Panoramic view of Trento, Italy.

Catholic school in Italy fined for firing gay teacher

ROME (RNS) A Catholic school in northern Italy has been found guilty of discriminating against a gay teacher in a case sparked when a nun quizzed the employee on her sexual orientation.

The Daughters of the Sacred Heart Institute in Trento was ordered to pay 25,000 euros ($28,500) to the female teacher, the Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported on Thursday (June 23).

In addition, the school was told to pay 1,500 euros each to a labor union and civil rights association.

The teacher -- whose name was withheld -- told the court that in July 2014 she was called into a meeting with the mother superior, who asked her to clarify rumors that she was living with a female partner.

The mother superior reportedly justified her questions by reminding the teacher she worked in a religious institution where there were children who needed to be protected.

In response to the mother superior’s questioning, the teacher refused to discuss her sexual orientation and subsequently her job contract was not renewed. The school said its hiring decision was taken to protect its educational project, while also claiming the teacher was guilty of improper conduct.

But the court ruled the school’s conduct was marred by an assumption the teacher was a lesbian, which impacted the school's evaluation of her work and damaged her reputation.

The woman later publicly identified as gay.

Going further, the court argued it was a case of collective discrimination, because the incident would have a damaging effect on anyone potentially interested in working at the school.

The decision by the Rovereto labor court was hailed as a victory by the teacher’s lawyer, Alexander Schuster, who said it was clear proof a religious organization cannot interrogate employees on their private life or discriminate against them based on their choices.

“The use of contraceptives, choices such as cohabitation, divorce, abortion, are among the most intimate decisions a person can make and must not concern an employer,” he was quoted in Corriere as saying.

A spokesperson for the school was not immediately available to comment on the case when contacted by RNS.


  1. “The mother superior reportedly justified her questions by reminding the teacher she worked in a religious institution where there were children who needed to be protected.”

    Ah yes. Innocent children must be protected from those evil gays. And of course, the teacher in question was not accused of any actual misconduct.

    But protected from predatory priests? Not so much.

  2. Cheers for the Italian courts. The Mother got to feeling too Superior there!

  3. Obviously, the Italian courts understood that a church school is a school first and a church institution second. The kids needed protection from religious bigotry and the courts gave it.

  4. While I do not agree the woman should have been fired because of her choices, I do agree with the school attempting to protect the children from the immorality the woman was representing. Today we need to keep children in our prayers to protect them, it seems, from this world and it’s wrongs. May the Lord convict the young woman of her wrong and help her.

  5. Cheers for organized labor looking out for workers against discrimination from management!

  6. And that is why I think badly of you as a human being. There is nothing immoral about homosexuality There is immorality in discrimination. There is nothing resembling a moral thought or idea coming from your posts.

  7. If it wasn’t me, it would be someone else Spuddie. Blessings to you. Homosexuality is a sin.

  8. I would say the same to someone else. Bigotry is immoral.

  9. It is sin in the eyes of a bigot who has not the capability to understand the sitz in leben of his bible. If you cannot understand the context, stop using the bible as a justification for your misunderstanding of it.

  10. “The use of contraceptives, choices such as cohabitation, divorce, abortion, are among the most intimate decisions a person can make and must not concern an employer,” he was quoted in Corriere as saying.

    Absolutely. All the fuss the righties are making about protecting their religious dominance, though clothed in different words, has no place in the lives of others.

    You do what your beliefs require, as long as it’s within American law, and leave others out of it!

    Ben was on point with the quote about protecting children. It’s perfectly ludicrous for any portion of the RCC to make such a comment.

  11. Biblical context doesn’t give you an escape hatch on this one. The John Boswell propaganda stuff has been debunked for many years now.

    Both Bible text and Bible context point in the same direction…against homosexual marriage and behavior.

  12. The bible has been debunked over and over again. Look into biblical criticism. The stories are nonsense.

  13. Teachers private lives are private, just like everyone else’s. If she turns up to work and does her job well, that’s all that’s required of her. Glad she sued and won, she was treated unfairly.

