In Britain, a glut of anti-terrorism campaigns draws fans, detractors

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) The fictional video clip shows a young British Muslim man, presumably a captive of the Islamic State group, sitting alone in a prison cell.

The man receives a letter from his brother in the U.K. expressing regret over the sibling's support for Islamist-backed terrorist campaigns.

“I wish I could see your face,” the brother says in an emotional voiceover. “I’d tell you I was sorry. I wish I could take back every time I sent you a tweet or got all gassed up saying that the West has turned its back on us.”

The video has been greeted by bouquets as well as bricks after the London-based Quilliam Foundation released it on YouTube last week. The clip, which lasts three minutes and 45 seconds, aims to stop young British Muslims from leaving the U.K. to join ISIS in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

So far, it's been viewed more than 45,000 times and joins an increasingly crowded market of online counter-extremism campaigns in Britain intended to combat the radicalization of British youth.

"It’s something of a growth industry at the moment," said Robert Cole, head of communications at the Amar International Charitable Foundation, which helped launch Open Your Eyes, another anti-radicalization effort. "Some people are trying to jump on the video bandwagon to gain financial support from charities.”

Quilliam works closely with the British government, the European Union and various human rights organizations to counter ISIS social media propaganda  -- propaganda that has helped persuade more than 700 young British-born Muslims to join its ranks abroad.

"No family should lose another loved one to such hatred,” says a message accompanying the video on YouTube. "Not another child. Not another sister. #NotAnotherBrother.”

That message was written by London–based advertising company Verbalisation, which employed former British Army officers to make the Quilliam video using "PSYOPS," which stands for “psychological operations.” The military method is used to influence “the enemy” or civilian population through face-to-face conversations, leaflet drops, radio broadcasts and online campaigns.

Sven Hughes, Verbalisation’s founder and a former reservist with the British Army in its fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, that he didn't see anything wrong with using the military's psychological method. “We have just been looking at the way ISIL uses language and how we can better intervene.”

Critics disagree. On the eve of the video's release, Sadakat Kadri, a British lawyer and expert on Sharia law, told The Guardian, “The problem with Quilliam is that it just doesn’t have any credibility ... it isn’t an intermediary to anyone within the Muslim community.”

A senior Muslim leader who asked to remain anonymous added, ”The moment young Muslims hear the name 'Quilliam' they switch off. They say it’s part of the British government, that it received millions of pounds during the first three years of its seven-year existence, and that it puts out anti-ISIS propaganda with the help of the British Army, police and (the Secret Intelligence Service) MI6. This comes at a time when the British are planning even more draconian measures against Islamists, and many conservative Muslims believe they’ll also be targeted.”

Dr. Usama Hasan, Senior Researcher at Quilliam Foundation. Religion News Service photo by Trevor Grundy

Usama Hasan, Senior Researcher at Quilliam Foundation. Religion News Service photo by Trevor Grundy

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But Usama Hasan, senior researcher at Quilliam, said that if the British government passes legislation that Muslims feel targets them unfairly, the fight against extremists could be even harder.

“Our basic position is that we should not compromise fundamental freedoms and liberty in order to fight terrorism and extremism because it is the respect for basic freedoms that made the Islamic nations strong in the past and that makes Western nations strong at the moment," he said.

The video was crowdfunded by 150 donors from 10 countries. Its release coincides with calls from the British government for YouTube to take down extremist videos that could be used to recruit Britons to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Jonathan Russell, political liaison officer at Quilliam, said that until recently the foundation focused its efforts on advising the government how best to counter Islamists.

Ken Bromfield, one of Britain’s top education specialists, said he saw a need for more education about radical Islam.

"The need in Britain right now is to have ongoing debates in schools, colleges, universities and on social media about the very nature of Islam," he said. "Difficult questions must be asked if we want to stop young Muslims drifting towards the extremists."

Of the U.K.'s estimated 2.8 million Muslims, about 50 percent are under the age of 25 and one-third are under 15.

Fiyaz Mughal of the British group Tell Mama, which monitors hate speech against British Muslims, said he was thinking of making a video himself. “Videos can help in the fight against extremism, but it depends who makes them."

Another group seeking to dissuade Muslims from joining ISIS is Upstanding Neighbourhoods, which runs the Open Your Eyes campaign.

