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Trey Pearson releases first music video since coming out as a gay Christian rock star

Artist Trey Pearson hugs a man in a final scene from the music video of his new single, “Silver Horizon.” Screenshot from YouTube

(RNS) This past year has given Trey Pearson “a lot to write about” in his songs.

In May, the former frontman of Christian rock band Everyday Sunday came out as gay in a letter to fans.

In August, he was invited to perform at Joshua Fest, which he says would have made him the first openly gay artist ever to play a major Christian music festival. He was uninvited when members of Joshua Fest’s production team threatened to quit but still ended up appearing onstage for a song with the band Five Iron Frenzy.

Now Pearson has channeled all of that into his first solo single, “Silver Horizon,” and its music video, which premiered earlier this week.

“The song is very much about my journey, especially over the last year and a half, but really kind of having to go through the darkness and the toughness — just all the hardship to find the light on the other side and the new beginning and the hope,” the performer told RNS.

“I just wanted to find a way to portray that in the video.”

In it, a young gay man sings during a church service, then shares a kiss with his partner to applause from the congregation.

The musician said the sequence reflects his feelings about seeing more churches become “open and affirming” to LGBT members, “and, in all seriousness, my desire to continue to see a change. I wanted to make a video that portrays the church when it’s at its best: unconditional love and joy and showing the love of Jesus.”

Next up, Pearson plans to release an EP in May and will tour the country this summer, visiting churches along the way and continuing to share his story.

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