  14. Religious bigotry is immoral. This is a Catholic school which should be protected from those who engage in fascists tactics trying to force religious institutions to violate their religious liberty. Homosexual activity is definitely contrary to Catholic law as well as natural law. The consequences are grave so the Catholic school had a right, no a moral duty to prohibit someone whose lifestyle is contrary to their teachings.
    I thought those engaged in unnatural confused sexual activities wanted people to stay out of their bedroom. Now they not only want to come out of that bedroom but also want to come into the bathrooms to prey on our children. Why is that?

  15. The homosexual sex abuse scandal is a good reason to prohibit those with confused gender identity from influencing and confusing our youth.

  16. It’s about religious liberty and the bigots are those who refuse and would force others to violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

  17. Protecting children is more important now, more than ever, considering what it just went through with the infiltration of sexual confused Priests into the Priesthood.

  18. What about the heterosexual abuse scandal?
    But here is what is really important. Some of those men may have been homosexual– not gay, who resolved their personal issues by joining the priesthood and then abusing children. More were probably heterosexual. But the greatest number of them were probably pedophiles, who resolved their sexual issues by joining the priesthood, and hten went on the molest children.
    But here’s the kicker. Every single one of these abusive priests was Catholic. And every single one of these men was a Catholic priest. And every single superior who covered it up were definitely Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals.
    So, if you want to point your judgmental, sin drenched fingers at anyone, point it at the catholic priests, and their enabling church. 100% a problem of the catholic priesthood.

  19. What do you mean by “sexual confused Priests.” Are you referring to the pedophiles?

  20. Infringing on someone’s religious liberty is discrimination. Homosexual activity is contrary to their Church’s teachings so therefore as a religious institution they should be protected from those who want to violate their rights.

  21. Religious liberty is not privilege. You cannot demand that others must be compelled to follow the dictates of your faith. You cannot force others to suffer in the name of your religious beliefs. You do not seek free exercise of religion to worship as you please. You seek to force others to follow your religion’s rules. Your religious liberties end where you start attacking the liberties of others. In short, religious freedom means nobody ever has to give a flying —- what your religion says nor can be compelled to follow it.

    But also Italy is not the US. They have to deal with centuries of undue Catholic Church entanglement with government. So naturally the church’s ability to curtail laws such as anti-discrimination ones, are going to be severely limited. Also in Italy there is some level of national level subsidy for education. Even religious institutions. Take Caesar’s coin, follow Caesar’s rules.

  22. Less than 5% were pedophilia. Get your facts straight. No judgement just the truth. 4% had accusations against them, with a little over 2% credible. That means 96-98% of Priests are good and holy Priests who work tirelessly for the salvation of souls and helping the less fortunate. But hey, we’re all sinners in need of mercy. The Catholic Church is a church of sinners willing to let God change our lives and bring true freedom.

  23. Actually less than 5% was true pedophilia.

  24. If the Catholic Church didn’t have such a long history of entanglement with the Italian government, you might make a case here. But I believe even religious institutions are government subsidized over there. When you do not have a full separation of church and state, you cannot have full free exercise of religion.

    A church which promotes discrimination is immoral. You can claim it is simply your religion or their teachings. But that doesn’t change its hateful and malicious nature. There are consequences to be paid for discrimination. One is that it will be opposed by secular authorities.

    “as well as natural law.”

    Natural law is a BS term to denote anything one does not want to examine closely or have criticized. Theologians were calling that nonsense out in the middle ages.

    “to prey on our children. ”

    Catholic priests are in child molestation scandals worldwide and you have the temerity to accuse adults in consensual relations! Are you kidding me? Obviously your Bible is missing the part concerning the prohibition to bear false witness. As for staying in the bedroom, you are the one who wants to single people out for what they do in their personal lives. If Christians like you weren’t so hateful to live and let live, then such issues would not come up.

