Most Mormons planned NOT to vote for Trump. What the heck happened?

By Jana Riess with reporting by Benjamin Knoll

The results of last week’s presidential elections left a lot of people gobsmacked. And in this season of upsets came a non-surprise that was actually rather surprising: most Mormons voted for Trump.

If you’re familiar with recent Mormon political leanings, you may be wondering what could possibly be unusual about Mormons voting for Trump. Here is Mormon voting data based on recent history compared to 2016 Pew analysis of exit polls:

2004 GW Bush: 80% J. Kerry: 19%
2008 No data No data
2012 M. Romney: 78% B. Obama: 21%
2016 D. Trump: 61% H. Clinton: 25%

So Trump won the Mormon vote . . . but in a lukewarm fashion. His victory was not the strong four-out-of-ratio we saw with Bush and Romney; Mormon GOP voting was down to three in five. That’s a majority, certainly, but not an overwhelming one.

And in Mormon-dominated Utah, Trump didn’t achieve a majority at all, earning just under 45% of the vote. As the Salt Lake Tribune put it, that result was “barely half of Romney’s performance with the voting bloc and 30 points lower than John McCain received in 2008.”

Clinton finished the Utah race with 28% of the popular vote, with independent candidate Evan McMullin taking another 21%.

But here’s the surprising part. This exit poll data is very different from the data we collected in September and October for The Next Mormons survey. Political beliefs and behavior were just two elements of that larger research project, and we are still analyzing all the findings, but one thing seems clear: up until the end of the campaign, most active, self-identified Mormons said they were not planning to vote for Trump.


As you can see here, in the weeks leading up to the election, only 36% of our national LDS sample said they would choose Trump as their preferred candidate (43% of men and 29% of women).

Most tellingly, Trump wasn’t holding on to loyal GOP voters: only 58% of respondents who identified themselves as Republicans said they planned to vote for their party’s nominee.

In the end, though, Trump wound up getting 61% of the national LDS vote –- a 25-point jump over Mormons’ stated intentions in the weeks leading up to the election.

So, what happened between this survey and Election Day?

What we saw in the Mormon community is a dramatic example of a group that “came home” to their political party and threw support behind its nominee in the final days of the race. Mormons weren’t the only ones to do this, as the Washington Post reported on October 30 and CNBC stated on November 3 as the polls were tightening. And it's likely that many of the "other/undecided" voters in our sample wound up holding their noses and voting for Trump in the end.

So despite an unprecedented Deseret News condemnation of Trump’s candidacy, despite public denunciations from Mormon GOP leaders like Mitt Romney, and despite the alternative of a conservative LDS independent candidate in the race, most Mormon voters still came home to the GOP.

This time. It’s interesting, looking at the data, where some potential fault lines may lie for Mormons and the GOP in the future. In addition to Trump’s tepid support among women, we also see that temple recommend holders were three times as likely to back fellow Saint Evan McMullin as non-recommend holders, by 18% to 6%. Apparently some of Mormonism’s most conservative and religious members were actively seeking an alternative to Trump.

McMullin was especially significant for the voters in Utah, with 25% saying they planned to support him. Outside of Utah, though, that figure plummeted to only 8%, leading to McMullin getting 13% of the planned national Mormon vote overall.

Generationally, the trends throughout the nation held true for Mormons’ voting plans as well: Clinton received her highest support among the 18 to 35 crowd (35%) and her lowest among those born before 1964 (20%), while with Trump those trends were reversed.

One curious trend was that 5% of LDS Millennials said they planned to vote for Green candidate Jill Stein, which was five times the support she received among the Boomer/Silent respondents. (Insert the usual caution here that when we’re dealing with smaller subgroups in a survey, the margin of error is higher.)

Note that these figures are for the active, self-identified Mormon population. The former Mormon sample planned to go for Clinton over Trump, largely ignored conservative LDS candidate Evan McMullin, and had a slightly higher minority of overall voters planning to support Jill Stein.

On a personal note, I’m keenly disappointed that as many Mormons were taken in by Trump’s fear mongering as apparently were. Obviously, Trump only barely achieved a majority among Mormon voters overall – and did not even crack the 50% mark among Mormons in Utah – but three out of five LDS voters nationally still chose to embrace his legacy of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. And that’s saying nothing of Trump’s volatile temperament and utter inexperience in governing so much as a junior high student council.

