Women also know stuff about religion & politics

#WomenAlsoKnowStuff is raising the visibility of women political scientists

Find political science experts at http://womenalsoknowstuff.com/
Find political science experts at http://womenalsoknowstuff.com/

Find political science experts at http://womenalsoknowstuff.com/

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so good that people wonder why it took so long. This is one of those ideas.

There are many experts in political science who could add to public debates. The problem is finding them. Because journalists, panel organizers, and others tend to rely on informal networks and other ad hoc solutions, the experts are often men.

In February, Samara Klar, an Assistant Professor at the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona, came up with a simple solution. She created WomenAlsoKnowStuff.com, a website that simply lists female political scientists by their their areas of expertise.

Today, Women Also Know Stuff has just under 800 scholars. It also has its own editorial board and new website that makes it easy to find women who, well, know stuff.

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The site has been well-received by political scientists because it simultaneously raises awareness of political science and highlights women who are among the best and brightest in the field.

Now, if a panel organizer is male-only or if a journalist doesn’t interview a woman, they can’t use the excuse of not being able to find a woman.

The website includes 38 who are experts in Religion & Politics (I’ve included the list below). I don’t know all of the women on the list, but I know many of them. They’re top-notch scholars who really know their stuff.

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Find political science experts at http://womenalsoknowstuff.com/

Find political science experts at http://womenalsoknowstuff.com/

List of Religion & Politics  scholars

First Name Last Name University Country Focus Keywords
Bethany Albertson University of Texas, Austin anxiety, emotion, religion
Rachel Beatty Riedl Northwestern University Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso Political Parties, Democratization, Authoritarianism, Historical Institutionalism, Religion and Politics, Regime Transition, Term Limits, Decentralization, Local Governance, Representation, Identity Politics
Julie Chernov Hwang Goucher College Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey Terrorism, disengagement, political violence, Islamist parties, political Islam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Kimberly Conger University of Cincinnati Evangelicals, interest groups, religion and politics, Republican party, Republican activists, Christian Right, Religious Left.
Samantha Cooke University of Surrey Egypt, Iran Egypt, Iran, gender equality, family law, comparative politics, orientalism, resistance, secularism
Melissa Deckman Washington College 2016 Election
Super Tuesday
Tea Party
Religion and Politics
Women and Politics
Marie Demker Gothenburg University Sweden, France, Norway Political parties, Ideology, Nationalism, Religion
Nandini Deo Lehigh University India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Hindu nationalism, feminism, NGOs
Andra Gillespie Emory University United States 2016 Election; African American Politics; Minority Politics; Political Participation; Deracialization; Campaigns and Elections; Political Leadership
Margaret Gonzalez-Perez Southeastern Louisiana University Terrorism, female suicide bombers, Middle East politics, international relations, religion and politics, political violence
Anna Grzymala-Busse University of Michigan Poland Church and State, political parties, authoritarian politics, nationalism, state building
Andrea Hatcher Sewanee: The University of the South American congressional leadership, constitutional law, Evangelical politics, British Evangelicals
Lisel Hintz Cornell University Turkey, Turkey-Syria-ISIS, Turkey’s Kurdish region Turkey, identity, foreign policy, Kurds, Syria, protest dynamics, social movements
Amanda Hollis-Brusky Pomona College United States Supreme Court, gun control, federalism, separation of powers, executive power, unitary executive theory, conservative legal movement, Originalism, constitutional law, reproductive rights, affirmative action, war powers, 2016 Election, campaign finance, conservative Christian legal movement, legal education, legal profession, the Federalist Society
Mirya Holman Tulane University gender, stereotypes, urban politics, mayors, experiments, research methods, sheriffs, political ambition
Farida Jalalzai Oklahoma State University Hillary Clinton; women presidents; women prime ministers; women’s empowerment; Dilma Rousseff; Muslim Americans
Catherine Lena Kelly American Council of Learned Societies Public Fellow Senegal Political party systems, Democratization, Islam and politics, Rule of law, Democracy and governance program evaluation
Karrie Koesel University of Notre Dame China, Russia Chinese politics, Russian politics, religion and politics, comparative authoritarianism, civic and political education
Autoosa Kojoori University of Nevada Las Vegas Iran MENA MENA, Political Instability, Political Conflict, Terrorism, Inequality, Development, Social media and mobilization, Revolutions, Human Rights, Islam, Religion, factionalism
Nazita Lajevardi University of California, San Diego USA Race, Turnout, Voter ID Laws, Muslim Americans, Political Representation, Political Behavior
Cecelia Lynch University of California, Irvine
Michele Margolis University of Pennsylvania
Alison McQueen Stanford University apocalypse, catastrophe, history of political thought, methods of textual interpretation, political realism, political theory, religion, religious violence
Gjylbehare Bella Murati Ghent/Belgium Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia and Hecegovina Human rights, rule of law, state-building, democratization, transitional justice.
Malori Musselman University of Oregon USA religion and politics, environmental politics and religion, political theory, interpretive methods
Tova Norlen Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
Sumita Pahwa Scripps College Egypt, India Islamism, Social movements
Yolanda Pierce Princeton Theological Seminary
Melina Platas Izama Stanford University, NYU Abu Dhabi 2016– Uganda education, Islam in Africa, health, Africa, foreign aid
Kanica Rakhra Jawaharlal Nehru University India, Iran, South Asia, Middle East Emotions, Prestige, Norms, Political Psychology, Social Identity, Nuclear Politics, Nuclear Disarmament, South Asia, Middle East
Ani Sarkissian Michigan State University Turkey, Armenia religion and politics, Islam, authoritarianism, democratization, civil society
Jillian Schwedler Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY Jordan, Yemen
Allyson Shortle University of Oklahoma United States Public opinion, political psychology, immigration opposition, religious nationalism, anti-GMO attitudes
Amy Erica Smith Iowa State University Brazil Latin American politics, religion and politics, evangelicals in Brazil, social networks, voters and elections
Ratan Sudha Augusta University
Rebekah Tromble Leiden University
Jennifer Walsh Azusa Pacific University United States, New Zealand, China 2016 Election, criminal justice reform, criminal sentencing policies, mass incarceration, religious freedom, women and politics, California ballot initiatives
Anne Wolf University of Oxford Tunisia, Morocco political Islam, terrorism, Ansar al-Sharia, Tunisia’s Ennahda, Tunisia’s Nidaa Tounes and secular party politics, elections, democratization, Moroccan foreign policy, Moroccan religious reforms, religious education in Morocco


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