  25. I am disgusted by this argument. I suspect the reason most of the victims were post-pubescent boys is access. To imply that because they were over 12 it turns from pedophilia to homosexuality is sick. When a middle-aged man touches a teenager, it’s still statutory rape. When there is a power relationship between an older person and much younger one, there can never be true consent. None of the victims were adults. If you fail to grasp that then you simply can’t understand what happened to them.

    Dr.Margaret Smith, who delivered the John jay report on the abuse scandals, categorically stated in a speech to the bishops that “we do not find a connection between homosexual identity and the increased likelihood of subsequent abuse from the data that we have right now.” None of the victims were adults. If you fail to grasp that then you simply can’t understand what happened to them.

    According ot the John Jay report, while it is correct to state that 80% of the children abused were boys– because priests have more and better access to boys, girls being rightfully kept away from them. You are way off about some post-pubescent status: 72.9% were 14 and under. Little Boys are what they have ready access to. And even if they were 12-14, they are still children, and they were still abused by an adult.

    A “Homosexual Problem”? Not hardly, a PREDATOR problem! … And, of course there’s that little enabling them to do so and then covering it up problem.

    None of the victims were adults. If you fail to grasp that then you simply can’t understand what happened to them. But i’m sure it makes YOU feel better to call it a homosexual abuse problem.

    The facts remain. 100% of these abusers were adult men. 100% of them were catholic. 100% of them were priests. And 100% of the cover-ups and deflections of blame were done by Catholic priests.

  26. Mercy divine wants to pretend that because 80% of the victims weren’t under 12, but only under 14, that it really is a homosexual problem, and not a pedophilia problem.

  27. Oh, I don’t know. Because you just made it up?

    50% of the time, when a child is sexually abused, it is a father, step father or father surrogate doing the abuse.

    25% of the time, it is a family member or friend.

    If you are talking about transsexuals using public restrooms, you are so far off as to be ludicrous.

  28. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all. The govt is infringing on the rights of others who for religious purposes reject homosexuality.

  29. Most of the priests molested boys which makes this a homosexual crime.

  30. Your right to practice your religion ends where you try to harm people in service of your faith. What you call “rejecting homosexuality” in more honest terms means attacking gays. To discriminate against them, demean them and attack them for existing. Your religious belief is not something you can wield against others. If you have trouble accepting the existence of gays, tough sh1t. Nobody else has to live according to your faith.

  31. Practicing Christianity doesn’t harm anyone.

  32. Unless you have specific information about the sexual orientation of the priests you are engaging in more reviling and slandering.

  33. When “deeply held religious beliefs” require others to be abused, harmed or killed, religion crosses the line into crime and criminal behavior. If your Jesus is okay with that, he’s not the real Jesus, but rather a twisted evil version.

  34. When you split hairs to speak of “true pedophilia,” you get into some really weird hallelujah hypocrite territory, even for LGBT-hating Evangelicals. The term “pervert” comes to mind, and we are not talking about labeling LGBT with the term, but the anti-gay holy rollers.

  35. Depends who you practice it on. 🙂

    If you didn’t want to harm people in the name of God, you wouldn’t be chiming in right now.

  36. If religious bigotry is immoral, then why do you want to see a teacher, who harmed no one, fired from her job because of YOUR religious beliefs? Not because of anything she did, but because of WHO SHE IS?
    Why, it sounds to me like you like the idea of religious bigotry, as long as it is your side that is doing it.

  37. Prey on children?
    Google St. Peter Damien. He was complaining about the priestly love of sexual abuse of children 1000 years ago.
    Karen iebreich wrote a book about the Piarist abuse scandal of 400 years ago. Same thing. Catholic priests abusing children, and the higher-ups in the cover up.

