“Issues and Ideas Leading People Away from the Gospel.” Graphic courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mormon church challenges legality of leaked documents

“Issues and Ideas Leading People Away from the Gospel.” Graphic courtesy of MormonLeaks

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(RNS) There's WikiLeaks and VatiLeaks. And now there's MormonLeaks.

MormonLeaks — a group of former Mormons who leak documents related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — is engaged in a legal tussle with the church over its latest batch of published data.

This is the first time the church, based in Salt Lake City, has officially taken notice of MormonLeaks, which has published 66 internal church documents since the group's founding in December.

At issue is a church-produced PowerPoint presentation that shows people, organizations and issues the church believes is luring people away. Each is presented in a bubble, organized from the far left to the far right across the image.

Among those on the list is Ordain Women, a group that seeks church priesthood for women, currently reserved only for men; John Dehlin, founder of Mormon Stories podcast, which has been very critical of the church; blogger Denver Snuffer, who was excommunicated from the church for apostasy; and others.

The chart also lists "Incredulity over Church history" — a reference to skepticism about the historicity of events recounted in the Book of Mormon — pornography and secularism as issues pulling people out of the church.

The PowerPoint slide has roiled the Mormon blogosphere and has come to be called "an enemies list" by many inside and outside the church.

Lawyers for the church, which claims some 15 million members worldwide, asked MormonLeaks to take down the documents, claiming they are copyrighted and not authorized for publication. MormonLeaks' lawyer has countered that claim by saying the documents were obtained legally and that it has a "right to distribute it in its capacity as a journalistic resource."

MormonLeaks was founded by Ryan McKnight, a Mormon activist with a history of leaking church information. Most of its leaked documents deal with church finances. A 2012 Reuters investigation estimated member tithes alone bring the church $7 billion a year.


  1. Goshes! At least gay people are nowhere to be found on the enemies list, errrr ummmm, issues list. I guess we’re too busy destroying faith, freedom, and western civilization to have time for the Mormons.

    Curiously, though, pornography IS to be found there, Implying that people would rather watch porn than tithe. Porn is free, so I guess so. but it certainly doesn’t say much for the latter day word o’ god if THAT is what is causing its decline. And ordaining women is indicated as a far left issue, almost as if equality, both legal and spiritual, is only a left wing issue.

    What isn’t there? The product being sold is simply losing its appeal.

  2. I didn’t see any mention of other religions, either.

  3. I didn’t want to be accused of being a god hater, or sumpin’. ?

  4. That now falls under “lack of righteousness”. But only if you “act on it”. It’s okay to be Mormon and gay now, as long as you don’t – you know – do gay stuff. (I wish I was making this up.)

  5. What if I acted on it and was really, really sorry about it until the next time? would that count?

  6. I know you’re not making this up. It’s as improbable as using two rocks in a hat 200 years before harry potter.

  7. Worth a read: “The Sword of Laban; Joseph Smith, Jr. and the Dissociated Mind” by William D. Morain, M.D. published 1998 by American Psychiatric Press.

  8. Ironically, Mormonleaks is challenging the churches “morality” and “honesty” Considering the 150 years of pathological lying from the church, it shouldn’t come as any surprise.

  9. Actually, they have LGBT Rights coded into the list by putting “John Dehlin” at the top of the list on the left side. The 2015 Dehlin-Bradshaw Study of 1612 LGBT Mormons and ex-Mormons shot giant holes in the “pray-it-away” theory espoused by the Mormon Church. Participants rated their efforts to go straight, the effects of being pressured into straight marriages, how Church activity helped or harmed their lives after coming out to themselves or others, and a lot of other Mormon “sacred cows” that obviously undercut the General Authorities that all their LGBT worries are now “John Dehlin” worries.

  10. I didn’t know he was responsible for that. I like him more already!
    The question for me is: how can I get on the list?

  11. The list covers just about every rational reason to stop being an active member of the LDS Church, but you have to know the code in the list to understand it. When the diagram shows the name of a person, that person is being used to represent a whole host of issues that the Church thought it was being clever to represent through that one name. For example, while John Dehlin is not the single most outspoken LDS advocate for LGBT rights, his co-authorship of the nationally published and widely peer-reviewed 2015 Dehlin-Bradshaw Study of 1612 LGBT Mormons and ex-Mormons paints a huge target on the Mormon Church for its long history of hypocrisy and abuse toward the LDS-LGBT community.

  12. Also, Robert Norman and Denver Snuffer represent the notion that a person can become their own “Joseph Smith and the peep stones” in that Smith’s revelations are actually a do-it-yourself guide to personal spiritual independence, not just reasons to fall into lockstep with Mormon Church leaders. So, too much personal independence as a Mormon “true-believer” is considered right-wing apostasy by the “Brethren.” Obviously, some indigenous shaman feel the same way, since I met such a shaman 40 years ago who claimed to regularly commune with the departed spirit of Joseph Smith. Nice to know that too much “spiritual independence” puts you on the Church “enemies list.”

  13. That may be because in their judgment, for all the heat that is created by Christian anti-Mormon apologetics groups, they’re not losing members to it.

