Jozef Wesolowski is pictured during a 2011 ceremony in Santo Domingo when he was still an archbishop and was serving as nuncio to the Dominican Republic. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith found the archbishop guilty of sexual abuse of minors and has ordered that he be laicized. Photo by Orlando Barria, courtesy of Catholic News Service

Vatican trial on sex abuse charges delayed as ex-archbishop hospitalized

Jozef Wesolowski is pictured during a 2011 ceremony in Santo Domingo when he was still an archbishop and was serving as nuncio to the Dominican Republic. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith found the archbishop guilty of sexual abuse of minors and has ordered that he be laicized. Photo by Orlando Barria, courtesy of Catholic News Service

Jozef Wesolowski is pictured during a 2011 ceremony in Santo Domingo when he was still an archbishop and was serving as nuncio to the Dominican Republic. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith found the archbishop guilty of sexual abuse of minors and has ordered that he be laicized. Photo by Orlando Barria, courtesy of Catholic News Service

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The  trial of a former Polish archbishop and onetime Vatican diplomat on pedophilia and child porn charges was suspended Saturday (July 11), after Jozef Wesolowski was rushed to the hospital.

The 66-year-old former nuncio -- as Vatican ambassadors are called -- was living under house arrest in a room above the Vatican courtroom.

The first hearing in his trial opened briefly on Saturday morning in order for the court to hear Wesolowski had suffered a sudden illness. The ex-archbishop had been taken to the intensive care unit of a public hospital, the Vatican said in a statement.

A lawyer for the former prelate told journalists he didn't know what ails his client.

“I saw him two or three days ago, and, given his age and his state of mind, he was fine,” said Antonello Blasi, according to The Associated Press. The lawyer told the court that Wesolowski had been “willing and able” to come to court.

Wesolowski is accused of sexually abusing boys during his five-year term in the Dominican Republic. He was recalled to the Vatican in August 2013, defrocked the following year, and later arrested on charges of molesting minors.

Wesolowski will also be tried for possessing child pornography within the walls of the Vatican, accusations that date to the time after his diplomatic post ended.

The criminal proceedings at the Vatican City's tribunal are seen as a test case of the Holy See’s ability to tackle pedophilia within its own justice system. Wesolowski will be the first high-level official to face such charges at the Vatican, following moves by Pope Francis to tackle child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

Last month the pope approved an accountability system that paves the way for bishops to be punished if they fail to protect children from abusive clerics. The Vatican has previously faced criticism for not taking action against churchmen guilty of covering up abuse.



  1. It will take years to root out all the problems which resulted from the infestation of gay men to the Catholic priesthood. The Church has learned the hard way to never again permit a person with homosexual tendencies, who has acted upon them, to continue on in the Catholic seminaries. The first wave took care of the lion’s share of these men, but the long term purification will take decades. In my opinion, the married priesthood will bring these numbers back down to minimum levels. Our Lord showed us that there would always be issues, as has been shown to us in Judas of Iscariot, but woe to those by whom they come (Luke 17:1).

  2. Continue to blame gay men. Sure, why not? It fits your agenda. Why not blame sexually confused men who enter the priesthood in order to escape their sexuality? Because it doesn’t fit your agenda?

    The critical issues are ABUSE, not Orientation. Some years ago the church separated the priests from the girls. They molest a larger percentage of boys because they have greater opportunity to be alone with boys. If priests had more access to little girls, they would molest them in higher numbers.

    It’s not a homosexual problem. It’s a CATHOLIC problem, one covered up by bishops and cardinals for centuries. 100% of the molesters are Catholic. Neither the duplessis nor the Magdalen scandals were caused by gay men.

    One more time for you, Mr. Reviler. From the John Jay Report on sexual abuse, COMMISSIONED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH:

    Dr. Margaret Smith categorically stated that “we do not find a connection between homosexual identity and the increased likelihood of subsequent abuse.”

  3. Ben, the root cause analysis is clear. My sister was friends with many gay men back in the late 80’s who all entered the Catholic seminary to hide. They lived a double life, and most all of them went on to become priests; these also went on to abuse male victims. I think only one of them is still alive; most died of AIDS. You can shift the blame all day long, but the reality is how I stated it. Yes there are many men with homosexual tendencies who have never acted upon them, and went on to become good priests. Those men are to be commended. What people don’t understand, is that both the priesthood and the sacrament of marriage are sacraments of sacrifice. That is what Our Lord requires of us. We need to be self giving, sacrificial people so to enter into heaven. The Church is now going through a renewal period, and when all is said an done, it will be holier, and more beautiful before God. But right now is a time of purification. Excuses don’t cut it with God Almighty,

  4. It appears that Greg1 only has a problem with sexual abuse when it is perpetrated by men against boys.

    People like Greg1 don’t want you, Dear Reader, to know about the likes of Father Joseph Masell, the heterosexual priest who used a Baltimore all-girls Catholic school as a rape-harem for him and his heterosexual friends, and who most likely murdered the nun who threatened to put a stop to all the hetero man-on-girl hijinks.

