Pope Francis leads his Sunday Angelus prayer in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican February 21, 2016. Pope Francis on Sunday called for a worldwide ban on the death penalty, saying the commandment "you shall not kill" was just as valid for the guilty as for the innocent. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Vatican newspaper essays say women should preach at Mass

Pope Francis leads his Sunday Angelus prayer in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican February 21, 2016. Pope Francis on Sunday called for a worldwide ban on the death penalty, saying the commandment "you shall not kill" was just as valid for the guilty as for the innocent. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Pope Francis leads his Sunday Angelus prayer in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Feb. 21, 2016. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

(RNS) A series of essays in the semiofficial Vatican newspaper is urging the Catholic Church to allow women to preach from the pulpit at Mass, a role that has been reserved almost exclusively to the all-male priesthood for nearly 800 years.

“This topic is a delicate one, but I believe it is urgent that we address it,” Enzo Bianchi, leader of an ecumenical religious community in northern Italy and a popular Catholic commentator, wrote in his article in L’Osservatore Romano.

“Certainly for faithful lay people in general, but above all for women, this would constitute a fundamental change in their participation in church life,” said Bianchi, who called such a move a “decisive path” for responding to widespread calls -- including by Pope Francis -- to find ways to give women a greater role in the church.

Two nuns also contributed articles in the March 1 special section that is part of a new L’Osservatore Romano series on women called “Women-Church-World.”

In her column, Sister Catherine Aubin, a French Dominican who teaches theology at a pontifical university in Rome, noted that Jesus encouraged women to preach his message of salvation, and she said that throughout church history there have been many extraordinary women evangelists. Women today also lead retreats and in effect preach in other ways, she argued.

“Let us sincerely pose a question then,” Aubin writes. “Why can’t women also preach in front of everyone during the celebration of Mass?”

Another Dominican, Sister Madeleine Fredell of Sweden, wrote that preaching “is my vocation as a Dominican, and although I can do it almost anywhere, sometimes even in the Lutheran church, I believe that listening to the voice of women at the time of the homily would enrich our Catholic worship.”

If it happened, such a change would be a controversial shift.

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In the early 13th century, as part of the movement toward consolidating church power in the papacy and the clergy, Pope Gregory IX effectively barred lay people -- both men and women -- from preaching, especially on theological or doctrinal matters that were considered the province of educated clerics.

While occasional exceptions were allowed, it wasn’t until the early 1970s that there were hints of a reconsideration of the ban, spurred by the growing calls for women -- and all lay people -- to assume greater roles and responsibilities in the church. In his article, Bianchi noted that in 1973 the Vatican gave the German bishops permission to allow lay people, most of them women, to preach with special permission for an experimental eight-year period.

But the election of St. John Paul II, a doctrinally conservative pope, in 1978 launched a period of stricter bans.

The revised Code of Canon Law that John Paul promulgated in 1983 stated that the homily “is reserved to a priest or deacon” because it is an integral part of the Mass and must be done by an ordained male acting in the role of Christ.

Then, in 1997, a Vatican document backed by eight offices in the Roman Curia sought to further reinforce the proscription against lay preaching; it also warned bishops that they could not allow any exceptions.

Yet at the same time as the Vatican was bolstering the distinction between the laity and ordained clerics, lay people -- many of them women -- were playing a more visible role at Mass as lectors and Eucharistic ministers. Girls were also allowed to be altar servers, a practice that has become widespread.

Those changes have led a number of conservatives to decry the “feminization” of the Catholic Church, and any serious proposals to allow women to preach would certainly heighten their anxiety.

The argument for a change is not that it is “modernizing” the church but rather that it is returning to the tradition of the first thousand years of Christianity, when, as Bianchi and the other essayists note, women were regularly given permission to preach, and often did so in front of priests, bishops and even the pope.

An oil on canvas portrait of St. Mary Magdalene.

