More fun and games for liberal Mormons! It's "Testimony Meeting Bingo: Marriage Equality Edition"

Bingo screen shotYesterday I posted an idea for a fun drinking game to help liberal Mormons survive this Sunday’s testimony meeting. It’ll be good for us to walk into church prepared, since collective Mormon frustration with last week’s Supreme Court ruling means it may not be our religion’s finest hour in terms of love and charity.

I was quite pleased with the game . . . until a commenter rightly pointed out that if it’s testimony Sunday, that means it’s also Fast Sunday!

And if it’s Fast Sunday, then a game involving the near-sacramental consumption of juice and Cheerios isn’t the best option.

But never fear, good people. Graphic artist Jerilyn Hassell Pool has created this alternative Bingo game for your Sunday use, downloadable below. She took the phrases in each box from actual quotations from the Mormon Women Stand website, and it’s a fair bet that at least a few of them will come up in your Sunday experience.

If it’s not too much of a Fast Sunday temptation for you to be around appropriately-themed Skittles or M&Ms in every color of God’s diverse rainbow, you can use those to fill in each box as its particular phrase or sentiment comes up.

If it is too hard for you to resist the candy – and we’re Mormons, for whom sugar is the one vice remaining, so let’s face the fact that it probably will be too much of a temptation – then use colorful Legos or whatever you have handy.

One caveat. You may notice that there’s only one game card, which means that if you’re playing this in church with other members of your family, you will all win the game together. No one will be left out.

I think that’s kind of the point.


Download Jerilyn Hassell Pool’s free game card here:  bingo

Jerilyn Hassell Pool is an infrequent blogger with Feminist Mormon Housewives and Rational Faiths. She is an outspoken activist surrounding LGBT issues. Jerilyn is a mother of 5 and a grandmother of one. She lives with her husband of 24 years in Southern Oregon where she works as a freelance art director and print publication specialist. She enjoys reading, painting and making jokes. She does not enjoy hiking. At all.