People take part in a protest against police brutality and in support of Black Lives Matter during a march in New York City on July 9, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

Black lives matter. Does Israel?

Black Lives Matter has just come out with a statement that is over the top anti-Israel and anti-Zionist. It repeats the libel of Israel being an "apartheid" state. It accuses Israel of "genocide." It backs the BDS movement.

I am sad. I am angry. I am disappointed.

But, in the words of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young: "We have all been here before."

American Jews spend a lot of time -- and rightly so -- waxing poetically over the fabled relationship between Jews and the nascent civil rights movement. Perhaps the most quoted American Jewish text was the statement by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, when he marched with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I felt that my feet were praying."

But, there has also been a dark side to the relationship between American Jews and the black community -- a dark side that is very complex, very troubling, and very nuanced.

The last fifty years:

Now, I get it.

I get the fact that, for decades, some black leaders and activists have wanted to walk the path that they find necessary -- without having to look over their shoulders at what (white) Jews think.

I also get the fact -- and I have massive difficulties with this fact -- that many leftist groups are now touting the pseudo-social science of intersectionality -- in which every leftist cause is automatically connected with every other leftist cause -- with nothing close to six degrees of separation.

And I also get the fact: that the hard Left has a "stellar" record of turning on the Jews who have supported their causes -- in Europe (going all the way back to Karl Marx, and the peasant rebellions in Russia) as well as in the United States.

Yet, still: I think of the historical path that American Jews and blacks have walked together.

  • Has the statute of limitations run out on the memory of Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney -- murdered by Southern racists and buried in a shallow grave? Schwerner and Goodman were New York Jews, which was probably enough to get them killed.
  • Has the statute of limitations run out on the memory of Southern synagogues that were bombed in the 1950s and 1960s -- because of the integrationist preaching of their rabbis? Or, the fact that Rabbi Perry Nussbaum of Jackson, Mississippi, barely escaped with his life when his own home was bombed?
  • Has the statute of limitations run out on the memory -- it was just last summer! -- of my colleagues who marched through the South, from Selma to Washington, DC -- arm in arm with black leaders and activists?
  • Has the statute of limitations run out on the memory of Dr. King, who said these fiery words about anti-Israel sentiment in the black community?

 You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely 'anti-Zionist.'When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews--this is God's own truth.

Zionism is nothing less than the dream and ideal of the Jewish people returning to live in their own land...

The best statement on the Black Lives Matter anti-Israel screed, thus far, comes from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Boston:

To conflate the experiences of African-Americans and Palestinians oversimplifies complex matters and advances false equivalencies that diminish the unique nature of each...

...We denounce an agenda to wage economic and cultural warfare against Israelis, including efforts to mobilize against state and local efforts that reject the “BDS” movement. We reject participation in any coalition that seeks to isolate and demonize Israel singularly amongst the nations of the world.

So, what are we going to do, we Jews who care about racial justice?

Just walk away from the fight for racial justice?

I'm not letting myself off the hook. And I know of no Jewish group that is even suggesting that.

That would be far, far too easy.

Here is the challenge.

We Jews who care about black lives, and about racial justice, must continue to believe in the essential message of this cause. That is what justice demands.

At the same time, we must simultaneously condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the anti-Israel stance of Black Lives Matter. Because that is also what justice demands.

Or, let me put it another way. We should not let the anti-Israel position of Black Lives Matter give us permission to walk away from our concern for the state of black lives in this country.

I might disagree with Black Lives Matter -- the movement.

But I totally agree that black lives matter -- the sentiment, the idea, the prayer, the dream.

I am not walking away.


  1. Hey, Black Lives Matter: it’s time to cut out all that black-nationalist anti-Semitic mess. Don’t add a bunch of anti-Israel mess to all those OTHER messes that you’ve created or helped to create. ALL lives matter, including Jewish lives.

    Now Rabbi Salkin may be too polite, or too “white” as he suggested, to criticize BLM in such stark terms.

    But I am neither polite nor white, so I figure I can just cut to the chase and save all sides some time. All sides need to work on racism and other issues, but it’s way past time to stop being intimidated (or even guilt-tripped) by these BLM activists. It’s okay to talk back.

  2. “Does Israel?”

    No. Countries do not matter, full stop. People matter. That is all.

    I don’t like BLM or their tactics. But “black people” matter because they are individuals.

    A state that gives deference to a religious organization, has an immigration system that prefers members of a specific racial demographic, and is consumed by a military-industrial complex?? That doesn’t matter to me.

  3. I almost never agree with anything you say, floydlee, but this is the second time I’ve up-voted one of your comments (I forget the subject of the other comment I up-voted).

  4. It matters to me, because people who don’t have a country get screwed. During the Holocaust, America turned back a boat full of Jewish children. German Jews were the most assimilated Jews in the world and look what happened to them. Jews need a homeland.

  5. Why don’t Jews instead strive to be the most perfect patriots they can be, adopt the customs of their adopted homeland, and intermarry out of existence? I mean the intermarriage rate in the United State among Jews is already at 58% and among the non-Orthodox Jews it’s at 71% and I don’t think I need to tell you about the abysmal retention rate among the *Mischlinge*.

    And, from one anonymous internet stranger to another, I don’t think those of partial Jewish ancestry are particularly keen on supporting a state in the MidEast that they feel no affinity towards. In fact, I dare say that they will become the bitterest enemies of the Zionist project when they are blamed for whatever it is that Israel is or isn’t doing depending on who you ask.

    Just a hunch, though.

  6. A very painful and difficult piece for the author to compose. His analysis of historical anti-Semitism that has devoured the Jewish people (as it were) through the offices of the very movements and causes they have supported is a telling one. I find most interesting his comment on intersectionality. It is the very definition of philosophical totalitarianism. As a Christian, I may be accused of totalitarianism in my thinking regarding the exclusivity of the claims of Christ, but I will not stretch that to the point of refusing my fellow creatures their opposing point of view.

  7. German Jews did. They had an unrequited love for all things German. They thought they were German, but their fellow Germans did not.

  8. Should we thank you for that? How good of you to allow our existence.

  9. He gave an example of what this leftist brand of intolerance would look like if he were to wear it instead. No need to hit back.

  10. If you care about the black community, and I certainly do, I would say that what they need is not to be enslaved in the democratic urban plantations of the 1960s – 2016. Here’s how we cut the democratic rope of slavery and victimization:
    1. Allow school vouchers so students can learn out of the inner city. This will allow kids to go to better schools and get a better education.
    2. Reintroduce the intact family unit to the black community. Currently, as per President Obama, only 1 in 5 black kids in America are raised in an intact family. That statistic is shocking and needs to be changed. In order to reintroduce the black father and husband,
    3. We have to encourage black women to divorce their current husbands, the government. Divorce is usually painful and not pleasant, but as often is the case it is important if they want to lead a productive life and, almost more importantly, have their kids lead productive lives.
    4. We need to teach kids about responsibility, including sexual responsibility, honesty, faith, all those good things that have made us who we are.

    And hey, all lives matter. We need to support our law enforcement officers in their hour of need. They are the best thing that all communities, including the black communities have to protect them.

  11. African-Americans who descended from slave ancestors did not ask to be a part of this society. They are treated often as second class citizens especially in situations of power. The Palestinians did not ask for their homeland to be invaded and stolen with the blessing of world powers. It, resulted in their being displaced or treated as second class citizens by people coming from Europe and other parts of the world. Both Arab and Blacks are treated as suspects first and brutally in some cases before the facts are known. The Israeli government must learn to coexist as equals with the Arabs in Israel and withdraw from all occupied territories. Perhaps a confederation of equal states needs to be created or a new partition of Israel/ Palestine is required giving each a viable state with a third party governing disputed areas such as Jerusalem. Of course each group such as BLM just as the Arabs and Zionist have extremist whose actions and comments add fuel to the fire. But sometimes the extremist are the ones who move the moderates to find a workable middle way for all.

  12. You need to read up on your history Observer Guy. There have been numerous agreements between Israel and the Palestinians, each one ultimately being scuttled by the PA. Camp David was only the last agreement and it could have put this issue to rest once and for all. Arafat was only the first in a line of leaders who have sold their population generations of grief, all while profiting nicely from skimming aid – an issue that their population seem to acknowledge but never do anything about. Also, Arabs in Israel have the same rights etc as anyone else and hold positions of influence and power. In fact, they have more rights than they would in ANY other Arab country. I agree that the Colonial division of the area created issues but you have to ask one significant question, “Why are the descendants of the refugees not given citizenship in the countries in which they are born?” Refugees who go to any other country in the world are granted citizenship. Their kids who are born in their new country are automatically citizens of that country. Why does this not apply to Palestinians in refugee camps in Syria, Jordan or Lebanon even when they were born there? Why did the PA try to overthrow the government of Jordan? Why? All of this is created by the Arab League to keep the problem alive. It isn’t the existence of Israel that causes Palestinian grief, it’s their leadership and inability to accept the existence of Israel.

  13. .. Wow, the Jewish-American blend of politically correct defense in ethics, spirituality & compassion is driving me nuts !

    Yes, it was a beautifully written article, but not ‘all’ Black Lives Matter ! BLM is a # hashtag, nothing more, organized & promoted by what I call the radical Islamist wing of the Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers.

    …………… and no, they don’t matter.

  14. Silly and naive of Rabbi Salkin to think that Jewish kindness and concern for the black community would be reciprocated. It is not reciprocated and it is time we face the fact squarely. This is not a new story. Anti-semitism of the crudest sort is commonly found in the black community, and there is no push back from other blacks. Let’s get real, and set our priorities straight. Let’s support Israel for a change.

  15. You have it exactly backwards. Israel, Judea, is Jewish land. The Arabs invaded and are the outsiders, not the Jews. A huge proportion of the Arabs there arrived after the Zionists created a dynamic economy. Jews are named after Judea, the Land of Israel. Arabs are named after Arabia. Got it figured out yet?

  16. This is a very troubling topic, not simple, not simply black and Jew. The racism and antisemitism appearing in some of the comments illustrates the powerful emotions raised.

    In my opinion, whites have the least concern. Whites are the wealthiest, healthiest and most powerful skin color on this planet. Genocide attacks against white people are extremely rare, the worst being Srebrenicia. (sp?)

    Through a simple accident of birth, I am a white, American woman. I have nothing to brag about, nothing to be arrogant about in regard to ethnicity. I played no roll in it. But because of that simple circumstance, I am much less likely to be arrested for a broken taillight or shot for a nonviolent misdemeanor.

    A 12 year old black boy was shot dead for playing with a toy gun in a park, but white men strutted the streets of Ferguson, MO, with real, loaded semi automatic weapons slung over their shoulders and not a shot was fired by law enforcement.

    Racism against people of color is real, even when not deliberate. The proportion of arrests and killings of people of color for nonviolent crimes is far above that of whites.

    In the matter of Israel and Palestine I am distressed, torn, due to all the conflicting information. I have no comment on that.

  17. > They had an unrequited love for all things German.

    Tell me more about the Spartacus uprising.

    You do have a point, though. German Jews WERE patriotic – the problem lay with the mass of ostjuden flowing westward from the Pale who were either Hasidim, Zionists, or Communists. All three groups are an inherently destabilizing force and in the wake of WWI and the collapse of racial unity in the White Western World the last thing Weimar needed were more Jews trying to turn the Fatherland into Zion.

    Perhaps the solution lies in aggressively deconstructing the intellectual, spiritual, and racial core of Judaism – the Hasidim. Mendelssohn succeeded in neutralizing the excesses of Judaism in what was to become Germany but the Haskalah failed to make its way into the Russian Empire where the Hassids in their infinite wisdom were having 10, 12, 15 children a pop trying to “immanentize the eschaton”.

  18. The Arabic word for a Black person is Abd. The Arabic word for a slave is also Abd. That says it all.

  19. My comment was partially in respect to the philosophical notion of intersectionality, and the totalitarianism of the Left, in no way was it meant as an attack on Jews. So are you offended as a Leftist or as a Jew? You are entitled to take umbrage in the 1st instance, on the 2nd, not so much. Beyond theological differences, which is everyone’s right, I haven’t got an anti-Semitic bone in my body, or thought in my head. And if that accusation is implied in your comment you are simply wrong. And now I’m offended.

  20. What unity in the White Western world? There wasn’t any. I don’t agree either that Hasidism, Communism or Zionism or any combination of the them were destabilizing. It was the depression that was destabilizing. More Jews would not have affected the Weimar republic one way or another. They were not trying to turn Germany into anything other than a place to live and earn a living.

    I might add that German Jews looked on these Jewish immigrants with disdain. They disliked Yiddish. You are obsessed with race, but Jews are not a race, they are a nation, but a nation that anyone can become a part of by converting. The Haskalah did reach Russia, but Russian Jews faced much more persecution than German Jews did and they didn’t buy it. Hasidism is not the core of Judaism.

    What is your ultimate goal? Its seems to be ridding the world of Jews.

  21. There are more Jewish refugees from Arab countries than Palestinian refugees from Israel. There are Jews from all over the Arab world in Israel. I do agree that there should be two states. Your comparison does not work, because Jews are indigenous people of the Middle East.

  22. I agree with most of what you said, but antisemitism is unique form of prejudice. Jews are often accused of being forming conspiracies or secretly controlling the media and the banks. Someone whose name escapes me called antisemitism, “the socialism of fools”. You add the fact that people on the left often think they by definition cannot be antisemites don’t examine their attitudes.

  23. I get cynical some times because I come in with so many Christians that feel the need to “save my soul.”

  24. >What unity in the White Western world?

    The one that existed among the nations and peoples of Europe which transcended their ethnic, cultural, and religious differences among her peoples to form a shared European *experience* that was mortally wounded in the Great War and laid to rest in WWII.

    >I don’t agree either that Hasidism, Communism or Zionism or any combination of the them were destabilizing.

    Jews reproducing with wanton because they think by doing so they’ll summon the Moshiach ISN’T destabilizing? Miss, I think you ought to take a look at Israel and compare the fertility rate of the secular vs. Hasidic Jews, household income, welfare use, army service, and voting patterns. How’s the Israel Left doing since the Prime Ministership of Begin? I think you’d find that current trends are unsustainable and that sooner or later something has to go. The center cannot hold.

    Similar points can be made about Communism in the Internationalist Trotskyist mold which sought to sublimate any differences between Jew and Gentile by violently smashing all hierarchy and Zionism – although the problem with Zionism wasn’t so much the Zionists who wanted to remove themselves from Europe and settle in Palestine as it was the accusations of dual loyalities incurred from BOTH sides.

    > It was the depression that was destabilizing.

    It exacerbated the shock of the Great War, the loss of Alsace-Lorraine and the occupation of the Rhineland, and the kind of patriotism that the fomenters of the Spartacist uprising and their ilk were only too happy to engage in.

    >More Jews would not have affected the Weimar republic one way or another.

    Are we talking about the assimilated German Jews who were German first and Jewish second or the waves of Jewry flowing in from the Pale whose only knowledge of the outside world was of the privations suffered under the Czar?

    >They were not trying to turn Germany into anything other than a place to live and earn a living.

    Again, same question.

    >I might add that German Jews looked on these Jewish immigrants with disdain. They disliked Yiddish.

    Very true.

    >You are obsessed with race, but Jews are not a race, they are a nation, but a nation that anyone can become a part of by converting.

    In theory, and in recent times – yes. Reform Judaism accepts patrilineal descent and there are signs that Conservative Judaism, to make up for falling observance, eventually will. Orthodox Jews preserve the Book and the Book preserves them but it IS possible to convert and become an Orthodox Jew (see: Ivanka Trump)

    Historically this was not the case. Jews, as a result of self-segregation and antisemitism did a stellar job at maintaining their genetic distinctness from the populations they lived amongst. You ought to take a DNA test – I took mine over at 23andme – and see what you find.

    >The Haskalah did reach Russia, but Russian Jews faced much more persecution than German Jews did and they didn’t buy it.

    …and by doing so they formed an unassimilatable mass which grew by leaps-and-bounds which eventually formed the vanguard of both the Zionist (Jabotinsky, Ben-Gurion, Nordau) and Communist (Trotsky, Luxemburg, Zinoviev) movements.

    >Hasidism is not the core of Judaism.

    Yes it is.

    >What is your ultimate goal? Its seems to be ridding the world of Jews.

    By keeping true to Herzl when he writes: “Yes, a man has to choose between Zion and France.” Barring that, it is to be the best Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley I can be.

  25. You don’t mention the persecution that Eastern European and Russian Jews faced from the government and the Church. They lived in Ghettos because they were forced to. Living outside their designated area could mean death. No wonder some of them became Communists. Although. Communism proved to no better than the Czar for Jews. The only choice remaining was Zionism or immigration. They were not allowed to assimilate even if they wanted to.

  26. That Western unity never existed. It is a fantasy. Even Western European countries were not united.

  27. “You add the fact that people on the left often think they by definition cannot be antisemites don’t examine their attitudes.”
    Where do I say that? I don’t see it.

  28. Israel exists as a Jewish state because 700,000 Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes in a process that involved massacres. Since then Israel has continued to steal land from Palestinians and runs an apartheid-like system in the West Bank. The genocide accusation is over the top, but the reality is fairly ugly.

  29. I did not mean you, personally. I meant you in in general. It is something I have encountered in fellow leftists.

  30. You ignore the massacre of Jews. There are more Jewish refugees from Arab countries than Palestinian refugees from Israel. Palestinians were told to flee, because the Arabs would conquer Israel easily and they could then return.

  31. The United States exists as an American state because it stole an entire continent from the Indians and the Mexicans. A lot more than the West Bank. Do you support BDS against America?

  32. You are in need of some significant education with the issues you attempt to address.You cannot be an ” observer: who just dabbles and expect to be taken seriously. No people on earth have a more legitimate historical and legal claim to the land of Judea and Samaria than the Jewish people. No distortion of history will ever change this immutable fact.

  33. “America” didn’t steal anything from anyone. A technologically advanced people swept the Continent in waves and overpowered the resistance from the current residents, some my ancestors, most of whom, perhaps 90%, succumbed to common European diseases. And no, Ward Churchill, that was not genocide, it was microbiology. They proceeded, after a war with the chief land holder, Britain, to forge the best document for government ever devised. Then they developed the highest standard of living in the world. Not bad for 200 years work. Israel is proceeding to be be a powerhouse of innovation and the only free State in the Middle East. Forcible eviction of those who wish otherwise does not really seem to high of a tab to force on those who wish her destruction.

  34. Srebrenica was called “ethnic cleansing”, because Serbs were targeting Bosnian Muslims for grievances that had arose centuries before Tito ran Yugoslavia. I am unfamiliar enough with the region to be unsure if indeed the Bosnian Muslims are of any different ethnicity or was it just the issue of their “religion”. Nonetheless, many argue the wrong crowd was targeted by Clinton and the “International Community”. I am unclear why you bring up the incident in Ferguson, MO. That whole series of events occurred because witnesses lied about events involving a large young criminal who attacked a police officer, and was subsequently put down. The BLM movement arose chanting over incorrect data about Michael Brown, and despite opportunities to reduce tension, our POTUS refused, through rhetoric to attempt to douse the flames. Men wandering around with the protection of hunting rifles, especially with rioting, vandalizing, looting crowds protesting an event that did not happen, does not seem out-of-place.

  35. “The racism and antisemitism appearing in some of the comments illustrates the powerful emotions raised.” One might take this as a de facto acceptance.

  36. Well done. In essence, roll back the nanny state coddling of the black community so, rather than be wards of the State, and the dream-come-true of Lyndon B Johnson (his remarks on black people do not bear repeating in polite company) allow them to rise up on their merits like everyone else.

  37. The “unity” of the Western World was a fabrication, a hypothetical construct, something occasionally achieved by the forces of the horrors of the Catholic Church and the monolith it presented. (Glad they were there to slow the march of Islam, however. Had they not…) That original unity was first fractured by Luther. That event was a relief for the ever suffering Jews of Europe. Instead of being the odd people amongst the Catholics, they were an odd people amongst the Lutherans, the Anglicans, and the other Protestant divisions. ( Simply a case where an anti-Semite–Luther–was good for the Jews.)

  38. You put a very – um – interesting? spin on occurrences. I think I’ll leave you to them.

  39. Yes! It will help get them out of the democratic urban plantations and become functioning members of society.

  40. With Americans helping the microbiology along by giving the Indians the blankets of small pox victims, for example.

  41. Then where are you for US?!

    /I/ don’t have a country!! MY religion isn’t bound to a national identity!! I don’t see you advocating the establishment of Baha’i, Yazidi or Taoist countries.

    You’re just ethnocentrically focusing on ONE group, while ignoring the fact that MOST RELIGIONS DON’T HAVE THEIR OWN NATION. I don’t see you advocating on behalf of THOSE nationless peoples.

    Why don’t WE get a homeland??

  42. The-um-??? Spin is from the Left. Zero convictions. All media and Leftist (including POTUS) um-??? Spin! This includes Baltimore.

  43. Please don’t assume. It’s never fair to paint ‘all’ with so broad a brush.

  44. Read, learn history. Research instead of parroting what you hear.

  45. No hunch. You need serious help. Get it immediately. Never stop. Begin by looking in the mirror. The day you die you will be found lacking.

  46. Can you recommended anybody who has experience working with incorrigibles like myself?

    >The day you die you will be found lacking.

    I’m stealing this.

  47. Of course you will steal it. That’s always easier than having an original thought.

  48. As some dead white guy said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

    I’m not gonna lie, when I first read your response I had to let out an “Ouch.” and physically cringed. To quote yet another dead white male: “Brevity is the soul of wit” and that little quip of yours is more than I can muster anyway. Where’d you learn how to give comebacks like that?

  49. Susan, that was inadvertent if it ever happened. It is the equivalent of the urban myth, and it was repeated by Ward Churchill-the disgraced “fake Indian” professor in Colorado, so that discredits it significantly.

  50. The Black Lives Matter movement is blatently racist in nature. If they weren’t they would be up in arms over the fact that a black person is 9 times more likely to be shot by another black person than a white cop & stopping traffic in black neighborhoods demonstrating that fact.

    They are only interested in “get whitey” tactics by usurping power & resources to the detriment of this country. Angry they are, justified they are not!

    “BLUE LIVES MATTER MORE” should be our answer. Without police protection against black (& yes, white too) criminals, our civilization goes down the toilet. Listen when a cop says “stop” or get your black ass blown away. I got no prob. with that!

  51. There exists a country in the world with a majority of the population belonging to every religion out there (Christian – US, Britain, and tons of others; Muslim – Iran, Jordan, Azerbaijan, many others; Hindu – India, Nepal…), why shouldn’t there be one with a majority Jewish population?

    You already have a plethora of countries to choose from where the country primarily represents YOUR RELIGION, so you think that Jewish people are the only ones who shouldn’t be able to live in a county that represents their religion? That is the definition of prejudice, regardless of how many times you try to regurgitate what some bigoted person ingrained in your head to convince yourself that you’re right and OTHERS view things wrongly.

  52. I agree with Connie and will add that you come off as a moron who can only repeat the notions that somebody who you view as an authority figure filled your head with. How can you claim something was inadvertent that you then speculate never happened. Absolutely no ability to think for yourself…

  53. “You already have a plethora of countries to choose from where the country primarily represents YOUR RELIGION”

    Aha!! This is why I LOVE people who just assume things randomly!! You people are just SO amusing!!

    I think you are assuming I’m Christian?? Muslim maybe??

    No, fool. You’re wrong. There is not a plethora of nations that represent my religion, heck, THERE ISN’T EVEN ONE. There are ZERO Baha’i nations out there and ZERO Baha’i-majority nations out there!! There’s also, for the record, zero Confucian, Taoist, Jain, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Yazidi, Druze, and Shinto nations. And plenty of OTHER religions out there with no country.

    “so you think that Jewish people are the only ones who shouldn’t be able to live in a county that represents their religion?”

    I think NO RELIGION is entitled to have its own COUNTRY by default.

    YOU think this too, because, again, I don’t see YOU advocating on MY BEHALF to establish a sovereign Baha’i State.

    “That is the definition of prejudice, regardless of how many times you try to regurgitate what some bigoted person ingrained in your head to convince yourself that you’re right and OTHERS view things wrongly.”

    No, it is YOU who is bigoted. You don’t seem to care that MY religion doesn’t have it’s own country. And the country you like COULD do it to, technically. Our Holy Places are in Israel. Why not give us Haifa and Mount Carmel where our shrines and holy sites are as our own sovereign Baha’i Country?? :p

    If you truly believe every faith deserves its own country, why not partition a bit of Israel for us Baha’is, that is if you are honest and consistent about your beliefs.

    You won’t advocate for that, though, because you don’t ACTUALLY believe each country is entitled to a religion, you only think your own faith is entitled to a Nation.

    Either tell me where my religion’s country is as you claim I have a “plethora” of them, or admit that no religion is entitled to a nation.

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