An oil-on-canvas portrait of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene, in fact, was known as the “apostle to the apostles” because the Gospels recount how Jesus appeared to her first on Easter morning and sent her to deliver the news of his Resurrection -- the foundational Christian belief -- to his male followers.

So what will Pope Francis do?

The pontiff has repeatedly called for women to have a greater role in the church, but he has also reiterated the ban against ordaining women as priests and has warned against “clericalizing” women by trying to make them cardinals or to focus on promoting them to higher church offices.

Then again, that the Vatican’s own newspaper would dedicate so much space to the issue of women preachers is intriguing, said Massimo Faggioli, a church historian at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

“I think it is a big signal,” he said.

(David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS)

L’Osservatore Romano


  1. Good homilies require long preparation.

  2. May I make a couple of observations? The actual name of the religious orders the two good Dominican sisters belong to is the “Order of Preachers.”

    It is interesting it is now claimed the homily is an integral part of the Mass. Prior t the reforms of Vatican II, it was an optional part of the Mass and even now it is only required on Sundays and Solemnities.

    Because of that rubric, my own pastor has invited women to give a reflection at weekday Masses and at Vespers. It should be noted that before the new Coe of Canon law, preaching outside of Mass but in a church was allowed for laymen but not laywomen. This clear anti-woman canon has only been recently repealed.

  3. The problem isn’t having women more visible at Mass. The problem is that there are not enough men as many now see it as “women’s work.” Radical feminists see this as a chance to take a step toward priestesses. Also a chance to spread error in the homily, which is enough of a problem in some places now. I say enough. Look at how well such ideas worked for the Anglican church, which is dying.

  4. Really “emancipation of women”? Are living in the 21st century?

    We’ve got a woman running for president.

    What you really want is to see the Catholic Church to let women run it and like the secular world, put men under their feet.

    Tell Jesus He did it all wrong by not putting His Holy Mother up front at the Last Supper and give Her the Chair of Peter instead of Peter.

    No woman was ever placed in a higher position by God Himself, than that of the Queen of Heaven without being “emancipated”.

  5. You are free to walk male or female

  6. “Let women run it and like the secular world, put men under their feet”? Someone here has some serious woman issues.

  7. Fred,

    As a Catholic of 49 years and former Catechism teacher I understand this better than most Catholics. There are few philosophies in the world more destructive to women’s rights than the idea of Christianity.

    I now examine the influence of religion on society in the same way a doctor studies an illness which needs to be reigned in. I am looking for humane ways to help people deal with the damage it does to us all.

  8. This is silliness. Christ did not commission his female disciples to go out and preach to the nations. He did this solely for his Apostles. Through Apostolic succession and the priesthood, this job has been passed down to the bishops and parish priests and deacons. Lay and consecrated women (and men) can speak at conferences, prayer meetings, and the like without controversy and properly within the traditions of the Church. But preaching at Mass is a sacred function reserved solely to those who have received the sacrament of Holy Orders. It is a shame that navel-gazing is no longer a pass time practiced just by the misguided and worldly laity, but apparently also now by theologians and others in the Vatican who apparently have too much time on their hands and too little responsibility (or stomach) for addressing more pressing problems within the Church.

  9. Christ commissioned a WOMAN to preach the Good News to all of the disciples. The power to preach stems from baptism – not Holy Orders.

  10. Your assertion that good homilies require a man dedicated to God is just an assertion (read – your opinion, to which you are entitled), but one for which I can think of no support, scriptural or otherwise.

    As to “suffer not to let a woman preach over us, my experience as a lifelong Catholic who has endured innumerable less than profound, and many downright vapid, homilies, I could apply this to many men as well. Wisdom and spiritual depth are not a function of biology, but are gifts of the Hole Spirit.