Time will tell how much damage he will do as our nation’s president, and whether the better angels of our nature will in the end prevail. I can only go on record as saying that I believe most of my Mormon people have made the wrong choice.


  1. “On a personal note, I’m keenly disappointed that as many Mormons were taken in by Trump’s fear mongering as apparently were…but three out of five LDS voters nationally still chose to embrace his legacy of racism, sexism, and xenophobia.”

    Utter nonsense.

    In a country with basically only two options, Democratic or Republican, the only real explanation is that these people plugged their noses and voted with the party that holds their values and policy positions. Not to mention that another 4 years of an already very disagreeable last 8 years of global leadership (in their opinions) would explain it. They wanted a Republican congress, they wanted a Republican Senate, they wanted Republican nominees to the Supreme Court, they wanted a more sensible immigration policy than the ‘open-borders-in-all-but-name’ policies of the past 8 years.

    The ONLY explanation is that in spite of those terrible qualities, otherwise decent, well-meaning people voted for their party.

  2. Shorter, apart from the anti Obama rants, the the failure to recognize what the Republican Party has been doing for decades…

    What I always say, is that always, power trumps politics trumps prejudice trumps principle, every single goddam time.

  3. Jana, I am sure there is much we would agree on in many areas of life, politics is not one of them. You end your article wishing Mormons weren’t “taken in by Trump’s fear mongering” and then go on to say you wish Mormons hadn’t embraced Trump for “his legacy of racism, sexism, and xenophobia”. That is fear mongering. Making people think that if you vote for a more conservative point of view, that you are embracing that legacy. Almost all who voted for Trump have nothing to do with these labels. The media wants everyone to think otherwise.

    By voting for Hillary did you embrace a “legacy” of corruption, quid pro quo and pay to play politics? I wouldn’t try and wrap that around your neck just because you voted for her.

    This has become the religion of the left, “bigotry”. “If you don’t accept our policies, we will shut you up, shame you and label you with the most vile of accusations, even without evidence”. Those who prop up such a narrative and practice (a favorite on college campuses) are the new prosecutors of witch and adultress trials. “Shame, shame, shame” they chant.

    The Holy of Holies of progressivism is race. Nearly everything is defined by it. You even try to define a religion, Islam, as a race. Never mind that the largest population of Muslims is in Asia, or that Europe has a substantial number of white Muslims, or that the most powerful Muslim nation, Turkey, has a majority white population. It’s bizarre!

    I am a long-time independent. I do not have a strong conservative bent. I did not support Trump before the election, but I certainly wasn’t going to vote for Hillary. I have since decided to back Pres-Elect Trump and hope that he actually is able to make good on his “first hundred days” promises. I don’t agree with everything, but that’s ok. I have embraced no such nefarious “legacy” as you wrongly assert.

    Trump did NOT win because his supporters broke the sacraments of progressive ideology, “racism, sexism, and xenophobia”. The biggest change in the electorate was white working class voters in the rust belt. Before you go thinking they are racist knuckle draggers, just remember that they voted for Barack Obama, many of them twice. That’s a black man with a Muslim name! Wait, where is your racism and xenophobia? Not to mention the fact that blacks voted for Trump with a higher turnout for any Republican nominee since Reagan, and that Hispanics regardless of Trump’s ill-conceived words, message of a wall and the weight of Univision, Telemundo and Jorge Ramos, voted for Trump in higher numbers than they did for McCain or Romney who had much softer positions on immigration. But most of all, it was the women. Hillary Clinton’s anticipated “ace in the hole”, getting a large number of the female vote didn’t happen. Even with the crude comments of Trump on the Access Hollywood tape and his very bravado, alpha-male persona, women still voted for him in much higher than expected numbers.

    Trump won because many Americans are tired of being called disgusting names like those you throw at them. Trump won with a message of “anti-establishment”. Trump won because 93% of Washington DC voted against him. Trump won because Hillary, despite having the most money of any nominee in history and the strongest political machine of any nominee in history, and despite the media’s all-out war on Trump, has always been a lousy candidate.

    The labels are hollow.

    I respect your right to a differing opinion without the need to label you as a disgusting person.

  4. I have been extraordinarily disappointed with the idea that 61% of Mormons voted for Trump, yet I think it becomes more understandable for four reasons:

    1. Party loyalty. For decades, LDS leaders have been equating Democratic party politics with either communism/socialism or the party of the World as it were. Mormons are republicans, pure and simple.

