Anti-Shariah rallies nationwide ‘intended to manufacture fear’

A protester holds a sign during an anti-Sharia rally in Seattle, Washington, U.S., June 10, 2017. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/David Ryder

Counterprotesters hold signs and shout slogans during an anti-Shariah rally in Seattle on June 10, 2017. Photo courtesy of Reuters/David Ryder

RICHARDSON, Texas (RNS) If Muslims have their way, said the man with the megaphone, there will be no justice for America’s goats.

“Why do Muslims rape their goats so much?” Jim Gilles asked his fellow protesters gathered Saturday (June 10) outside one of the largest Islamic worship centers in the Dallas area. “It’s because they’re perverted, demonic, sex-crazed … sick perverts.”

Such outlandish statements appeared to seem completely plausible to many of the 200 or so participants of the rally held outside the Islamic Association of North Texas in the suburb of Richardson.

The demonstration was one of about two dozen “Marches against Shariah” organized Saturday in cities across the country by ACT for America, a self-styled grass-roots national security organization.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups including neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and black separatists, considers it to be a hate group. The SPLC says that since ACT for America’s founding 10 years ago, it “has grown to become the largest grassroots anti-Muslim group” in the country, with 1,000 local chapters and a claimed membership of 280,000.

Protesters outside the Islamic Association of North Texas, a large Muslim education and worship center in Richardson, Texas, hold one of a number of anti-Shariah rallies across the country on June 10, 2017. RNS photo by Bruce Tomaso

There were also anti-Shariah rallies in major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Denver and Seattle. In some places, the protests were met by counterdemonstrations, and in some cases there were scuffles between two sides. In Manhattan, the counterrally was significantly larger, the New York Daily News reported.

There was a smaller number of counterprotesters in Richardson, many of whom have friends who worship at the Islamic center. Some in the anti-Shariah crowd wore desert fatigues and carried military-style handguns or rifles. The rhetoric was often rancorous, and tempers seemed to rise with the searing North Texas heat, but a robust contingent of Richardson police officers kept the peace by keeping the two groups separated.

ACT for America — the first three letters stand for American Congress for Truth — says its mission is “to protect America from terrorism” and safeguard “the Western values upon which our nation was built.”

Among its initiatives has been to push for passage of state statutes and constitutional amendments — known collectively as “American Laws for American Courts” measures — that would prohibit courts from deciding cases by applying Shariah, a body of Islamic laws and practices derived from the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va., ACT for America was founded in 2007 by Brigitte Gabriel, a Maronite Christian who was born in Lebanon.

The group steadfastly denies being anti-Muslim. The enemy isn’t Islam, its website says. The enemy is “radical Islam,” which seeks “to destroy our Western way of life.”

But Gabriel, in her writings, in interviews with right-wing publications and in other public pronouncements, has often blurred any line between “good” and “bad” Islam — as did many of her followers in Richardson. (Gilles, for example, carried a large placard that said, “Every real Muslim is a Jihadist!”)

“Islamic terrorists … are really just very devout followers of Muhammad,” she wrote in 2006. “They are following his example and doing exactly what the Koran teaches.”

In a 2007 lecture at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va., she said that a devout Muslim “cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.” In the same lecture, she was reported to have said Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to hold public office.

Saturday’s demonstrations, scheduled during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, were denounced by more than 100 religious, community and civil-liberties organizations across the country, including Amnesty International USA, the Anti-Defamation League, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Methodist Church, the Sikh Coalition, the American Friends Service Committee, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the National Council of La Raza.

In a letter to the mayors of host cities, the groups said the demonstrations were “intended to manufacture fear of Muslims” by “disingenuously” raising concerns about Shariah taking root in American courts.

“We are deeply concerned about the type of message that these protests send to the American public and to the good people in your city — that it is acceptable to vilify people simply because of their faith,” the letter said.

Khalid Hamideh, the lawyer and spokesman for the Richardson Islamic center, said “it is absolute nonsense” to suggest that Muslims are plotting to set up religious courts in America, substituting the judgment of Shariah for, say, the Bill of Rights or the Kansas Motor Vehicle Code.

Shpendim Nadzaku, the center’s imam and resident scholar, said of the protests: “They are anti-Mulsim. Let’s just call a spade a spade.”