    We need to get away from this fantasy in the Catholic Church that ordination qualifies a priest to do everything. As St. Paul reminds us, there are different gifts. Some priests who are gifted administrators may not be especially good or insightful homilists or spiritual directors, while others are true shepherds who shouldn’t be let within a mile of financial matters. A lay person – man or woman – has a gift who ought to be able to use it. Why else would the Spirit give…

  11. Men are afraid that women will do to them what men have done for centuries.

    Homophobic people are afraid that gay people will do to them what heteros have done to gay people for centuries.

    Religious people are afraid that the non-religious or the liberal religious will do to the the dominionists as the latter have done to the former.

    Amazing what prejudice can accomplish, and how difficult it is for the prejudiced ot see it,.

  12. Fred, aren’t these “theologians and others in the Vatican” part of the teaching magisterium, or does the magisterium consist only of people whose ideas don’t disagree with or threaten yours?

  13. ciao, you are obviously suffering from Gender Obsession Disorder.

  14. This is just an incremental step to allow priestesses.

    ‘When the question of the ordination of women arose in the Anglican Communion, Pope Paul VI, out of fidelity to his office of safeguarding the Apostolic Tradition, and also with a view to removing a new obstacle placed in the way of Christian unity, reminded Anglicans of the position of the Catholic Church: “She holds that it is not admissible to ordain women to the priesthood, for very fundamental reasons. These reasons include: the example recorded in the Sacred Scriptures of Christ choosing his Apostles only from among men; the constant practice of the Church, which has imitated Christ in choosing only men; and her living teaching authority which has consistently held that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is in accordance with God’s plan for his Church.”(1)’ — APOSTOLIC LETTER, ORDINATIO SACERDOTALIS OF JOHN PAUL II TO THE BISHOPS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ON RESERVING PRIESTLY ORDINATION TO MEN ALONE

  15. Uh, no. No, absolutely not. It is not allowed for any non-ordained, male or female, to preach at Mass. And we have enough problems without encouraging distorted practices like this that are not in accord with the authentic tradition of the Church. Laymen and laywomen can speak about the faith, but not at Mass. The homily is for priest or deacon alone.

    And besides this, most women who are pushing for women to preach at Mass are people whose ideas are, let’s say it gently, confused, and who are also pushing for women to be priest(esses). Never once have I encountered an orthodox Catholic woman who wanted to preach at Mass. So…beware.

    I’m female by the way.

  16. I would presume atheist max has never heard of humanism. Humanism, the atheistic human religion (as ruled by US supreme Court in Torcaso v. Watkins) responsible for the death of 200 million humans with all the corresponding human rights abuses in the hundreds of millions (. In all fairness the kill and persecute equally, so I will give them that. Iall religions combined are estimated to have killed 90-100 mil) don’t think this is shocking to anyone who knows an inkling of world history (pre-global warming of course)? I would also assume max is ignorant of Islam?
    Here is but one of many articles even a simpleton can find on atheistic humans and its sub-forms ie communism, fascism, socialism, etc…


    US Supreme Court rule secular humanism a religion

  17. You realize the irony in your accusation? You are using your prejudice’s to pass prejudiced judgment against others. If you are going to be a non-judgmental church of nice type, please at least be consistent and not pass your judgments….
    In the mean time I would like to prescribe some red pills to your diet.

  18. How about we go back to the Latin Mass Fr? We get to end all the abuses in one fell swoop…… (like the clown masses, the star wars masses, the Halloween masses) remember all, that mass that produced all the Catholic saints. Btw, I was born in 71, and grew up in a “catholic” (lol) school & corresponding church of wishy washy. Had to find stuff you for myself through Divine Providence. Don’t worry, I already know the answer…. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead….

  19. Dennis, love ya brother. Confused about you negating yourself with your own words. You said you cant find anything in the bible about women not/banned from preaching then you start your next sentence with a bible quote (1Tim 2:12) banning women preaching…. I can only assume you’re a catholic school grad?