  38. Nope. Homosexuality, being natural and part of nature, is right at home with natural law. Natural law is not special code language for hallelujah hypocrite law, as Glenn Beck and other whackos seem to think. Back in the Age of Reason, the great thinkers coined the term to describe those human rights than transcend human fads and fetish, including religious ones. Since all sexual acts performed by LGBT are also ones performed by heterosexuals in greater numbers and with greater frequency, there are no “unnatural sexual acts” by the LGBT community. Everything about their lives fits into what scientists think of as “nature,” meeting therefore the criteria of past great thinkers to be part of “natural law.” It’s the hallelujah hypocrites who violate nature and natural law, meaning universal human rights, to claim the “special right” to discriminate and persecute others in the name of religion.

  39. People have the human rights of freedom of consciousness, the right to free association, and freedom of speech, which include the right to assemble to worship as one sees fit. It does not include a right to discriminate against, abuse, or harm others in the name of religion. LGBT rights are on an equal footing with religious rights, stemming from the very same human rights. Hallelujah hypocrites do not get an “extra right” to treat LGBT like garbage. Natural law does not work that way.

  40. Rejecting homosexuality is one thing, thinking you are protected under the law to infringe on the rights of LGBT because your religion says so is quite another. You have the right to be stupid if you want. You do not have the right to abuse others in the name of stupidity.

  41. Oh, yes, it can and often does. Religionists often do more harm than good when they take it upon themselves to judge for God and then punish others in the name of God. A whole lot of human misery comes from those two harmful forms of religious arrogance.

  42. Accept only True Pedophilia, the genuine article. None of the cheap religious knock-offs.

  43. Homosexual sex practiced have harmed a lot of people not only emotionally but bodily. See the CDC stats.

  44. There is no constitutional basis for “LGBT rights”. There are constitutional basis for religious rights. Has been since the beginning of this country.

  45. Of course homosexuality is unnatural. It never leads to life and those who engage in it get very sick. Only a man and a woman can complement each other sexually.

  46. I asked you, what do you mean by “sexual confused Priests?”

    Second, what is your definition of “true pedophilia?”

  47. No. It makes it a crime committed by catholic priest, some of whom may or may not have been homosexual. Nice try to slander all gay people with the crimes of these CATHOLIC PRIESTS.

  48. All catholic priests are men. The vast majority of the cases were done by homosexual men:
    “The largest group of alleged victims (50.9%) was between the ages of 11 and 14, 27.3% were 15-17, 16% were 8-10 and nearly 6% were under age 7. Overall, 81% of victims were male and 19% female.
    Male victims tended to be older than female victims. Over 40% of all victims wer e males between the ages of 11 and 14.”

  49. Just as I said. The majority of the victims were male because that’s where pedophile priests have access. And every single one of these kids were under-aged. 11-14 they are definitely legally children.
    It’s laughable that you want to claim that it is homosexuality, and not pedophilia at play here.
    Well, not laughable, just sick.

  50. When a man has sex with a male that man proves he is a homosexual. That is the definition of a homosexual.

  51. Each one of your assertions is false on its face and simply reflects the sorry state of your personal bigotry. Plenty of LGBT adults have kids from previous relationships. LGBT couples can use surrogate moms and/or sperm donors to make new human lives, but a whole lot of LGBT couples give love to adopted children. And your notion that only heterosexual relations “complement” partners is silly beyond belief. Thus, you have no case other than your own foolish bigotry by which to assert falsely that homosexuality is “unnatural.”

  52. The constitution provided the means by which concepts not thought of at the founding could be covered by the same outline for human rights. You seek to undone 227 years of constitutional legal adjustments just to make the silly assertion that because LGBT rights, as we now understand them, were unknown to the founders. The founders had no knowledge of a lot of things we take for granted and yet are covered under the carefully crafted document. Your assertion is pure silliness and just plain wrong.

