. Praise the Lord. As long as my focus is on Him and not on me, then I am walking in the spirit and if I walk in the spirit by faith, I will not fulfil the deeds of the flesh. The Word of God makes this very clear.. That being the case, that truth will eliminate the need for most of BG’s teaching. Satan doesn’t mind if we do “good” things as long as it keeps our mind on ourselves and off of Jesus Christ.

  104. Why not just study the pure Word of God? I guarantee the effect would be much better, create much more joy and freedom for your family. I don’t believe there is any vindication to be had for Bill Gothard. There has been some vindication for the women harassed and/or abused by a powerful man who lives a double life. I don’t believe any sincere Christian hopes anything other than Bill Gothard repents of dead works, and shows by his actions over the next year or two that he truly sees the error of his 40 year pattern. That he will show his repentance by encouraging people to read the Word of God. Ask the indwelling Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth and asks them to chuck his Steps for simply trusting Jesus. His teachings are error. That is the simple truth, so if he never ever was in leadership or influencing the leadership as long as they are promoting this twisted scripture outlined in steps, there will still be damaged people, because legalism always damages.

  105. I attended one of his seminars once and asked Bill gothard directly why he thought my marriage fell apart. He asked do you listen to any kind of music that has a beat? Like rock,country an such. To which I replied yes. He shrugged and said there ya go! That’s why…..turned an walked away. Now I am a Christian but after reading this and knowing what happened with Doug Phillips with vision forum I say I will hold to my faith but screw you Bill ….not the kind of example or christian I want to be associated with.

  106. We did not feel comfortable with his ministry way back in the 1970’s when friends and family were sitting at his feet. Somehow principles and rules and regulations were not bearing witness to the LIFE in Christ Jesus that was ours. It has been so sad to see Gothard defended just as many other fallen cultist leaders have been defended by their following.

    I don’t believe that it is merely that fact that a man is an influential leader that he becomes a target of Satan, as if he were the victim. No, he was the predator. He fell, like many leaders not because they are Godly Christian leaders, but because they are proud Christian leaders. His pride became the target and the tool of Satan.

    It is also difficult to entrust the integrity of any teacher who has not had life experience. How realistically can an unmarried man be any authority on marriage and child-rearing. We are ourselves to blame for being so gullible.

  107. I’ve seen the basic so many times I’ve lost count. But I’m sure there must be just three simple steps to making all this go away.

    1) Can you imagine the saviour, letting some KNOW HARLOT wash (((touching))) his bare feet, I wonder how far the dust went up the leg, and then drying them with her hair… YES, this who thing sounds a lot like this.

    2) BG is 79, now he knows he should have let his brother and him marry… There just probably wasn’t any woman PURE enough for Bill though.

    3) I still find it CRAZY how people can remember something 30 years ago and be worried about it now…. Just where does christianity figure forgive and forget… What is the legal statute of limitations? WHY wasn’t it done then? dah, such a bunch of hate mongers at work, forget gossip and slander.

    Oh the point I forgot, I’ll be closing soon:-) No one here is perfect and BG is human I think. God will be the final judge. I hope everyone’s forgiveness is up to date by that time, or you are going to be in big trouble. and it won’t be gothard you will have to worry about….

    tell them, grandpa told you, but what do i know at 63? I will perhaps see things different if I”m so blessed to think about it at 79.

    Life is short people. YOU better get ready for the final judgment. YOU too Bill… YOU should follow what you have so greatly preached for decades:::—)))))))

    right down to the last 10 steps…

  108. I hope we can separate the pervert from the ministry! There always seems to be at least one bad apply! Let’s not turn from this Godly Ministry just because of Gothards’ behavior.