  20. Praise God and pass the [tinfoil hats]….

  21. Originally, I was against the ideal, but upon reflection, I think the ideal has merit. For instance, Ann Barnhardt & Laura Igraham have more balls than can be located in all the halls of the Vatican (Obviously I’m excluding the porcelain statues to make my point).
    But it would have to be on the following conditions…
    Said chick would have to stand up and say:
    Abortion and Contraception are mortal sins that incur a punishment of hellfire.
    Homosexuality is one of the five sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance Unrepentant homosexuals descend into hell upon death.
    Divorce and remarriage, as understood from the time of our Lord is adultery that… see above.
    And finally, she proclaims that anyone who proclaims (such as senior churchmen as a wild wild obviously not anyone currently in the Vatican example) that the soul is annihilated upon death of the body is a heretic…..Now that’s a chick I can violate St Paul’s obviously [un]biblical advice for, I mean what does he know, he’s a…

  22. Hmmmm….. how about this…

    priestly, prophetic, and royal people

    783 Jesus Christ is the one whom the Father anointed with the Holy Spirit and established as priest, prophet, and king. The whole People of God participates in these three offices of Christ and bears the responsibilities for mission and service that flow from them.208

    784 On entering the People of God through faith and Baptism, one receives a share in this people’s unique, priestly vocation: “Christ the Lord, high priest taken from among men, has made this new people ‘a kingdom of priests to God, his Father.’ The baptized, by regeneration and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, are consecrated to be a spiritual house and a holy priesthood.”209

    785 “The holy People of God shares also in Christ’s prophetic office,” above all in the supernatural sense of faith that belongs to the whole People, lay and clergy, when it “unfailingly adheres to this faith . . . once for all delivered to the saints,”210…

  23. Seeing all the misogynistic comments on this thread is, for me, yet another compelling reason to finally allow women to preach. That the Church has forbade them from doing so for this long, is partly what has contributed to such twisted views and further neglect of and doubt about the giftedness of women. As an ordained priest myself, I will joyfully welcome women to share this beautiful part of the ministry and will pray this be just the beginning of even greater things to come. 😉

  24. Women in the secular world put men “under their feet”? My, my…someone’s feeling a bit hurty and insecure…

  25. This would be the death of the Western Catholic Church that is already on feeding tubes. If you think otherwise then you are deluded and part of the sheep marching toward a New World Order that is hell bent (and directed) upon the destruction of Christianity.

  26. Good Lord! So many of these comments are so hateful of and hurtful to women, or at least me as one woman, that I can’t even get angry. I am in shock.
    In this year of Mercy, all I can think of to say is: May the Lord Bless you and be merciful to you. May He open up your minds and hearts to be receptive to His will which, gasp, may be include being open to new inquiries and deeper understanding.
    And to women like me who are appalled and hurt by the hateful venom spewed in many of these comments, I say: Father forgive them for they know not what they do; that their angry words are capable of inflicting such harm. Grant them peace because it is clear they are not at peace with themselves or others. They are way too angry. At what, I wonder. What are they really angry about?

  27. I would disagree, Amos. The power to preach should only come from the indwelling and unction of the Holy Spirit.

  28. Allowing women to speak is a long way from women putting men under their feet.

  29. Yes, they require hours of preparation, but they don’t require Y chromosomes.

  30. It is highly disconcerting that some presumed educated people believe that females should preach. They believe women were given a backseat rather than a frontal calling to the religious life. Priests are minions of women. The greatest preacher is MARY, THE MOTHER OF GOD. I guess these pseudo-educated forgot that the apostles who wrote their gospels got their information primarily from MARY. Nevermind that it was Mary who taught Jesus and the subsequent apostles the steadfast love of God to follow. Motherhood is a greater profession than the priesthood. Priests are the minions of mothers. The woman is the creator of societies, and she is the destroyer of them as well. Abortion much? Preaching is for pompous perverts who like to be heard and who like places of authority. I guess these educated forgot the Blessed Virgin Mary’s example of the steadfast love of God expressed in faith, hope, and love when she said yes to the archangel Gabriel when she conceived by the Holy Ghost