  53. Back on your same old saw about the CDC stats but as I popped that balloon before, twice as many people die by gun violence between murder and suicide as by AIDS each year and just as many people in car crashes every year as by AIDS. Folks like you hype the numbers in an effort to create bigotry against the LGBT community. More heterosexuals have anal sex than there are gay men to do the same, a lot more. More heterosexuals have oral sex than there are LGBT couples to do the same. More heterosexuals have sex by mutual touching than there are LGBT couples to do the same. The only numbers you have to hype are the CDC stats on AIDS, but you have to cherry pick those in order to make the relatively small number of deaths look like some out of control plague sweeping the planet. The truth of the matter is that if gay teen boys got good info on sex, access to condoms, and access to doctors and testing, even the high rate of inflection in “Bible Belt” states would drop to the same low levels as among the “heathen states” a.k.a. “Enlightened States”. Your bigotry is what impedes progress in ending the threat of AIDS. People like you kept Reagan from putting enough money into AIDS research before it became the killer of millions. Once Clinton was president in 1993, the rate of infection plummeted and treatments were discovered that now allow millions to live productive lives with HIV instead of dying the way you folks wanted them to ever since the Reagan years.

  54. Sexual assault on anyone under age 14 is “pedophilia” in many parts of America, but not always in Europe, where the age may be 12. Jurisdiction matters in how a suspect is charged. If the age limit is 14, harming a 13-year-old in that jurisdiction makes it the real deal there, just as it would be to harm an 11-year-old where the age limit is 12. Only a religious nut would consider the age limit in one place “true” and in another place “false.” That said, life would be simpler for all if we had universal ages for sexual consent and universal ages for when assault takes on special circumstances. But the world does not work that way and it’s the religionists who have the most trouble with any sort of regional variance. It has to be simple, reduced to “black-and-white” for them, or they just melt down.

  55. That’s nonsense. The folks who wrote the Bible had no clue or concept of homosexuality as we understand it in the greater light of science and social progress today. Furthermore, the Bible speaks against specific acts that were mostly associated with pagan worship, which we now understand through archeology to have involved the rape of temple boys by otherwise straight adult men as fertility rites to pagan gods. Direct condemnation of homosexuality in explicit terms never appeared in any Bible translation in English until after social conservatives took power in the 1950s and tried to push back against the Kinsey reports on human sexuality. The same people who gave us the evils of the McCarty Era also pushed to pass the first harsh anti-gay laws. And that’s when Bible language suddenly got “crystal clear” against homosexuality as push back against greater scientific and social understanding.

  56. There you go, purposely confusing pedophilia with homosexuality. Your use of the Family Research Council’s three-prong assault on LGBT rights is so sadly predictable.

  57. Were not talking about guns. Its irrelevant. Let me show you the stats from the CDC:
    “By Risk Group
    Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) of all races and ethnicities remain the population most profoundly affected by HIV.
    In 2010, the estimated number of new HIV infections among MSM was 29,800, a significant 12% increase from the 26,700 new infections among MSM in 20082.
    Although MSM represent about 4% of the male population in the United States, in 2010, MSM accounted for 78% of new HIV infections among males and 63% of all new infections. MSM accounted for 54% of all people living with HIV infection in 2011, the most recent year these data are available.
    In 2010, white MSM continued to account for the largest number of new HIV infections (11,200), by transmission category, followed closely by black MSM (10,600).
    The estimated number of new HIV infections was greatest among MSM in the youngest age group. In 2010, the greatest number of new HIV infections (4,800) among MSM occurred in young black/African American MSM aged 13–24. Young black MSM accounted for 45% of new HIV infections among black MSM and 55% of new HIV infections among young MSM overall”.

