U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump peers from his vehicle following a campaign event in Atkinson, New Hampshire, on October 26, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-CARSON-FAITH, originally transmitted on Oct. 27, 2015.

Brits call Donald Trump 'divisive, stupid and wrong.' But will he be banned?

Prime Minister David Cameron called Donald Trump "divisive" and "stupid" for suggesting the USA ban entry for Muslim immigrants. Photo courtesy of Reuters

Prime Minister David Cameron called Donald Trump "divisive" and "stupid" for suggesting the USA ban entry for Muslim immigrants. Photo courtesy of Reuters

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(USA Today) Britain's Parliament held a boisterous debate Monday on a proposal to ban Donald Trump from the country in a rebuke of his call to block Muslims from entering the United States.

The topic drew plenty of support from the British lawmakers, who don't actually have the power ban anyone. The debate did allow members of Parliament to vent their frustrations about Trump's comments.

"His words are not comical, his words are not funny. His words are poisonous and they risk inflaming tensions between vulnerable communities," lawmaker Tulip Siddiq, a Muslim, told her colleagues in the House of Commons. "Hate crime is being inflamed by the words that Donald Trump is using.”

Another member of Parliament, Paul Flynn, cautioned that banning Trump could "fix on him a halo of victimhood."

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"We should greet the extreme things this man says with our own hospitality," Flynn said. "But we shouldn't build him up with our own attacks."

Trump raised the ire of British Prime Minister David Cameron after last month's terror attack in San Bernardino, Calif., by proposing to keep Muslims out until more rigorous security checks are in place. The Republican presidential hopeful also lashed out at the city of London, saying it has become so "radicalized" that police fear for their lives.

London's Metropolitan Police quickly denied Trump's London claim, and Cameron made headlines across Europe when he called Trump's views "divisive, stupid and wrong."

More than 570,000 Britons signed an online petition demanding that Trump be banned from the United Kingdom, prompting Monday's debate. Members of Parliament also could consider a petition not to ban Trump, an appeal that drew 43,000 signatures.

“Donald Trump is no more than a demagogue. His policy to ban Muslims is bonkers," British lawmaker Victoria Atkins said during the three-hour debate. "The answer is to challenge him in a robust, democratic argument about why he is wrong."

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a Muslim lawmaker, dismissed concerns that banning Trump would just give him with more publicity. She said Trump already has plenty of that.

“Donald Trump is not just wrong, his views are dangerous and must be taken seriously,” she said. "His remarks are condemning an entire faith, which I practice. He's talking about me, he's talking about my family, he's talking about my children."

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The proposal drew plenty of support, but no vote was taken. Cameron has said he does not support banning Trump, claiming a visit would "unite the country" against Trump's views. But Trump hasn't taken the issue lightly, threatening to halt investment plans totaling more than $1 billion in Scotland if he gets turned away.

A decision to ban Trump would fall on Home Secretary Theresa May. If May did ban Trump, the real estate magnate wouldn't be the only American placed on the home secretary's list in recent years.

Conservative radio host Michael Savage was banned in 2009, accused of fostering hate and violence. Florida pastor Terry Jones, who made headlines in 2010 by planning to burn Qurans at a rally, was banned in 2011.

Several lawmakers noted that Parliament was debating a ban on one person. Trump's proposal would ban 1.6 billion Muslims from the United States.

Added one lawmaker: "Thank god there aren't 1.6 billion Donald Trumps.


  1. British circus sideshows are always entertaining. And the British Parliament is the biggest circus of all.

    But those sorry Brits better show Donald Trump the proper respect. If Trump wanted to, he could annex London right now — and then that Parliament would have to take their orders directly from HIM !!!

    P.S…..and that goes for Buckingham Palace too !!

  2. I’m very disappointed in Parliament. I never expected this of them.

    They left out adult 2-year-old, anti-diplomacy, arrogant, autocratic, beans-filled, best-ever wannabe, blamer, bully, closed-minded, clownish, Constitutional law dismisser, contemptuous, controllingly anal, cruel, dangerous, dehumanizer, demoralizer, dictatorial, disloyal, egomaniac, elitist, foul-mouthed, hate-inflamer, hair-brained (sic), Hitleresque, hot-air huckster, immature, intolerant, listener (just kidding), lout, mean-spirited, megalomaniacal, mine-all-miner, narcissist, nasty, naughty, oafish, offensive, oppressive, otherizing, pile o’ hubris, pesky, petty, petulant, pompous, pouter, presumptuous, psychological projector, reality redefiner, reckless, rights denier, rule defier, seditious, self-exalting, self-obsessed, sociopathic, Supreme Court subordinator, unapologetic, undisciplined, unethical, unpresidential, wiggy, willfully ignorant, win-crazed, would-be subjugator…

  3. “Donald Trump is no more than a demagogue. His policy to ban Muslims is bonkers,” British lawmaker Victoria Atkins said..

    Trump is a disgrace to the United States. But so are the people who will vote for him.

  4. Mea culpa: “hate-inflamer” should have gone before “Hitleresque”, and “pile o’ hubris” should have preceded “pompous”.

    And I left out “picky”.

  5. Boy, you got that right — a big “Amen” to Atheist Max!

  6. I had the pleasure of watching the hearing last night on C-SPAN. What a contrast between the British Parliament and a similar proceeding in the U.S. Congress. Intelligent, civil debate versus sarcastic hyper-partisanship. Sad to see how far our country has devolved into the angry abyss.

  7. Yes, how dare they insult our Fuhrer! I hope he’s reviewing the Operation Sealion plans right now to carry out your suggestion.

  8. If Britain makes the unbelievable mistake of banning Mr. Trump they have without question handed the Presidency to Mr. Trump. Americans never forget this ‘infamy’. It is only a period of time before Britain will need the United States desperately and what will the British people think then?

  9. I watched a bit of Parliment’s debate too and it was lots of fun. They made it very clear that they know tRump is an ass, have zero respect for him, and want nothing to do with him. It also sounded highly unlikely that they will ban him. He’s not worth it.

    G Key, you left out the profanities, but I suppose you had too. Other than that, your list is quite comprehensive. Thank you.

  10. Very well Max:

    You can opt for the English-European model, Brits are upholding the existence of multiple Sharia courts within their legal structure now. Funny to hear our Brit brothers and sisters debating over whether or not to ban Donald Trump from entering the country when they can’t even ban totalitarian religious courts within their own system of governance.

    What a hoot.

    Atheist or not, might be a good idea for you to start learning the Koran. You may need to recite some of it one day.

  11. Civil, yes.
    entertaining, yes
    intelligent……..jury still out on that one.

  12. @Scott Shaver:

    “might be a good idea for you to start learning the Koran. You may need to recite…”

    That is a fool’s dichotomy.
    There is no chance for religion to come to power in the United States
    as long as the US Constitution remains Atheist:
    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion….” – US Constitution

    The Ignorance of Trump’s supporters is the preposterous notion one can protect Constitutional liberty while destroying it.

    You are fear-mongering – trying to scare people out of their wits so they will surrender their Constitutional rights and support one religion over another.
    Tribalist nonsense.

  13. Yes Debbo,

    But he’s Our Ass, consequently the Brits can’t ban him. Debate was basically an exercise in futility that was fun to watch…from an American perspective.

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