  31. the only thing one can do is pray and fast to obtain peace in your heart and to understand the meaning and purpose of your existence. God is real and his mother and our mother, the blessed virgin Mary has come to earth to tell the world that God exists and that her son loves us and wants our hearts to turn back to him. When we pray daily, especially the rosary, we will not have the desire or need to argue with one another because our hearts will be at peace and those that are far away from God will not understand this or desire it unless they are helped through our prayers for them. Mary had stated when asked who she is from the Medjugorje visionaries, ” I am the Queen of Peace”. Our lord have her that purpose and title and she is not only his but our mother as well. I see no reason why woman cant have a larger role in church like Mary does in the church and our lives.

  32. What’s your problem? I guess Jesus shouldn’t have spoken to Mary Magdalen first after His Resurrection, and sent her to tell the Apostles (men) that He had risen! Well, according to you. Amazing that He had no problem with women. Would you walk out on Him, too, if He allowed this? Can you point to any anti-women comments He made in any of the Gospels? Extraordinary that He allowed women to finance His Mission in Gallilee, as The Gospel of St. Matthew points out. He also allowed women to travel with Him among His Disciples, which was unheard of during this time. Who was at the foot of the Cross? The men had all run away and were hidden. That is, except the young St. John, who was their with the Mother of Jesus. Sheesh!

  33. It cant haooen for the same reason a lay man cant do it….its only for the ordained. you want to preach?…..preach at something other than mass.

    i just heard a woman the other night…at a catholic event…very good speaker

  34. The Mother of God is a woman. Many Saints are women. Your statement lacks credibility.

  35. The major flaw in the article is in the statement that the Church wanted to consolidate power in the male hierarchy and that was the reason they booted women out of the pulpit. Complete nonsense.

    As was pointed out, women have other opportunities to ‘preach’ but a sermon during Mass is not one of them.

    Having a talent and a desire to do something doesn’t make it something you should do.

  36. Power? Is that what you think this is about? NO! It is about giving your whole life in service for the sake of the salvation of souls.

  37. Women have much to offer. When tho, does a Priest get to speak to the congregation. Maybe have a real brief communion service and priests can speak for 45 minutes like Protestant pastors do. If a local pastor does not have a clue and his preaching enriches no one then let anyone preach, including an adolescent. Something is better than nothing. The balance is so difficult. Priests need to speak to their people. Women need to be more visible in our Church. How we accomplish both needs is a challenge, but not an Impossible obstacle. We can pray and sacrifice that we find a way for both needs to be filled.

  38. If women need to be emancipated then why do they not emancipate themselves? After all, if they are equal to men, how is it that men can hold them down?

  39. @Mark Grant,

    Wrong. That is a slander of Atheism.

    1. Stalinism, Maoism, Pol Pot, Hirohito – these were Religions which outlawed other Religions.

    2. The only Atheist Regime in the world today is the USA:
    “congress shall make no law establishing a religion”
    No other country as anything like it.

    3. Surely the Catholics Torquemada, Constantine and Father Joseph Tiso were equal to the Cult of Stalin. So now what?
    If Jesus leads to the same evil as the Czarist (religious title) cult of Stalin what could possibly be your point? What did Stalin do wrong according to your morality?

    If God considers this Holy and proper conduct, how did you determine Stalin did anything wrong?

    “slaves shall be whipped severely if they deserve it” – JESUS (Luke 12:47-48)
    How is this an improvement over Stalin?

  40. Let us not forget that of the 36 Doctors of the Church in the West, 4 are women. This title means that their preaching, writings and teachings are useful to Christians “in any age of the Church.” Hildegard’s holding up for almost a millennium. I’d say “traditional” IS “modern.”
    Hildegard of Bingen d.1179, Catherine of Siena d.1380, Teresa of Avila d.1582
    Therese of Lisieux d.1897.