  14. “Incredulity Over Church History” may not just refer to the historicity of the Book of Mormon, it may also refer to actual or alleged events in the history of the Church after its founding by Joseph Smith.

  15. Can you provide a link to tha study? I’d like to read it and keep it with my files.

  16. Depends on how much you groveled and how generous your so-called authorities decided to be. 😀

  17. As long as I don’t have to spank them and yell out Daddddddeeeee!!!!! IM fine with it,

  18. A most interesting aspect of Mormon Church income is the amount of tithing money that flows into the Mormon coffers from Mormon converts who have been members of the LDS Church for five years or less, before these individuals seek to resign from Mormonism. You see, the full-time Mormon missionaries fail to disclose the entire real theology of Mormonism to Christian investigators of Mormonism in the set of presentations (discussions) that are presented to the investigators to prep them for baptism into the Mormon Church. What is this theology? That the God of Mormonism is a mutable, changeable, god who was once a human man born on a planet somewhere in the cosmos, and that the ultimate destiny of all Mormon elders is to “become as great as the Mormon father-god, by becoming, each and every one of them, Mormon father-gods, with a capital G. At the present, three out of every five Christians who convert to Mormonism decide within five years time that the Mormon Church is a pagan cult, and resign by asking for their names to be removed from the records. By that time, these convert Mormons have paid 1/10th of their incomes to the Mormon Church for the number of years they remained in the church. Now, this disclosure about pagan Mormon polytheism comes in stages and the objective of the Mormon ward bishop is to see to it that these people are conditioned to accept this non-Christian theology within two-years time. Some Christians-turned-Mormon discover the truth about Mormonism earlier than other Christians do, and resign from the religion before they are prepped to go to the Mormon temple. Others, like myself, have to go to the Mormon temple to discover the pagan heresy that is taught there.

    The Mormon Church accrues between $18,000-$24,000/year from each of these full-tithe payers, or around $4,320,000 per year from approximately 180,000 new converts baptized by full-time missionaries every calendar year. And this money is, in my opinion fraudulently obtained, because if full-disclosure of Mormon theology had been given to these Christian investigators by the Mormon full-time missionaries before they were baptized, probably 90 percent-or-more of them would have refused to be baptized.

  19. For over 170 years, the Mormon Church has been prevaricating, or lying, publicly about its theology, doctrines, and history, while at the same time representing itself to honest, true, chaste, benevolent,and virtuous. Lying for the Mormon lord began officially over a hundred years ago, and the pragmatism of the Mormon Brethren (the GAs) has increased in direct proportion to its main objective of keeping the tithes and offerings flowing into the Mormon coffers. It’s very plain why the Mormon Church does not want their internal publications on websites for public perusal. It fully realizes that its theological, doctrinal, historical, and financial documents leaked to the Internet, and the press, will expose its heinous fraud of deliberate misrepresentation in its full-time missionary program and in its statements, made by the GAs in speeches and during general conferences. The Mormon Church in the 21st Century is much like the German Nazi Party during the final years of WWII. The Nazis kept immaculate records of their most atrocious crimes, and tried to keep those records from falling into the hands of the Allies when Germany surrendered. If that lawsuit for fraud of Tom Phillips against the Mormon church had succeeded in Britain, the piles of evidence of material deliberate misrepresentation would have been substantial. One Mormon judge unlawfully dismissed that lawsuit for lack of standing.
    As an ex-Mormon elder and missionary for 30 years, 1970 to 2000, I have attempted to persuade the USDOJ, with plentiful evidence, that the Mormon church is guilty of criminal fraud, but there are too many Mormons in the FBI and the USDOJ for such an investigation and indictment to pursue. The Mormon Church, as a criminal enterprise, has succeeded in getting top graduates from its BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School placed into the USDOJ just for the purpose of monitoring attempts by citizens, ex-Mormon Christians, to get it investigated.

    In order to legally mitigate the damages that could result from its fraudulent and deliberate misrepresentation, the Mormon Church has produced numerous essays during the first and second decades of the 21st Century, and has placed those essays on the LDS.org website admitting to the public what Christians have alleged about Mormon theology, doctrine, and history for over 170 years; that’s it’s all a bunch of steaming horse pucky, as MASH’s Colonel Potter would say. These essays may be found at the following web address: https//mormonessays.com
    You see, the Mormon Church is like a fraudulent multi-national insurance company, which sends its programmed agents to knock on doors to induce unwitting Christians to buy its fraudulent insurance policy, or to accept Mormonism by baptism, and to begin paying one-tenth of their income to the Mormon Church. These agents do not, at all, provide full legal disclosure of all the terms of their insurance policy regarding true and correct theology, doctrine, and history of the Mormon LDS Church. When a Mormon convert pays his first tithing check to a ward bishop upon being baptized, consideration has been supplied to form a promissory contract. The contract is, however, void on its face because full disclosure has not been provided by the offeror, the Mormon Church, to the offeree, the convert. Regardless of what the Mormon church has published on its LDS.org website, the words spoken verbally in representation of Mormon theology, doctrine, and history by the tens of thousands of ubiquitous full-time Mormon missionaries to the hundreds of thousands of Christian investigators they contact are the basis for determining the criminally fraudulent misrepresentation, or lying for the Mormon lord, that prevails.

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