Shpendim Nadzaku, left, imam and resident scholar at the Islamic Association of North Texas, and Khalid Hamideh, attorney and spokesman for the association, discuss an anti-Shariah protest at their place of worship. RNS photo by Bruce Tomaso

However improbable the establishment of Shariah in America may be, ACT for America and allied groups have attracted broad populist support by vowing to stamp out the threat.

In 2015, Beth Van Duyne, then the mayor of Irving, Texas, was cheered by Tea Party Republicans nationwide for fighting to stop a court in her city from imposing Shariah.

As it turned out, there was no such court — Van Duyne heard about it through a chain-letter rumor, which proved to be false. But that didn’t stop her from pushing for passage of an American Laws for American Courts bill in the Texas Legislature. Muslims, she warned, were intent on “bypassing Texas courts, bypassing American courts.”

This spring, after Van Duyne opted not to seek a third term as Irving’s mayor, President Trump selected her as a regional administrator of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, overseeing federal housing programs in Texas and four surrounding states.

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  • If muslims want a more peaceful life and don’t want to be “picked on”, perhaps they should start treating each other a little better? They don’t even like themselves.

  • I feel a great surge of pride at seeing the United Methodist Church among the groups denouncing this racist nonsense. Like that rather stupid mayor who was informed about Sharia law by a chain letter, this is just idiots trying to whip up bigotry against a minority under false pretenses. I shouldn’t have said idiots, that’s an insult to real idiots. It’s manipulation, and we know manipulation works, otherwise we wouldn’t have Cheeto Jesus in the White House.

  • ISIS is sure getting its money’s worth with these rallies.

    “Daesh’s obsession with the “extinction” of the grey zone lies in the value of this narrative to its recruitment purposes. If it can convince impressionable and disgruntled Muslims that they cannot possibly live as Muslims in Europe, and that Daesh somehow embody the actualisation of Islamic ideals in the form of a utopian “state”, then potential adepts may feel squeezed into choosing a camp, a choice which Daesh seeks to facilitate with promises of redemption and uber-machismo and by playing on real concerns over the religious freedom of European Muslims.

    From this perspective, any state repression or racist backlash provoked by acts of terrorism is just an extra boon.”

    Its telling that the people most crowing about “Creeping Sharia” are the ones with no regard for first Amendment religious freedoms themselves. They oppose free exercise of religion for all faiths and attack separation of church and state. Their objection isn’t the descent into theocratic dictatorship, its the choice of which religion runs the theocracy.

  • In this country they do. Its amazing what freedom of speech and freedom of religion do for people.

  • Those counter-protesters are just pacifist leftists who don’t see islam for what it is… a myth based, post iron age religion created by a delusional warlord, that is still spreading by the sword (as intended) on several violent fronts worldwide today. People would rather bow in fear as to not offend the muslim majority, and as a result the incursions of islamic violence are more common in western societies. Brigitte Gabriel is spot on, extremists are just following what the religion literally orders, while everyone else says “its taken out of context”. Whilst we all must be kind to our fellow human regardless of religion, islam doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect. To critical thinkers, belief in islam (or any abrahamic religion) is the epitome of intellectual deficiency, when in 2017 there is so much factual information about the origins of life that discredits all of these outdated beliefs.

  • Wrong. They are sane people who aren’t fond of being manipulated by terrorists.

    “The Islamophobia …plays right into the hands of ISIS, as does the war fever. The terror group has been quite clear that its strategy is to eliminate what it calls the ‘grayzone’ where Muslims and non-Muslims live in harmony. It aims to provoke Western governments into clamping down on their own Muslim populations, the better to drive them into ISIS’s arms. In its magazine Dabiq, ISIS applauded George W. Bush’s post-9/11 language: ‘Bush spoke the truth when he said, “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” I.e. either you are with the crusade or you are with Islam.’”

    So how does it feel to be doing the bidding of ISIS?

  • I never said they were not sane. I also do not support government “clamping down” of religion, so not sure what your point is. Its an ideological struggle, that could be solved with proper education.
    So what it sounds like you are trying to do is silence plain truths because you are fearful of retribution. Teaching yourself to be accepting of a horridly intolerant religion like islam because you fear it, is the essence of forced submission. So question right back at you, how does it feel to be submissive and weak?