    The attitude of Christians who blame Catholic child-rape on gay men puts one in mind of Uganda’s Rev. Simon Lokodo, who has described the rape of girls by men as “the right kind of child rape.”

  5. Great God Plan, The Devil has been undermining the work of the Church since the very beginning. Judas Iscariot was the first, and many more followed. The most recent scandal I described above was unleashed by the Evil One as a means to discredit the authority of the Church, especially in our age. St. Paul spoke of this as the “mystery of iniquity” (2Thess 2:7). Whenever it rears its head, the Church has a duty to shine the Light of Christ on it, stamp it out, and then undergo a period of renewal. The reason this one was so horrendous is because of its breadth and depth. The case you mentioned was, and always will be, a horrible crime. However, the male pedophilia issue, was off the charts, and could be a sign that we are nearing the end of the age.

  6. So, basically you admit that some gay men are good priests and some were not. In other words, being gay had nothing to do with it.

    So your sister knew some gay men who entered the seminary to escape their sexuality. So did I. so what? Are they the ones who molested the kids, or men who could not fulfill their calling from God. If not the former, than once again you admit that the issue of sexual orientation is irrelevant. If they were screwing around with other priests, then what does it have to do with anything except their confusion, lack of of commitment, and hypocrisy?

    And what does that have to do with the far worse crime? It’s one thing to molest a child–a horrible crime whose victim may be scarred for life. But I think it takes REAl slime to look the other way, to cover up, to transfer a troublesome priest to another parish where there are new victims, to be far more concerned about the scandal in the church than the victims.

    This has been going on for CENTURIES.

  7. And once again you forget your own theology in order to pursue your vendetta. Judas was not undermining the work of the church. The church didn’t exist. Judas was doing exactly his part, ordained for him by God, so that “sins may be forgiven.”

    Judas wasn’t a traitor. Judas was a patsy.

  8. Sure. Blame it satan, blame it on anything except for child molesting priests who were protected and moved around by their child molester defending superiors. The archbishop caught entering Canada with child porn on his computer? the Belgian archbishop who saw nothing wrong with “taking comfort with children”– his own nephews.

    Blame it on gay people. Blame it on anyone but the guilty. If there is a devil, he is in THESE details.

    This isn’t a new thing in your church, Greg. It’s very old, . It’s s in Chaucer and Boccaccio, St. Peter Damien railed against it 1000 years ago. Karen liebreich details just one of many such scandals in church history in “fallen Order.” The Magdalen Scandals in Ireland. The Duplessis scandals in French Canada.

    Martin Luther “the Church of Rome, formerly the most holy of all Churches, has become the most lawless den of thieves, the most shameless of all brothels, the very kingdom of sin, death, and hell.”

    Male pedophilia doesn’t equal…

  9. Male pedophilia doesn’t equal Homosexuality, and it is just more reviling and slander

    As I have said to you repeatedly, This is a catholic problem. 100% of those molesting priests were CATHOLIC. 100% of them called to the priesthood bY God himself. 100% of them deemed to have a genuine calling from God by the Catholic Church. 100% of them deemed fit for the priesthood by the Catholic Church. And a great many of them protected by the bishops, archbishops, abbots, and cardinals of the Catholic Church who were their superiors, who knew of the molestation, and who covered it up.

    You want to blame it on satan, who isn’t here to defend himself. you want to blame it on gay men, when you admit that many gay men are good priests, while ignoring the priests who were heterosexual and committed crimes. Did I mention the bishops and cardinals who covered it up?

    Someday, Greg, you will see just who you are. I’d give worlds to see the horror on your face when you do

  10. Ben, male pedophilia is a fractional part of homosexuality. Not all homosexuals are attracted to teenage boys, but a gay inclination is the first sign that the problem might exist. That is why the Catholic Church has eliminated ALL men for the priesthood who have same sex attraction , AND have acted upon it. That will in most cases eliminate the problem going forward. The Church has a duty before God not to be hand waving, and dismissive about the pedophilia issue, as you are, but to ELIMINATE the issue going forward. What I should point out is that “sin” is the root of the problem. When a child is born, the soul is effectively lifeless spiritually (that lack of grace is from the Fall [Genesis 3]), but when a person is baptized, that soul is becomes white, and full of divine life. But once we begin to sin, we lose our infused consciences, and the soul becomes darkened with sin, allowing the Evil One to operate easily within that person. And being actively gay, is gravely sinful.