    2. Authoritarianism. Several studies have shown that the most common element found within Trump supporters is authoritarianism. Mormons, as a whole are highly authoritarian, giving their leaders near absolute control over their lives, so it should be no surprise that Mormons would favor an authoritarian leader.

    3. Religious liberty. LDS views of abortion and LGBT issues are extraordinarily conservative, and the Obergefell decision demonstrates to Mormons that “religious liberty” was very much Hat stake in this election. Hillary campaigned strongly on defending Roe v Wade and marriage equality, to the point during one debate, when asked about a hypothetical partial abortion edge case, Hillary defended a woman’s right to choose, while Trump made a graphic statement about killing babies, ripping them apart. She may have been right, and Trump certainly overplayed this, but to many voters, this confirmed that Hillary is a “baby killer”.

    4. Hillary’s poisoned well. Many Mormons believe that government is infused with “secret combinations”, and that the modern form of Gadianton robbers has influence in the government. Ezra Taft Benson played on this, as do many Mormon commentators, including, until recently, Glen Beck. For twenty years, Hillary has been the target of a disciplined smear campaign to pin on her criminal activities, and despite twenty years of trying, coupled with over 70 million dollars of taxpayer money, nothing has been indictable. Nevertheless, the accusation poisons her well. The “Crooked Hillary” and “Lock her up” memes play well, and while unsubstantiated by evidence, have the effect to create contempt for the individual. Then, in the final days of the election, the FBI contributed to the unsubstantiated accusations by alluding to further wrongdoing.

    None of these four factors point to the idea that Mormons voted “for” a misogynist, racist, lying demagogue. As another poster noted, Mormons held their noses and voted against HIllary and the Democratic party, with its perceived threats to what Mormons consider “religious liberty”.

  5. This. Jana took the low road with her broad characterizations of Trump voters. Graciousness in defeat is a virtue. Hillary supporters turn an almost pathological blind eye to her deficiencies. Any suggestion of alternative reasons for voting Trump are met with howls and invective. I agree with Jana on many things about the so-called church, but here I have to part ways with her.

  6. It helped Trump tremendously for former RS General President to offer the opening prayer at a Trump/Pence rally in SLC. This action was totally inappropriate and a firm betrayal of the principles and history of the greatness and charity of the Relief Society.

  7. I agree with most of this but have to disagree with number 2. Mormons don’t want government in their lives. Church leaders yes, government, no.

  8. I live in Utah County, so I know quite a few rank-and-file Mormons. The overwhelming response to Donald Trump I observed was negative. He has many, many, substantive defects in his words, his actions, and his character. And yet I know that some people of my acquaintance voted for him, anyway. Why? I think because as deplorable a candidate as he was, Hillary Clinton was orders of magnitude worse. As a candidate. As a politician. As a person.

    Oh, and what mormonado said previously . . . yes. Big time, yes.

  9. I agree that the people that voted for Trump are not all like Trump. But I am still completely confused as to how people could vote for someone who has clearly shown us he is sexist, racist, immature, vengeful. While I felt none of our options were great in this election, I struggle to understand how people could overlook very serious core value/core character flaws and gaps such as his for such a critical position.

  10. I understand your confusion. To some extent, I share it. Similarly, I am confused as to how people could vote for someone so profoundly corrupt and incompetent and devoid of character as Hillary Clinton.

    I know many people who struggled with the issue of whether to vote for Trump, and eventually decided not to. But there was never any question about their not being able to vote for Clinton. Ever.

  11. Where did you get the stat, “temple recommend holders were three times as likely to back fellow Saint Evan McMullin as non-recommend holders, by 18% to 6%” ?

  12. I fear that not allowing women to be ordained, like Joseph Smith taught, the fact that LDS Mormons can’t seem to own up to their mistake of taking the priesthood from blacks (even though Smith ordained them before he started ordaining women), and the rejection of homosexuals- and worse, their children in violation of the Doctrine of Mormonism -will mean that some will feel justified in supporting men like Trump.

  13. Ummmn no. Big stretch from 200 yr old events in the church to electing D Trump. Have fun.

  14. 2 reasons:
    1) Clinton is even worse.
    2) Anti establishment movement. Many Mormons have always had anti establishment sentiments.

    I do care about who Trump the person is, but not as much as I care about what he gets done. If we had always had the Internet, TV and a radical PC culture in American presidential elections, how many of these past presidents would have actually been elected?