  41. I resubmitted because I failed to fill in all the required fields and got the note that my comment would not post. i’d hit send by mistake :-).

  42. Is this the same Lady that said the Antichrist would be born within 100 years of 1851? I ask because that would make him about 65 years old today at the youngest. A lot of guys his age have retired by now, so he better get crackin’.

  43. True; ordination requires that. As I read Canon law, the homily is reserved to the ordained.

  44. I have heard some fabulous sermons preached by women. My biggest question is what explanation would / could one give regarding Paul’s forbidding them to preach no longer applying? The one I have heard that makes any sense is that in Paul’s day, women were not accustomed to speaking in public and were, as a rule, terrible at it. Does this ring true? Are certain Biblical laws only temporary? As a society, we seem to have decided that divorce, adultery and witchcraft / mediums, among others, do not require punishment anymore, much less capital punishment. Even prominent women preachers seem to brush past Paul’s injunction without a word of explanation.

  45. I think Pope Benedict XVI mentioned that whilst still Cardinal Ratzinger. I think he said “We should turn the altars around and go back to what we had. The experiment has been a complete failure” or something akin to that.

    I am fortunate to hear the Traditional Mass every morning and on Sunday’s as well. You’re correct in your assertion: much, if not all, of this nonsense would go away in the face of that magnificent Mass. The peace and quiet are enough to keep me away from the novus ordo for the rest of my days…

  46. Mark Grant: atheism and humanism aren’t the same thing. Atheism simply requires a lack of a belief in a deity. Humanism is a more comprehensive worldview. The plaintiff in Torcaso identified simply as an atheist, not a humanist. He was a notary public in Maryland who objected to that state’s statute at the time purportedly requiring any public official to declare a belief in God. The Supreme Court did not “hold secular humanism to be a religion.” It said, in a footnote, that there were many religions that did not require a belief in God, SH among them. This was in the context of stating that the state could not favor God-believing religions over non-God-believing religions.
    Nevertheless, other court decisions and EEOC guidance both before and after Torcaso have recognized humanism to be a religion for Title VII, RFRA, or tax exemption purposes.

  47. Women cannot preach since they were not held responsible for the Fall.

  48. Why are you Catholic? You either believe that the Holy Spirit keeps the Magisterium from error in doctrinal matters or you are a Protestant. There are plenty of churches for people like you. There, you can argue about all of the issues you have with their doctrines, and they will be likely change because they don’t stand for anything or you can stay here and live in the Truth.
    It’s a simple choice. Judas made it, if you do, you can always come back.

  49. Historically preaching was not so linked with the Mass. Hildegard preached, but it is not likely that she preached at Mass. There is a difference: at Mass there is a link with the Eucharist, which is done only by a priest.

  50. no, that is not their place. women have a unique place and that;s not it

  51. So you are allowed to defend atheists and humanists, but no one is allowed to react to that?

    Not one atheist that you mentioned killed people because of their atheism or in the name of atheismbut because of their devotion to ideologies that were and are destructive to human health, happiness and well being.

    Hitler was certainly neither an atheist or a humanist. mao and Pol Pot were Buddhists.

    Perhaps you could name the world leaders who have declared they are humanists and who have killed people in the name of humanism.

    Ands of course, your whole argument simply falls apart from the weight of its absurdities. If humanism is a religion, then in fact, you have just admitted the religionists are the worst murderers on the planet. 300 Milliion dead due to religion.

    Do YOU realize the irony of your accusation?

    no wonder 2Rump is such a hero to the disturbed and uneducated right wing.

  52. How many parish priests do you know who are “about giving their whole life in service for the sake of saving souls?” Get real.