  58. You cannot produce children naturally in same sex relationships.

  59. By your own cherry-picked quotes from the “horrifying” CDC report, infection rates down in the 10K range amounts to about a one-percent risk rate for the millions of gay men in America. But when you look at who is actually being infected, it’s the very young and/or very poor who don’t have good information or access to condoms, LGBT-friendly doctors, and who often stay in the closet out of fear. Quote all the same old nonsense you always do, but your arguments are weak and foolish. It just makes you the willing puppet of some really bad players in American Politics and religion. Furthermore, if AIDS had been allowed to run amok as you folks wanted to let it clear back to the Reagan years, it would now be the heterosexual plague in America that it is in the rest of the world. The risk factor across the globe is being brought down under control as a side benefit from the research done in American under Bill Clinton’s watch and further aided under Barack Obama’s watch. “W” did help some by providing the AIDS-fighting drugs to Africa at greatly reduced prices. But folks like you just stood around and declared the disease “God’s judgment,” instead of doing anything useful. And the fact that you are stuck on cherry-picked CDC quotes simply shows that you harbor all the same petty hatred of the hallelujah hypocrites that caused the millions of AIDS deaths in America by their gross neglect of money for medical research. Your way of thinking is the real plague on America, and always has been.

  60. No, it proves several things, but that isn’t one of them. Two words, Jerry Sandusky, known far and wide as a resolute heterosexual, who like have sex with children. He ain’t one of ours, honey. He’s one of yours.

  61. Nope, but that’s why we have modern science. The same is true for lots of childless heterosexual couples. Big deal. With LGBT marriage now legal, more and more LGBT couples are becoming parents through adoption, and/or creative medical means. They still have the same urge to parent as heterosexuals, and thanks to adoption and modern science, they can parent just the same. Another of your big points bites the dust, just as all of them do, reducing your arguments to simple, hateful bigotry.

  62. Just showing that homosexual sex can never naturally lead to procreation.

  63. That second million dollar wasted whitewash report was a joke! The so-called “access” excuse is another cover-up. Let’s not forget there is 100% more abuse in the public schools and nothing, nothing has been done.
    Of course, this was an abomination. But unless we acknowledge the real cause of this, it will never be completely ended although the policies enacted did help considering less than 8 accusations annually for the last 5 years were reported and it is an improvement. Even one child is still a scandal. But let’s face the truth.

  64. When “deeply held religious beliefs” require others to be abused, harmed or killed, religion crosses the line into crime and criminal behavior.

    I agree with that statement completely. But this flies in the face of the reality today where people are losing their businesses and jobs because they refuse to advance the radical gay agenda and violate their consciences.

  65. 5% pedophilia, 76% homosexual abuse.

  66. Of course heterosexuals commit more abuse because they are 98% of the population. However, the rate of abuse is higher among the sexual confused.

  67. 1% fact, 99% plain old homohatred and unwavering support of a 1000 year old child molestation scandal in your precious church,

  68. Try not to believe every lie you read by the enemies of Christ’s Church.
    “The gates of Hell will never, never prevail against it”

  69. SAINT Peter Damien, dear. Hardly an enemy of the church.

  70. Well, you have one thing right. Sexually confused.
    However, the term does not apply to any gay people I know, and only a couple of the thousands I have known.
    It does apply quite well, however, to those who desperately wish they were heterosexual, but are never going to be. It applies to those men who join the Catholic priesthood, are certified by the church to have a vocation, but who are really just trying to escape from their sexuality.

  71. Ah, yes. the old conspiracy. If they only knew the facts…
    The facts that YOU know.
    Abuse in the public schools? Of course. But those teachers don’t represent god, now, do they?
    Less than right accusations annually? world wide, not true. I doubt if its true for Catholics, either. But if you want to throw in Christians molesting children, google youth pastors

  72. The infamous Oregon bakers got sued for flagrantly violating the privacy of the LGBT couple after refusing to bake the cake. They posted private personal information onto social media for the purpose of publicly mocking and trying to shame the couple. It was not for just refusing to bake the cake, which was also cause to lose their business license under Oregon state law. You do not open a public business with the intention of waiting until “unwanted” customers enter to do business to inform them that they will not be served. That’s just cause to yank a business license almost everywhere.

  73. Wow. We are all so impressed. You can now toddle off to your nursing home.

  74. Of course, it was more disgusting and sickening because it involved those who claimed to be men of God. But the abuse in the public schools is rampant and nothing is being done. At least the Church took steps to prohibit those with deep seated homosexual tendencies from entering the Priesthood ever again.