  15. I appreciate the comment about why you would vote for Trump. I guess that makes sense-even horrible people can have other qualities and could potentially affect positive change. I don’t want to debate who is worse, but maybe, how could we have gotten to this point as a country where the two that made it through the primaries are such awful people??

  16. Thanks for the comment. Not sure I understand the last sentence. Can you clarify?

  17. Mormon’s have a nasty habit of entangling church and state at a local level.

  18. I find it interesting that the writer here can’t quite get his arms around the fact that Mormons in Utah behaved the same way toward pollsters as the population in general, when it came to declaring how they planned to vote. Slightly less than 2/3 of Mormons in Utah voted for Donald Trump, but didn’t advertise their vote in advance. That’s no big surprise, since Mormons are the 60/40 minority in the major cities of Utah. The polling errors are about the same as what we saw in the population in general, where Trump supporters was driven underground by the threats of ridicule from the press and the other camp.

  19. Maybe it has something to do with the only other party seen as “an option” because of the way this country’s elections are structured putting forth such a terrible candidate that she somehow managed to even lose Michigan and Wisconsin.

  20. Or, another way of looking at this would be to conclude that Mormons decided to not discriminate against someone who lives a different lifestyle than they do. They liked most of the policy proposals that he put forth, even if they didn’t like the way he lives his life. I think this is more commendable than if they had decided to vote for Evan McMullin just because he is Mormon too.

  21. The same way that liberals were able to vote for Bill Clinton despite all his character flaws. America has decided to not discriminate against people who live a different lifestyle and just vote based on the merits of policy.

  22. On the right, Trump and Cruz were the only two “different” candidates. All the others in the Republican primaries were different shades of right-leaning moderate establishment candidates. All 14 of them divided up the vote of those (like me) who prefer establishment, moderate republicans. On the left, Hillary had the DNC playing the game for her against Bernie Sanders- clearly proven through so many emails that have come to light. That is how we got the two worse candidates as nominees in history.

  23. I was hoping for better but still, having Trump held to below 50% in Utah was good. Among Utah Mormons Trump got a bare 50% with 31% going to McMullin and only 14% going to Clinton. When you add Johnson, over 1/3 of Mormons voted for a third party candidate. So I would guess that Mormons outside of Utah went for Trump out of a lack of a better alternative.

  24. I think this election confirms that Church members have lost their moral footing.To see the silly arguments as to why they voted for Trump is a disappointment.

  25. Jana, You may well be wrong in assuming that most of your Mormon people voted for Trump. You correctly observed when talking about the Next Mormons survey that it would be wise to “insert the usual caution here that when we’re dealing with smaller subgroups in a survey, the margin of error is higher.” However, you neglected to observe that the same applies when talking about Mormons within the Pew data. It is almost certain that the Pew data does not represent an optimal statistical sampling of Mormons. The SL Tribune reported 70% Trump vote outside of Utah to counterbalance the Utah result and yield a 61% vote for Trump at the national level, and I’m not convinced that a statistically accurate sample was collected to support that proposition. Pew says their data is a combination of NBC plus CNN exit data. Since CNN lists 61% of Mormons voting for Trump and CBS doesn’t even bother listing Mormons as a separate sub-group, it would appear that Pew’s Mormon data is derived only from CNN’s data, for which Mormons represented 1% of the overall sample (which means that your caution mentioned above would clearly apply). I’m guessing that a poll that is statistically designed to properly account for Mormon demographics would significantly shift the data compared to the 61% figure claimed by Pew. Also, based on my anecdotal sampling of friends, I would say you are definitely wrong that Mormons were taken in by Trump’s fear mongering. The Mormons I know who voted for Trump did it in spite of his fear mongering not because of it. As for me and my previously Republican household, we voted for Johnson.

  26. Trust me when I say that The Donald has a long memory about those who he perceives have “persecuted” him. Mitt and Mormonism aren’t getting away that easily whether they voted for him or not. The Donald could care less about religion. But verily he will remember the 2016 Mormon narrative for “time and all eternity”. And running McMullin against him didn’t help the cause either. He probably didn’t even know Evan’s 1st name but most certainly knew he was a Mormon.

  27. I disagree. I think Mormons generally are less libertarian than they say. Sure they don’t want a liberal government telling them what to from Washington but I think that sort of resistance drops off with a conservative government and agenda. It’s the whole BoM Mormon idea of kings being fine IF they are righteous kings. From my experience most mormons are fine with top-down authority if it’s their team in power.