  109. Mr. Zimmerman,
    Don’t penalize the company because of what one man did. The man is not the whole company nor is he the sole teacher. The ministry does a good job for what it does. I went to FL. Bible College when the Pres. got caught in a scandal, the school is almost gone, they lost all their property on Hollywood beach (in the millions) and all because the kids and supports lost their faith in the school and what it did. They had put all their faith in one man (man, remember that “man”) and not in God, this was everyone’s mistake. I liked the school not because anyone connected with it, so the scandal did not really effect me. I think the public should do the same with the Institute.

  110. I learned one important piece of wisdom: Eat the fish and spit out the bones. I did those seminars when I was younger and gained a lot. Gothard himself might be flawed and disqualified but there a few things the seminar teaches that are worth considering. I was never stuck in that authority stuff but I do see the value in morning devotions. Religiosity is like childhood. It’s a necessary part of spiritual growth. You learn some rules. You learn the value of heeding authority (that God commands). When you grow, you challenge some things and put some things aside while modifying others. Eventually God teaches you what’s right and lean on God for direction.

    Looking back, I realize we all go through a season of depending on ‘spiritual parents.’ Eventually, those whose heart is on God- and not men- grow up and learn to trust God alone to guide your footsteps. It’s like growing up. Your parents love you, feed and clothe you and tell you what to do. You move way, some rebel a little and you question your parents’ wisdom on some things. Eventually you realize your parents are flawed people who didn’t know everything. You reject the foolishness but keep the nuggets of wisdom they did manage to teach you.

    So it is with Bill Gothard. I’ve grown up and moved away. I know he’s a flawed, flawed man but I kept what’s real and let go of the lies. I’m beginning to wonder if such letdowns from those we look up to are part of the growth process for most of us.

  111. We attended IBLP when we were young parents and really grew in our faith in Christ. And were able to put some principles of rearing children to use. The principles do NOT encourage abuse of any kind, in fact it’s the opposite. I’m SAD if the allegations are true of Bill. But ‘all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’ (Rom 3:23) – and we need to be mindful of Jesus’ teaching not to judge too quickly (Matt 7) – instead we need to take personal inventory and see where WE ourselves have missed the mark. And THEN to confront our brother. Did any of the women who claim his misconduct confront Bill one-on-one first, or did they just go public? Lots of questions come to mind. We do not idolize Bill or think he’s perfect, but let’s have some grace here. I’ve sure fallen short myself many times.

  112. Bill has done a lot of good and it is expected that one day he would be attacked for the work he does Satan will do anything to stop him. I’m sure there’s people out there that want to stop because he is did so much to change our world . it makes me sick when people say I’m not going to church because there’s hypocrites in there . well lock yourself in your house because there’s hypocrites in the world everywhere. that’s just a person’s excuse for not wanting to follow God and going to church. I’m sure bill did not intentionally touch someone inappropriate, so people need to get over it and stop looking at the one little mistake you might have made and look at all the good he has done. I’m guessing this is nothing but a setup just got him

  113. Hey Sister Sandy. Funny place to find you but cool non the less. Hope everything is going well for you. Love and miss you. I think I will be in Talla at Christmas this year.

  114. You’re an idiot. How do you think God exposes wrongdoings except by people? Is there some divine enlightenment that just comes upon law enforcement? Go back to your hole….Please and Thank you!

  115. The Lord warns us of false teachers and skewing His word for their benefit. And He Also tells us that they will be held to account and Exposed for their lies and deceit. God will deal swiftly and harshly with them.

    2 Peter 2:1-10

    But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment; if he did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a herald of righteousness, with seven others, when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly;

    James 3:1-18

    Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.

  116. Amen Eugene. I was greatly helped by the Gothard
    materials. We forget that our enemy Satan will do anything
    to discredit those whom God uses to lead the flock.
    Human nature is quick to judge with or without facts…
    I wonder how many of the nay-sayers know anything about
    the Bible or how to live the Christian life….