  75. They and many other businesses were the ones who were discriminated against for exercising their religious liberty. The fascists cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with their gender confusion.

  76. Men with deep seated homosexual tendencies who prey on boys.
    The majority of those abused were post-pubescent boys.

  77. Which does exactly nothing to solve the problem, except to continue to blame healthy gay men, who are as appalled by the sexual abuse of under aged children as anyone, for the crimes of the sexually confused, and for the crimes of the bishops and cardinals who covered it up.

    BTW, If you think that the new rule is going to keep sexually confused men out of the priesthood, it has never managed to do so in the past. The rule creates sexual confusion among the already sexually confused. And I am not referring to gay men.

    And as for nothing being done about sexual abuse in the schools? when it is uncovered, it is prosecuted. There are no principals, unlike the bishops, who cover up the crimes and transfer the abusers to other schools.

    One of the reasons your precious church has had this problem for at least 1000 years–again, reference St. PEter Damien– is it’s consistent attempt to conflate homosexuality with pedophilia, exactlY as you are doing, and to blame the people who are not committing the crimes instead of the people who are. PRetending a 14 year old is not a child just so that you can demonize gay people is a sickness. This is one of the reasons that the problem persists in society.

  78. The majority were under 14. That still makes the abusers pedophiles.

  79. Tell that to the cathars, Muslims, Jews, women, Catholics, Protestants, and gay people

  80. You are asserting that they had a right to violate the privacy of the couple and mock them publicly after refusing to do business as part of their religion? That would make them and you the intolerant fascists, not the LGBT couple. It’s that simple.

  81. And what evidence do you base that on? Any science, any facts? Or is this just your homophobic opinion?

  82. “And as for nothing being done about sexual abuse in the schools? when it is uncovered, it is prosecuted. There are no principals, unlike the bishops, who cover up the crimes and transfer the abusers to other schools.
    Yea, right, Rubber Rooms maybe…

    Again 8 accusations annually within the last 5 years in the Church.
    Agree not all gays are abusers but they have a higher rate and the majority in this abomination was homosexual abuse.

  83. Sorry but forcing others to violate their religious liberty is fascist and intolerant. No one violated the so-called privacy of anyone for they could go elsewhere but no, they needed to make a statement and compel others to accept what Christians believe is a sin.

  84. How about your anti-Christian phobia? Afraid to confront the truth. The truth will set you free.

  85. As I said, your consistent attempts to conflate homosexuality with pedophilia will surely earn you a place on the Eternal Barbeque, right next to the pedophile bishops and the pedophilie enabling bishops.

    Just for the record, Pope Francis accepted the resignations of a bishop in Brazil this week for enabling and covering up abuse by priests. That,s plural. Just this week, a priest was convicted and sent to prison for raping a child with a cross. A CROSS?

    Here is where you can educate yourself. But you won’t.

  86. I have no problem with Christians. It’s the Christianists such as yourself I don’t care for. But keep trying to project your homophobia on me or anyone you can dig up. That probably feels much safer than answering my questions.

    Just to refresh your memory, I asked, “And what evidence do you base that on? Any science, any facts?”

  87. Fixation on sexuality. You’re not the only one, but one of many who so project.

  88. Ben, I admire your efforts to try to get through to the bigots.

    I’m always amazed at how fixated they are on sex. It’s so important to someone like our unMercyful friend to believe that the RCC sexual abuse by clergy scandal is all about homosexuality. Apparently it’s much easier to blame that frightening “Other,” than look at the huge issues the RCC is dealing with, sort of.

    There’s also the motivator of repressed sexuality. That’s a problem with a very long history and the most vociferous denials.

  89. I’m actually not trying to get through to the bigots. That would be as pointless as it would be impossible.

    It’s actually not so much easier to look for the other as it is easier than questioning her self, her beliefs, and her church.

    But there are plenty of people who read and don’t comment but rarely. I write for them. I think anyone not inclined to be a bigot can see what this woman is doing.