  28. Sure looks that way. Too many years of close identification with the Republican Party and conservative politics.

  29. Joseph Smith never ordained a woman to a priesthood office.

  30. i guess the person that wrote this article along with the majority of the mormon “leadership” or temple holders HAVE lost their power of DISCERNMENT. I would remind a lot of people that in the book of mormon there was a man named CAPTAIN MORONI. I can see that MANY mormons especially temple holders would prefer NOT to have a LEADER like CAPTAIN MORONI. By the way WHERE ARE MY HOME TEACHERS???

  31. Classic attempt to justify a bad decision by pointing to past bad decisions. A bad decision is a bad decision whether you make bad decisions chronically or not.

  32. I love the argument that Hillary Clinton is worse by orders of magnitude…simply because she is. She’s a politician. She changes her views to adapt to the voice of her constituents or those she intends to represent. I get that she sucks, but you’ve got to be kidding me.

  33. Right, someone who lives a “different lifestyle.” WAKE UP!!! That lifestyle should have resulted in him being registered as a sex offender. What sex offender do you know that you would ever trust? You would trust Donald Trump to run our country…but would you trust him to be alone with your kids…?…your wife?????? Your hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  34. No one here has any sense to discuss the importance of third party candidates in establishing a long game? Why in the world do we always use the mantra “a vote for anyone but ______ is a vote for ______.” We are so scared of the other party that we cannot take steps toward changing the system in which we are enslaved. All reasonable people need to do is VOTE FOR SOMEONE THEY LIKE. Not Donald, not Hillary. ANYONE ELSE. And what do you know, next election people start thinking that a third party candidate is actually a viable option…but no, we vote with parties straight down the ticket because we are so f*ing scared, like a bunch of stupid children. Rather than take a breath and act logically, we fall in line, because we are what…sheep. We love being sheep. We are so sheepish and feeble and weak. And next time…when you DO actually vote for a third party candidate, let’s stop with the incestuous Mormons voting for Mormons thing. McEvan…ugh.

  35. First, I voted for Evan McMullin b/c I would have felt like a hypocrite if I had voted for Trump after how much I criticized Bill Clinton over the same kind of issues. I also disagreed with Trump’s proposals on trade and the wall and his tax plan and a few other things. Remember, there are many, like me, who think Bill Clinton is also a sex offender. Now Republicans and Democrats alike have decided that policy is more important than morals, and that includes many Mormons. I just wonder if this is a sign that getting elected to office in Utah no longer requires a temple recommend, that good Mormons will actually vote for a non-Mormon to be in office in “Zion”. That would be a nice change.

  36. Bernie Sanders was a third party candidate who realized that the primaries are like the play offs and Election Day is the Championship game, so he registered to run as a Democrat. Trump effectively was a third party guy- he has donated money to both parties throughout his career and even talked about a third party run in the past if a good Republican didn’t get nominated. People like Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin should run in the primaries of the party that is closest to them ideologically.

  37. “NOBODY” deserves to be sick Chase. The best doctor for what ails you might be a healthy DOSE of the HOLY GHOST. I dont like to be lied to, but if you do maybe that is the root of your illness. The author decided to paint with a broad brush but i decided to use a finer one. Satire? I guess TRUTH can be viewed as satire. Please tell me where i was wrong ,setting aside the actual numbers of worthy LDS leadership that voted for anybody BUT TRUMP. i dont have the actual numbers at my disposal so i am at a disadvantage. Please Chase get well soon. Sorry you view me as a foe. Oh and try not to swear it drives away the HOLY GHOST.

  38. You do know that Joseph Smith ran for President of The United States right?

  39. LET THE HOLY GHOST be the ARBITER…………..TRUMP 2016 AND BEYOND……… the way he (TRUMP) isnt a misogynist, racist, lying demagogue……….but I know who IS

  40. Of course. And the of that historic fact might be….?

  41. It is your opinion that it is a ‘bad decision’. Another example is JFK. I believe he was one of our best presidents, but we now know his character was horrible. Horrible background and horrible habits.

  42. I don’t know if you were around during the 90’s and after, but even the press will concede that the Clintons operate in a ‘shady’ manner.

