Missionaries at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. There are several training centers located worldwide. Photo courtesy The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Some Mormon missionaries may now cast aside suit coats

Missionaries at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. There are several training centers located worldwide. Photo courtesy The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Missionaries at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. There are several training centers located worldwide. Photo courtesy The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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SALT LAKE CITY – The iconic look of Mormon missionaries -- dark suit, white shirt, tie and black name tag -- has just dropped one element -- the suit coat.

That is, however, only in hot climates.

Male Mormon proselytizers, known as "elders," who toil to find converts in scorching, humid regions like Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines will no longer be required to bring a coat with them on their two-year volunteer service.

"In some parts of world with hot climates," the Utah-based faith said Thursday in a news release, "suit coats are impractical."

In addition, the move "will reduce the financial burden," the release said, "on missionaries and their families."

Two years ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints revised the missionary grooming standards, saying that elders no longer were required to wear suits "during everyday (proselytizing) activities."

These male volunteers could be dressed as young professionals in white shirts, ties and dress slacks (even lighter-colored ones).

Suits -- including light grays or browns -- were reserved for Sundays or special occasions, but still required. Now in these areas, they are not.

No exemptions for Mormon proselytizers in Utah, apparently, though the Beehive State had the most blistering June in its history.

(Peggy Fletcher Stack writes for the Salt Lake Tribune.)


  1. Mormons need to toss aside their false doctrine because their so called
    “prophet” Joseph Smith is a proven liar and a heretic! The “spirit” bride
    nonsense is absurd since there is no sex is heaven/we’re to only to have
    one wife/bride on earth yet in heaven we get multiple brides? Nonsense!
    The birth of Jesus was a miracle not a creation and Emmanuel means God
    with us so He/Jesus Christ was God with us as part of the Trinity/Godhead.
    Mr. Smith also tried sayin only a few go to outer darkness. The Bible says
    just the opposite .The Bible says most go to hell/only few go to heaven so
    that teaching is also false along with works gettin people into heaven cause
    non-believers do works so the fruit we’re known by is the fruit of Repentance
    which Luke 13 makes very clear that only Repenting/trusting in Jesus saves!
    Matthew 7:13-23 plus 1 Corinthians 5,6 and 7 also in Luke 13 are very clear.
    Bible says Repent and believe the Gospel to be saved! We all must Repent!

  2. “suit coats are impractical.”

    Isn’t life is hard enough without pretending a god cares one way or the other about your suit coat?

  3. I served an LDS mission in Costa Rica. We were only asked to wear a suit coat to church on Sunday. This change won’t have a big impact in the day to day life of missionaries, but it will mean that fewer missionaries will need to buy a suit in the first place.

    Ro Na, you seem to be very confused about both what Mormon’s preach and what the Bible says. You don’t seem to have a good handle on what the Bible says about polygamy, what Mormons now preach about polygamy, or the LDS doctrines about the afterlife and redemption for the dead. Good luck sorting it all out in the future!

  4. Dan the Mormon-I know exactly what you believe and you sir are a herectic
    and are headed for hell so I hope you open the Bible because your whole
    mormon belief system is way off base/what you preach/teach is absurd and
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    Bible says if anyone comes and preaches/teaches something different that
    person will be eternally condemned so I hope you leave the mormon faith.

  5. 1 Corinthians 7 says/shows us that marriage is for one man and one woman and
    anyone who strays from that goes to hell The Bible is very clear we must Repent!

  6. downtown dave-Amen! The mormons are not Christians cause they preach a
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    Bible says Repent and believe the Gospel to be saved so works dont save us
    and mormons deny Jesus is God as part of the Godhead/Trinity. Jesus said
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    to us the term I Am which God said to Moses shows He is co-eternal with the
    Godhead which is God the Father/God the Son/Jesus and God the Holy Spirit.

  7. If they think it’s hot here, wait til they meet up with Joseph Smith and the rest of his cohorts in hell.

  8. Mormonism’s satanic religion exposed

    JD 10:194, Brigham Young, May 31, 1863
    If all men understood the great work of the last days brought forth by the Prophet Joseph and its ultimate results, they would invest all their capital stock in this great speculation. We are for self, for power, for knowledge, for thrones, for dominions, for eternal life.

    JD 10:334, Brigham Young, June 22−29, 1864
    I have been accused of being one of Joseph Smith’s followers, and that he was a speculator; I have never denied it. We are in one of the greatest speculations in the world

  9. Mormonism is nothing more than mere speculation and you people trust your eternal souls to that?

    JD 3:169, Amasa M. Lyman, December 9, 1855
    “Well,” says one, “is it great as God? Does it comprehend God, or is God comprehended of it?” You know the great principle of eternal life is to know the only true and living God, &c. In our childish speculations we talk about a great many Lords and Gods, and you can get the doctrine made holy by applying the Scriptural language to it.

    JD 9:156 − p.157, Brigham Young, January 19, 1862
    As brother Cox observed this morning, let us be sure to build up the kingdom of God, for in doing this we build up ourselves. In the early history of this Church, Joseph Smith was accused of being a speculator. So far as I am concerned, I never denied being a speculator; for, in one sense of the word, it is one of the greatest speculations ever entered into by man. In building up the kingdom of God, I am decidedly for self, and so are you.

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