  90. Good for you Ben. I commend you for such thoughtfulness and willingness.

  91. No one is forcing any private citizen to do any such thing. When you open a public business under a government-issued business license, you agree to serve all the public. If that is too much to ask, the government has the right to yank the business license.

  92. I’m fixated on violations of my First Amendment right to religious liberty. Live and let live but don’t force me to condone or promote what I believe is sinful.

  93. The Judas bishop and priest is nothing new. Satan does enter the Church.
    Perhaps you are the one who should educate yourself and look inside to see why you hate the Church so much.

  94. Disagree. Prohibiting the free exercise of religion is our First Amendment right.

  95. Homophobia is so old and tired. it doesn’t cut it anymore.
    I hope you find the peace you’re searching for. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t waste my time commenting here.
    The original John Jay Report although the second one was a whitewash (infiltrated maybe?) and was a whitewash

  96. That’s all you can do, isn’t it? Deflect, project, and accuse. I’m quite well educated on the subjects of child abuse and sexual orientation. I worked in both fields, as well as in law enforcement.
    I don’t hate your church. That’s the place so many of you go in order to defend the indefensible. I hate child molestation, and the sick people who cover it up.
    Satan does enter the church? Funny how little your god seems to care about it.

  97. Semantics. Whatever. Believe what you want. Hardness can close out God and the truth sometimes. As I wrote before not all gays are abusers but in this case the gay Priests were responsible. And some gay Bishops, like Archbishop Weakland, who admitted to being in a relationship with a man for many years.
    And most liberal Bishops were responsible for the majority of cover-ups.

  98. Requiring business owners to follow the laws by which they are licensed to do business is not an infringement on their First Amendment rights. Social conservatives are trying to invent an unconstitutional right to discriminate, misusing “Freedom of Religion” as code language for their heinous, un-American hate speech and bigotry.

  99. ” Hardness can close out God and the truth sometimes.”
    you said it. Now look in a mirror.

  100. The only connection to homosexuality that can be statistically demonstrated, using actual scientific method, is that the pedophiles who target boys have a horrendous knack for targeting gay youth and exposing them to the horrors of being violated against their will. Pedophilia does not turn victim boys gay, it tends to target boys who are gay, but hallelujah hypocrites want to blame the sexual orientation of the victims on someone, so they pick the gay community.

  101. Mu point to this so-called Christian exactly.

  102. Pedophilia is it’s own sick sexual orientation. Pedophiles are not attracted to adults of either gender, just to children. They are all sociopaths and eventually will kill and keep killing their victims as human predators. The research on this is overwhelming, but hallelujah hypocrites are masters at keeping the blinders on.

  103. Ah, the conspiracy to silence the truth which only you know! Of course! that has to be the answer. Homosexuals infiltrating the catholic priesthood– again and again and again and again,. You’d almost think that this holy church likes getting infiltrated. And the problem is only at least 1000 years old.

    You don’t care. That’s the problem.

  104. “Homophobia is so old and tired.” I couldn’t agree more. And yet, here you are, engulfed in it and trying to project that onto me. I’m not going to accept your platitudes, excuses, or try to solve your problems. You are the one focused on sexual behavior and that’s on you. I’ll let you keep it.

  105. “Deflect, project, and accuse.”
    That’s exactly what you are doing.
    Child molestation is an abomination but covering-up the cause is almost as bad.

  106. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t waste my time. Freedom is a gift that I wish everyone would experience. I wish you well and hope you find the peace you’re searching for.

  107. I’m free because I’ve accepted that I am a sinner and in need of healing and salvation, although you’re right, everyday is a blessing and a curse. Choose life or death, your choice.

  108. By your responses, I think you qualify, but that’s really up to you to judge for yourself.

  109. And here is the difference between you and me, between those who live in fear of god and those who don’t.
    “Every day is a blessing and a curse.”
    No wonder you see life as you do. I’m sorry to hear it.

  110. I am quite peaceful. But thanks for the good wishes.

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