    Remember, they were ‘broke’ when they left office in 2000, they are now worth $300 million!, not including the foundation that gives 6% of their ‘donations’ to charity.

  43. I agree with your statement, but not sure how it applies to Trump.

  44. I agree, but in this election, Trump was the 3rd party candidate.

  45. Maybe, but he still won by almost 20 points over Hillary. That’s a landslide.

  46. Nice moniker btw… Who is more SSA? Mitt or Donald?
    Let me know when you win the Democratic vote btw.

  47. She took in the neighborhood of $200 million in campaign contribution from the Saudi Royal Family undoubtedly on the assurance that she’d win by a landslide. What if they and other foreign nations that similarly “bet” on her now want a refund! Maybe that’s why Bill was on the brink of tears during her concession speech. FBI Director Comey served on a business advisory board for the Clinton Foundation. His brother works for the company that handles tax issues for the Clinton Foundation…he should have recused himself but didn’t…over 600,000 emails on Huma’s laptop!…where did the $10 billion Haitian reparation money that Bill was given control of go?…didn’t go to the Haitian people..and on and on…her rap sheet is just too long. A woman president would be fine…just not her. Condie or Carly or even Michelle would have been better than her.

    Church folks shouldn’t be put off by the earthy nature of Donald. Jimmy was a nice guy but a lousy president. The office of president is a sullying experience and not for the faint of heart. Considering all the abuse they take and the perpetual dilemmas they find themselves in, most are arrogant and somewhat megalomaniacial to want the job bad enough to actually put up with the abuse in the first. The fact that they all care about their legacy and want a library in their name indicates that.

  48. i guess your definition of inappropriate and PRINCIPLES for starters. it is very sad that it seems to me that many mormons have lost the ability to discern LIES when they hear them. i congratulate this nameless former rs president for her pioneering SPIRIT,SHE has a name right? we are still on the verge of losing OUR country by secret combinations if you believe THIS which I DO and i personally believe the church has been hijacked and is being held hostage spiritually that is.FOR example the clintons and mcSTEALSOMEVOTES CIA OPERATIVE funded by romney shill ect. GUY. oh and this BECK character he had me fooled for awhile but he in my estimation is a secret combination GUY also. after further reading here at this site i think i walked into a TRAP of “BIG LEAGUE” proportions (THINK TRUMP HERE) . i am only a seeker of TRUTH and proponent of MEN that follow in the FOOTSTEPS OF CAPTAIN MORONI……….please take some time to read about CAPTAIN MORONI……with all the LOVE in my heart

  49. I am pleased to see that the Mormons were not hypocritical like the Evangelicals

  50. Still not seeing evidence that Joseph Smith ordained a woman to a priesthood office. Yes, there are references to privileges, blessings, and gifts of the priesthood, including the gift of healing by the laying on of hands, but there’s not a single ordination to the office of deacon, teacher, priest, elder, high priest, patriarch, seventy, or apostle. In the modern Church, women receive priesthood power through the endowment. I wish we talked more about the ways in which women exercise priesthood power and authority, but women’s role in the priesthood is complementary to men’s just as fatherhood is complementary to motherhood. Just as women have a more prominent and visible role in parenthood (birthing, nursing, etc.), men have a more prominent role in priesthood (by holding priesthood office), but in both cases, one is incomplete without the other.

  51. RE: “So, what happened between this survey [The Next Mormons] and Election Day?”

    Seems to me that a likely possibility is that The Next Mormons survey’s sampling error was revealed; perhaps it didn’t accurately capture the true percentages among all Mormons.

  52. A true lover of God would never sale out God to take part in wickedness. There is no way on Gods green earth can you vote forbsomeone as wicked as Trump and have any Godly beliefs, complete devils work. Trump is hateful, and stands by the almighty dollar, and obviously Mormons share Trumps sentiments. “again I tell you it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle, than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 19:24

  53. How’s that Trump thing working out for ya now? Watch the man boy destroy international relationships that have taken almost a century to build. The only person who Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump. There is a reason he has earned the nickname Don the Con. Also the only religion he knows is the religion known in the Bible as Mammon.

    You’ve been terribly deceived and watch it get much worse. There is a powerful lesson to be learned from this elerience. Sadly too many Mormons may be too stubborn to learn that lesson.

  54. Here’s a quote someone wrote 2 years ago. Mysteriously, he actually has the same username and account as you!

    “It’s time to discuss issues (clearly and concisely) and stop with the hating on the President. It’s time to GROW UP like former Americans who respected the office of the President and who agreed to disagree when they did not like a policy, etc.”