  117. I am not understanding why we need to follow some one else (man) if we believe in the BIBLE and Jesus. Our GOD Jehovah and Jesus give us all of what we need and it is written in the BIBLE. Why do we need an imperfect man to tell us what we need to do and what to follow. The BIBLE tells us how to train up a boy from infancy, how we are not to be irritating them. Set an example for them to follow. Respect your elders and to take care of them when they get older. I have heard nothing of a sort about the BIBLE from this man. All I hear are his ways of doing things.

  118. I’m so sorry! I accidentally hit the abuse button on my phone. I do not find anything offensive or abusive in your comment. There ought to be a confirm button so accidents like this do not happen

  119. Once sgain, I do not like the report abuse button. I do not find your comment abusive or offensive. It was an accidental hit on it. My apologies to you.

  120. How do you know it’s true? Do you believe everything you read/hear? Do you think that is the way Christ does things? If it was true, what would Jesus do? Have you read the Bible regarding gossip or have you read the 9th Commandment? What about Jesus and the New Testament writers telling you to “judge not”? If this is not true, you are guilty of condemning the wrong man. Is your life perfectly pure in Jesus’ eyes?

  121. Question: Have you ever sat down and talked with the man acocording to Matt. 18 to seek an answer? I have been young and now a little older and did not grow up in a Christian home (far from one). Married a young Christian lady who introduced me to the Basic seminar. I accepted Jesus later in life. I was skeptical of anything new as I was drafted and served as an MP Investigator during the end of the Vietnam days. Consequently I was taught to check out everything, believe nothing. I had the opportunity to work with the man for a couple of weeks and ask lots of questions. He’s not an idol or perfect man but he does like ice cream. However he is a man of principle. From Scripture “when a man’s way please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him”. Our goal should always be self examination rather than stone throwing. I learned in the MPs by pointing at someone else, I can try to remove the charges against me and try to ease my guilt. Caution!

  122. I greatly benefited from the Institutes Teaching. One of the main emphasis of the seminars was a commitment to read the bible every day. I made that commitment and it thoroughly changed my life and I am still walking with God. I know this was the desire of Bill Gothard’s ministry, that is to encourage personal commitment to the Lord. I still have my commitment certificate on the wall. No person should affect someone to stop reading the Bible and sacrifice their relationship with the Lord. A person should just stop following that person and keep reading the Bible. If a person does both they are likely leaving the Lord and misplacing the blame. The children of Israel did this exact thing in the wilderness. They disobeyed God’s word and reaped the bitter fruit and they kept blaming it on Moses. They actually strayed from Moses leadership and when God judged them, they accused Moses of misleading them. Now we know Satan uses these tactics against leaders, but are we willing to judge this, or are we Satan’s tools. If Bill only did what he said he did, he may have kept himself very much within appropriate limits, Satan is confusing and using these women’s sin affected minds. But you don’t know for sure, if you don’t know the facts do you. Please do not be quick to be Satan’s tools! A big problem in the church is that we do not what to be required to live righteously and according to Biblical Law. Many people who consider themselves christians think that necessary obedience to scripture is false doctrine, or false grace. They throw out Old Testament commandments, and they don’t realize that Jesus is also a Law giver with the words that He taught. Like Paul said that he was under the law of Christ. Like the children of Israel in the wilderness complained of being robbed of their experience of bondage in Egypt, many seem to complain about being robbed of sinful living.

  123. Yeah… you just keep tellin’ yourself that! Did you even read his statement? He ADMITS that he chose only good-looking workers, but that what he did to those female, good-looking workers was not immoral or sexual in nature. Hmmm… really? Playing footsie with, holding hands with, laying your hand on someone’s thigh or arm is not a crime, that is true. Doing it with young girls and women you admittedly hand selected to work for you because they fit your idea of being attractive sure seems perverted, immoral, or unethical, especially when they are 30 years your junior and under you in terms of a position of authority. More so when it is done in the context of a “ministry”. Yes, innocent until proven guilty, of course, but please read it for yourself and think! If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. A sad duck, but nevertheless, a duck.

