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Why the posting of the Ten Commandments is wrong

By Jeffrey Salkin — June 20, 2024
(RNS) — How could a rabbi criticize the Ten Commandments? Just watch me.

The best things my father ever said

By Jeffrey Salkin — June 17, 2024

Should I stay or should I go?

By Jeffrey Salkin — June 14, 2024
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How to make Jerry Seinfeld cry

By Jeffrey Salkin — June 10, 2024
(RNS) — This is as far from yada yada as you could ever imagine.

The 39th-generation rabbi who is reinventing Judaism: Amichai Lau-Lavie

By Jeffrey Salkin — June 6, 2024
(RNS) — A Conservative rabbi? There is nothing conservative about Amichai Lau-Lavie.

The Trump trial reflected Jewish ideals

By Jeffrey Salkin — June 3, 2024
(RNS) — Donald Trump's day in court reminded me of how Judaism views rulers. Even, ex-rulers. Don’t let this man anywhere near office again.

‘Grandpa, tell us about Abbie Hoffman’

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 28, 2024
(RNS) — I search for the sources of today’s campus unrest. Was it Hoffman and Rubin?

Ivan Boesky was not good for the Jews

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 22, 2024
(RNS) — The word is ‘shanda.’ Ivan Boesky embodied it.

Kahanism is neither Judaism nor Zionism

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 20, 2024
(RNS) — It's not Zionism. It is Bizarro Zionism.

Can Zionism be spiritual?

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 14, 2024
(RNS) — A clue in The New York Times crossword puzzle opens up a world of meaning.

Why are Jews afraid?

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 10, 2024
(RNS) — Are Jewish fears over the top?

God suffers with us

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 6, 2024
(RNS) — It is an outrageous idea. And yet, it touches our souls.

Since Oct. 7, we have been in an earthquake

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 3, 2024
(RNS) — More than 200 years ago, an earthquake shattered faith. We are living in similar times.

What didn’t happen on Passover?

By Jeffrey Salkin — April 29, 2024
(RNS) — It is not only history. Read to the end for my message to the anti-Israel crowd.

Columbia University is another Charlottesville

By Jeffrey Salkin — April 24, 2024
(RNS) — Columbia University protests are like Charlottesville’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally: Discuss. Welcome to an academic disgrace.
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