  55. Paragraph 3: “…the strong four-out-of-ratio…”

    Have all the country’s proofreaders died? I see this stuff EVERYWHERE.

  56. I wonder how LDS would vote now? My suspicion is the vote would be unchanged despite the disasterous start to this presidency. The fact is US politics is so broken people vote purely on partisan lines and ignore all other considerations, and US Mormons show themselves to be no different from the general population in that respect. The disappointment is that I expected LDS people to show more intelligence, wisdom and compassion than that.

  57. I haven’t seen any major problems in his presidency.

  58. I was so disappointed in hearing that Mormons were voting for Trump, I almost left the LDS church. Was so glad to see that so many of us DID NOT vote for him. How can any child grow up with a strong faith view knowing their parents voted for a man who is everything opposite of what is right and pure? His talk on women is enough for me to distance myself form this vulgar man for the rest of my life.

  59. We have a responsibility to see more and in a broader view and with wise understanding. I am Mormon and I voted Democrat for many good reasons. For any person to vote stubbornly for a president who follows your political party is why a country ended up with someone like HItler. Think about it. We were not meant to be stupid, or remain ignorant. For all we saw from Trump from the very beginning were enough warning signs to NOT vote for this man of debauchery. But choosing to be blind is a sin in itself.

  60. But Trump HAD no values. He displayed racism, bigotry, hostility, anger, violence, impatience, I mean you name it, he did not have the professionalism to be a President. I think the Republican party has pent up anger inside themselves and embraced this crazy man to do their dirty work they were too afraid to show themselves. Now that is sick.

  61. Your argument holds no truth. Of course you who voted for Trump DID embrace his NON values….YOU voted for him, and everything he stands for he represented for you. You can’t say that he does not represent your values, how irresponsible that is. YOU voted for HIM and that goes with his package. Shame on you for voting for a man who does not respect God or his values, and that is plain and clear.

  62. Exactly. They who voted for him did nothing about his ugly behaviors. Look at the Christians who voted for him and trying to make that argument. How sneaky and deceiving they are. Trump is dirty loud and clear. For anyone of God vote for him is a betrayal of faith. It takes a true Christian to make a stand against Trump and NOT vote for him.

  63. Ridiculous. Now look what we’ve got in the White House. Never before had the Democratic party seen this kink of mess. Use your head and reasoning like God gave to you. Think bigger, and wider and truer.

  64. Again, the argument is universal. Shame on you for voting for a criminal. Hillary is a con artist. A pay for play politician. She used the State Dept do deepen her own pockets and solidify her run for president. No proof, after all of this time, that Donald colluded with Russia. But plenty for Clinton. That’s why she originally pushed the Russia narrative when she lost. Hillary chose the ‘reset button’ with Russia. Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. Bill was paid $500,000 to speak by the Russians. It was Hillary that had 13 cell phones destroyed with hammers, ‘bleached’ her computer, etc. That is Obstruction of Justice. What kind of person does that? It was Hillary that went after Bill’s sexual assault victims. These are actual occurrences, not pie in the sky allegations.

    Yet you have no problem with this because she is a woman and on the left. ‘You can’t say she does not represent your values, how irresponsible that is.’ ‘YOU voted for HER and this all goes with her package.’ ‘Shame on you for voting for a woman who does not respect God or his values, and that is plain and clear.’

    See how that works? Truths are universal. We learn more when we can apply them on all sides.

  65. Sorry to hear that politics rises above your religious/spiritual self.

  66. Office? I’m talking about keys. They held the priesthood keys within the Relief Society. They blessed and healed the sick with oil, etc. There’s no reason women can’t hold these keys as offices in the Relief Society now.

  67. Nice of you to respond a year later. I still don’t see any reference to keys. All you’ve given me is a link to the website of a tiny offshoot church, which doesn’t immediately present any historical evidence backing up your point. Maybe a citation to an original source would help?

  68. Mormons and Evangelicals who voted for Trump prove they have no integrity. They cast their vote for a serial adulterer who abuses women, lies constantly, steals from clients and customers, and incites racial hatred.

  69. DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW THE THE 3(presidents)….12(apostles)….3(bishopric)…..7(presidents of the 70 quorums) VOTED???……i believe i already know…….has anybody here READ ALMA 51???

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