  11. The pope was informed about Wesolowski in July 2013 and he was put under house arrest in the Vatican in September 2014. The pope left him with access to children for 14 months and access to child porn for months thereafter. As noted in another article: “If he is found guilty, the pressure will be on Pope Francis and the Vatican to cooperate in all the countries where he served,” said Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of, a watchdog group that follows the global abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.” I think Wesolowski is already a dead man from the same ailment which killed Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I.

  12. So, you repeat more of the same slander, again and again.

    Heterosexual pedophilia its a fractional part of heterosexuality. Not all heterosexual men are attracted to teenaged girls, but a heterosexual inclination is the first sign that a problem might exist.

    See how easy that is?

    One could equally say that being a Catholic priest is the first sign that the problem might exist. Because 100% of the child molesting priests, and 100% of the molester covering up abbots, bishops, and Cardinals, are catholic.

    In fact, some 70 to 90% of all child molestation is heterosexual in nature. And about half the time, the perpetrator is the child’s father, stepefather or father surrogate– Men who would be described as heterosexual in terms of their interest, experiences, and identification in their community.

    I’m starting to wonder exactly why you insist so much that this is a gay problem, when it clearly is not, and because gay people are as horrified over these crimes as any.

  13. Ben you and I both know better. Root cause analysis is a scientific approach for getting to the underlying principles driving an action, and it is not very difficult. In the Catholic Church, 85% of the victims were boys or young men. So that should at least direct a person to the group that needs to be studied. Then back out, and take a look at the population in general: gay men make up 2.5% of the general population. Yet 33% of all reported male pedophilic victims from the general population were committed by men with same sex attraction. So we have 2.5% of the entire population, committing 1/3 of all the man on young men abuse for the entire population! That raises the likelihood to extreme levels. So the Catholic Church is certainly wise in its new practice of screening men with gay tendencies from studying for the priesthood, unless of course, they’ve never acted upon the disposition. These men have nearly destroyed my Church from within, so I know the damage they can do.

  14. How does a person under house arrest have access to children?

  15. “Yet 33% of all reported male pedophilic victims …were committed by men with same sex attraction.”

    Nice quote from the FRC. yet another false claim.

    Just because a man molests a boy, DOES NOT MAKE HIM HOMOSEXUAL in any sense of the word. Many full time molesters are interested in children only– the sex of the child is unimportant. I have known two men who were molested by their gay-hating, thoroughly heterosexual fathers.

    Why is it that you call a man who molests boys homosexual, but you don’t call a man who molests girls HETEROSEXUAL?

    Here is Dr. Nicholas groth, one of the foremost experts IN THE WORLD:

    Are homosexual adults in general sexually attracted to children and are preadolescent children at greater risk of molestation from homosexual adults than from heterosexual adults? There is no reason to believe so. The research to date all points to there being no significant relationship between a homosexual lifestyle and child molestation.

    don’t forget the…

  16. And, Greg, even if what you have to say is true, you are putting the factual cart way before your ideological horse. Even you admit it.

    “My sister was friends with many gay men back in the late 80’s who all entered the Catholic seminary to hide.” That’s you speaking.

    All it proves is that men with severe sexual and self-hatred problems enter the priesthood in order to escape their sexuality. What do they find? First, a whole bunch of men with similar problems. One of my friends left the seminary, which he entered to escape his sexuality, and found to his dismay that there was far more sex going on inside than out.

    And second, what else do they find? A lot of available victims, cowed by the authority of the church and priesthood.

    rather than being healthy gay men who are interested in other gay adults, they are sick, self hating men, many with orientations towards children, hanging out with others just like them.

    keep trying, though. Throw enough mud, some is bound…

  17. Really easy, when you are a rich old white man in a very, very poor country. Wesolowski was very well known among the poor boys as a source of easy money.

    Here kid. Here’s five dollars, more than your father will make all day. Why don’t you bring one of your little friends around, and then get lost?

  18. Is not a fact that married men with children have the highest incidence of child molestation? There are too many men being ordained that should not be. By the way Jesus said that it would have been better if judas had not been born. This would not be said except to indicate something bad happening to Judas, and his evil being turned into good. why did the early Church see what Jesus said indicated the judgement of Judas Iscariot.

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