  53. True, NT church discipline from Paul’s letter to Timothy says women are not to teach men. Women can teach women, however. But the general assembly re worship is that men should preach. Paul speaks of church elders also. Nothing wrong with qualified elders speaking but the Catholic church doesn’t have that position as outlined in the NT. Elders were responsible for the health of the local church and could hold the Pastor accountable to preaching the word of God. Unfortunately, priests are rarely held accountable for anything anymore.

  54. If you’re going to cite the apostolic church, you should also be endorsing that Catholic Bishops should be married as well. You can’t have it both ways.

  55. A lot of parishes are doing that right now.

  56. And this has any relevance to the topic?

  57. I’m sorry, “all Protestants” do not just “choose our own version of church”. Many main-line denominations have the same standards of liturgy, tradition and interpretation of Scripture as the Roman Catholics……different in some ways, but scholarly and well developed nonetheless. Yes, we need those who are set aside as priests.

  58. what is your point? Women are certainly capable of the preparation for and delivery of sermons. I have taught in a seminary. Many of the women I taught have become superb priests and ministers…..many of them excellent preachers. I have also heard many ill prepared and poorly delivered sermons given by men. Every church needs the voice of both men and women.

  59. Every woman at the Altar as a Reader, Altar Girl or Eucharistic Minister pushes 30 men to kneel at the altar of Sports Center at St. Mattress and 10 to a proddie entertain me prayer hall…

    ‘Liturgical Dancer’ then multiply the above mentioned numbers by two…

    1 Corinthians 14:34

  60. There are a lot of opportunities for women to serve their church. They can be lectors, eucharistic ministers, they can lead bible study groups, religious education. I don’t think they booted women out of the pulpit….. I don’t think they were ever there.

    I am very active in my church and strong in faith, but I agree that only ordained ministers should provide homilies at Mass.

  61. Yes you do. Even if you’re choosing an exact imitation of the Church liturgically, it is still not the Church and thus you are choosing your own version of “church”.

  62. Not mine. He seems to enjoy the silly recitals of secularist Disney music and bake sales a lot more than dealing with pesky human souls!

  63. I think I will quote a theologian whose words have been much overlooked, Dick Cheney: “Freedom means freedom for everybody.” Though this does not imply a freedom to preach, per se, it does mean that each person must be respected AND heard for what they have to say.

  64. Why are women seen as such a threat, and what is sacred about this male tradition? When my father was dying in the post-Globe fallout, I was taking my parents to church and did so for my mother in the last stretch of her life. As a survivor of clerical abuse, this was the hardest thing I’ve done as I was forced to listen to priests say virtually nothing of substance about the scandal. More women of influence as well as preaching has been long overdue. https://ariverknowsmyname.wordpress.com/

  65. Taking out these words from the context is misleading. You have to read from Like 12:35 to 12:48 for a whole understanding. of its meanings

  66. The most important thing about the homily should be it’s message, not whether it is given by a man or woman. Why not have the priest/deacon (ordained person) read the gospel and have the homily given by an individual who has the gift of giving a homily that is inline with Catholic teaching and theology?

  67. Atheist – really? then why bother to contribute!!

  68. Preaching a homily is not doing “everything” is it?

  69. Doc/Rev/Whatever how about we let you run your heresy the way you want, you let us adhere to Christ commands the way we were directed, deal? You guys lost your say when you succumbed to Satan’s charms….

  70. I wonder if ISIS agree’s with you Phil? Satan? Jesus for that matter, think he respect a pro-abort’s opinion…He loves he person, but respect? Re-work your logic a little.

  71. Just a couple of important points Robbie… Mary said yes to God, not Gab.
    Also, in the words of the most famous Inigo Montoya, I think you not know what that word means (minion). And last, but perhaps not least, as to your so labeled minions aka pompous perv’s (your words), you slandered quite a few Priest Saints…..

  72. What is this Canon law you speak of….next your gonna quote canon law on alter girls, facing the alter, placing the tabernacle in the same zipcode as the church (sarc)…. The children of the greatest generation really did great things for us….thanks boomers, your the best. -satan.

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