  124. Very sorry, I accidently hit the “report abuse” under my thumb as I was scrolling.

  125. The apostle Paul wasn’t shy about calling people out for what they did. If this is true about bg, and has gone on for decades, then Christians should be the first to deal with the mess, out it and help the victims. The “do not gossip” line has been misused too many times to avoid dealing with cancerous sin In the body.

  126. What makes Bill Gothard radical is 1)understanding that throughout history certain behaviors always bring negative results (every time) which spread to those around you with unintended consequences. He lays it out pretty right on. 2)Living debt free, a Solid Biblical Principle, is now opposite our current economy 3) Over time and through his Chalk talks to kids with issues, he gained understanding of how certain problems happened again and again in light of Biblical Principles not “The Psychology of Adolescent Behavior” Over time he was able to make solid connections with Biblical Principles and individual actions with great charts that make sense. He helped us to see. The tough part for all of us is in the living of those Principles. It is all in the Bible and it works. Bill helped me find it and organize it for myself. I got a great deal out of the Seminar. “Who will throw the first stone?” Not I.

  127. First off, Got-hard is probably the most unintentionally hilarious name for someone accused of sexual impropriety. Secondly, you say he wants to reach out to the girls he has wronged, but I’m thinking “reaching out” (to touch some girl-thigh) is what got him in trouble. Finally, I’m loving how reprehensible someone can be and still get apologetics. Also funny is how seriously people take a book that has no contemporary historicity to compare to (odd considering the Roman and Jewish penchant for documenting history as it occurs/record-keeping, that there is no mention of Jesus in non-biblical texts from any historians during the time of Christ but that’s another discussion for another day). Religion is the opiate of the masses, and it looks like you imbibed deeply in this one dealer’s extra potent Jesus juice, and now are so hazed you can’t recognize your own bias. (Don’t bother replying, I’m probably never coming back to look at these comments)

  128. Where conspiracy theory and religion intersect, madness lies in wait.

  129. I think we all need to exercise caution when discussing those alleged victims. I think it highly dangerous to attribute their contributions towards no longer liking or approving of Gothard as a result of their idolizing him, or he taking away their childhood and their subsequent jealousy. It is a very fine line, but one that must be observed, lest people engage in ‘blaming the victim.”

  130. It seems Mr. Gothard, and his followers have missed the mark completely. Grace, not obedience to any set of rules, is GAWDs answer. Any time you turn your back on grace, you automatically fall under the law. It’s more like gravity than consensus. Even Jesus said sins would be inevitable. None of us get past that nagging conscience, or the absolute horror of some grievous error. Paul was quite clear about our depravity, generation after generation. But that’s only something that GAWD can deal with. Starting with grace, salvation, and redemption. It won’t happen overnight. Loving the sinner, not gossiping behind their back, is the mark we aspire to. Mr. Gothard has, for decades missed the mark. And these hidden things are being shouted across the (media) rooftops. And that, to the good.

  131. You have followed one mans opinion on the bible?? Why did he resign then if it was nothing. He feels guilty for what he did. You need to go over the fact that you might have followed an extreme controller of man. He sounds pretty evil to me.

  132. I hope you don’t wear wool on Sunday and if a women, that you have curly hair?? Seems legit! Man wrote the bible not God..

  133. I remember going to Bill Gothard ministry in Orlando Florida back in the 80,s. I remember his chalkings. And also how he presented a chart colored white to shades of grey all the way to black. He asked the question when does sin start? {In this case when does abuse
    start} People need to keep their hands to themselves. remember… Familiarity breads contempt…That chart has stayed with me all these years. So what color on the chart was Bill G. when he was accused? The truth will set Bill free. So… if Bill is guilty he can take his own advice… admit your sin, ask for forgiveness.
    Helene R

  134. Familiarity breeds contempt.
    Billy Graham never was alone in the company of a female, he made sure there was always a male from his ministry teem like a chaperon
    because there are people out there whose flesh is weak. It only takes a moment and whoops a ministry is marked for life.

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