Sulaimaan Samuel, a national safeguarding mentor for Upstanding Neighbourhoods, said groups must understand what makes young British Muslims vulnerable if their videos stand any chance of success.

"If someone is quite young, then they don’t have much life experience, so they can easily be given the wrong sort of information about Islam. The big issue is this: Can they be channeled in a different direction? We say they can," he said.



  1. The only campaign that will work? Admitting that Mohammed was one of the most infamous con artists of all time.

  2. Excellent. And while we are at it lets confine Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and all the other Saints, Prophets and Icons of religion to the dustbin of history.

    Result, even more angry people!

  3. And Christianity is a nice, sweet, peaceful religion?

    Not exactly. Remember the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witchhunts, Northern Ireland and all the people the Israelites smote.

    Maybe The Bible should be reformed too?

  4. The inadequacies of the bible has and continues to be addressed with the rise of agnosticism and atheism among the “addressees”.

    Conservative Jews in the USA have rewritten the Torah to include noting that Abraham and Moses to the best of anyone’s knowledge were myths.

    Thomas Jefferson did an analogous rewrite of the NT. Ditto for the rewrite of the NT by the Jesus Seminarians, Professor JD Crossan in his over 20 books on the historical Jesus and related subjects and Professor Gerd Ludeman in his book, Jesus After 2000 Years, p. 694-695.

    ” Thomas Jefferson omitted it (Revelation) along with most of the Biblical canon, from the Jefferson Bible, and wrote that at one time, he considered it (Revelation) as “merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams.”

  5. The Spanish Inquisition was like an episode of the Teletubbies compared to what Christians did in the so called ‘New World’ and Colonialism. Final Solutions were successfully executed in the Americas and Australia where the indigenous peoples and cultures were totally exterminated and replaced with white Christian peoples, culture and language. Christianity only hold its position as the current number one religion in terms of global adherence because of genocide and total annihilation of those it conquered. Muslims of Malaysia speak Malay, Muslims of Turkey speak Turkish, of India they speak Hindi, Iran persian.

  6. Might want to read Lewis and Thomas Jefferson by Stephen Ambrose to get a different view of the indigenous people of America i.e. the ones that scalped their enemies long before the immigrants arrived.

  7. For the record: People who claimed to be Christians committed acts of violence over the centuries against many diverse populations. That doesn’t make the religion false;man has used violence and cloaked it under whatever religion was dominant at the time. The teachings of Judaism and Christianity clearly state to love God and neighbor, including enemies!
    And Thomas Jefferson, who was a humanist and not a Christian, refused to free his slaves because he wanted to sell them to pay for books and art treasures. So much for his brand of humanism!

  8. “The teachings of Judaism and Christianity clearly state to love God and neighbor, including enemies!”

    Because Jews and Christians have such a long history of getting along with their neighbors and non-violent behavior towards their enemies. Riiiiight. Whatever you think the teachings are of those faiths, practice by the overwhelming majority of its believers render them meaningless. A distinction without substance.

    Waitaminute you guys were claiming Jefferson as yours not too long ago. I guess when you base a position on an outright lie, its easy to go back on it when it is obvious one cannot pretend much longer.

    Lets face it, the old “my brand of voodoo is better than that brand of voodoo” will never be a credible argument. Demonizing religions of others to prop up your own is always a fools errand.

  9. The Golden Rule was around long before Jesus and his PR handlers.

    And T. Jefferson, where did he get his ideas about slaves?. The bible of course with a little help from the koran. And the result?

    19 million died in the koran-driven Mideast Slave Trade 700AD-1900AD .

    16 million died in the bible-driven Atlantic Slave Trade 1500AD-1900AD.

    And speaking of slavery, are not Christians and Muslims themselves not slaves to the absurdities of their religions especially the falsehoods of the existence of heaven?

    Some 21st century reality from a very wise man:

    “Death’s Debt is Paid in
    Death’s debt is then and there
    Paid down by dying men;
    But it is a promise bare
    That they shall rise again. ”


    born AD 973 /, died AD 1058 / .

    Al-Ma’arri was a blind Arab philosopher, poet and writer.[1][2] He was a controversial rationalist of his time, attacking the dogmas of religion and rejecting the claim that Islam possessed any monopoly on truth.”

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