Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - June 10, 2016

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Doctors’ End-of-Life Discussions – As Lucky Severson reports, many patients who don't express their end-of-life wishes, receive aggressive treatments in hospitals that their doctors wouldn't want for themselves.  According to Dr. Phil Pizzo, Dean Emeritus of Stanford’s School of Medicine, 80-95% of doctors “want to die at home, they want to have their family around them. They don’t want to be on life support.” In a response to this situation palliative care expert Dr. VJ Periyakoil has created the Stanford Letter project to help patients and families express their end-of-life wishes. Originally broadcast January 15, 2016:

Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School – In Newark, New Jersey, in the midst of the violence, drugs, broken families and poverty, Benedictine monks have found ways to successfully educate young men from the most troubled neighborhoods and enable nearly all of them to graduate. Judy Valente visits Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School. Originally broadcast May 22, 2015: