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Why my uncle left Judaism

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 26, 2024
(RNS) — Let's be careful how we treat people in our religious institutions. It matters — sometimes across the generations.

And then, they came for the rock star …

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 22, 2024

How many deaths …?

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 19, 2024
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How is this Holocaust movie different from other Holocaust movies?

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 14, 2024
(RNS) — ‘The Zone of Interest,’ a nominee for best picture, makes the propensity for evil quite plain — and relevant.

Are the Jews still cool?

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 12, 2024
(RNS) — I miss Philip Seymour Hoffman — especially when he was uncool.

60 years ago today, the Beatles appeared on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 9, 2024
(RNS) — There are far more connections between the Beatles and the Jews than we think.

Why I envy Orthodox Jews

By Jeffrey Salkin — February 5, 2024
(RNS) — What do you envy in a religious tradition that is not your own?

Biology matters, especially after Oct. 7

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 31, 2024
(RNS) — A woman at an Israel rally gets creative. And gutsy.

How many Holocaust memorial days do we need?

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 29, 2024
(RNS) — There are three different days for remembering the Holocaust. Each one has a different message. Which message do we need today?

Is the university good for the Jews? With Mark Oppenheimer

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 25, 2024
How did the university become a battle ground for Jewish identity? A conversation with Mark Oppenheimer reveals some interesting nuances to that question.

That SuperJew poster from the 1960s

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 23, 2024
(RNS) — A memory of a poster from the 1960s made me think, deeply, about Israel.

Converts are Jewish. Period.

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 18, 2024
We are experiencing the greatest surge in antisemitism in recent memory. And, still, people want to become Jewish.

The Jews stand accused: From deicide to genocide

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 16, 2024
(RNS) — The accusation is genocide. But its roots are ancient. And ugly.

Are American Jews in crisis? A conversation with Professor Jonathan Sarna

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 11, 2024
American Jewish weather report: increased chill in the air. A conversation with historian Professor Jonathan Sarna.

Why I am obsessed with an ancient story about giant frogs

By Jeffrey Salkin — January 9, 2024
(RNS) — Yes, they are a metaphor for the challenges of our time.
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