  • ¨how does it feel to be submissive and weak?¨
    oh ka-boom
    let alone quoting a total turd of a news website.

    dare to be different, never follow the crowd

  • Ignorance promotes fear. Both are the hallmarks of the right wing. It informs their positions on so many things – civil rights for any minority, treatment of crime, our prison problems, invasions of foreign countries, religions, etc.We now have a president who celebrates ignorance (“I love the uneducated”) and is there because of the ignorance and fear his campaign promoted.

  • Not at all. The same sentiment is echoed in many sources. The point is terrorism isn’t about just causing mayhem. It’s about provoking panicked responses. Always has been that way. ISIS loves islamophobia.

  • How are laws enacted? People through their government make laws. What are the chances we’ll see Sharia laws enacted by our representatives here? Courts don’t make laws; they interpret them. Though blasphemy laws are different. I bet there are even states in the US with old unremembered blasphemy laws on their books. These have been pushed by Christians who somehow feared God couldn’t take criticism or a joke at His expense.

  • Did you know that when the Moors were pushed out of Spain the Christians forced the Muslims living among them to convert, by the sword? Christians, for the most part, have got over that sort of counter productive behavior. It’s the same with modern Muslims.

  • Seriously, you have no idea what you are talking about. No source for your idiotic statements.

  • I would disagree that courts do not “make law,” often in their subjective and sometimes politically biased way, some jurists in fact legislate from the bench, rather than interpret law, they strike it down or so substantially alter it that it no longer represents legislative intent. The courts are only one branch of a three tiered system and are not constitutionally the final word in the law making process, at least to the degree that their decisions sometimes violate the very Constitution they purport to uphold, and that all lawmaking ultimately is a responsibility of the nation’s citizenry. Doubtless, however well educated and trained, jurists are no different than anyone else in terms of subjective response and reasoning. Thomas Jefferson made this same argument while President, though he also was not immune from political subjectivity.

  • Non sequitur. The Democratic Party defends religious freedom, as the Republican Party should but does not. “Sharia” needs no defense; it is merely a form of pastoral counseling available to members of Muslim sects and does not intersect with civil law ever except when referrals are made for mediation, just like certain Jewish and Christian counseling services and such. It has nothing to do with race. Like Christians and Jews, Muslims may be Caucasoid, Negroid, or Mongoloid by race and receive religious counseling if they so choose.

    In the above post I did not address my party affiliation. It is true I am a Democrat and as such did not vote for Mr. Trump. Most Democrats did not vote for him, and most Republicans did not vote against him, with major exceptions in certain districts which contain better educated voters. He based his appeal on xenophobia, such as the disinformation about Sharia which you picked up. Research has shown racial animus in his appeal garnered him votes. The real Republicans of more moderate views broke for him in most areas he carried late in the campaign, after James Comey’s unfortunate pronouncements about Mrs. Clinton’s e-mails, which turned into the nothingburger they always were.

    Any accusation “we” Democrats are “racists” has nothing to do with Sharia. It is true everyone has a degree of racism. It is true before 1965 or so Democratic organizations in the South were overtly racist, as were city machines like in Richard Daley’s Chicago apparatus. It is also true that after 1965 or so the bulk of racists began voting overwhelmingly Republican, and Republican candidates like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Mr. Trump based their campaigns on racism. However race has nothing to do with Sharia.

  • “Defend Sharia”? Are you talking about what people do in dictatorships in the absence of state rule of law as a shadow government or are you talking about the form of voluntary arbitration done in developed countries on the same lines as other forms of alternative dispute resolution?

  • ISIS loves Islamophobes

    “When Isis executes its attacks, it has a script. It knows that Muslims will be blamed en masse in the aftermath. One of its key aims, after all, is to separate western societies and their Muslim communities: if Muslims are left feeling rejected, besieged and hated, Isis believes, then the recruitment potential will only multiply.

    “Central to its world view is the belief that communities cannot live together with Muslims,” as Nicolas Hénin, a former French hostage of Isis, wrote, “and every day its antennae will be tuned towards finding supporting evidence.” The blind executors of the extremists’ wishes are not only on British shores, of course: in the US Muslims have to endure growing threats of violence and abuse.

    It would be comforting to dismiss this anti-Muslim prejudice as the preserve of a few knuckle-dragging thugs. But what is so uniquely dangerous about it – undoubtedly much to the delight of Isis – is that it is sanctioned and promoted by the media.”

  • That’s not what we got here in the developed democratic, freedom loving world. Nor likely to in the near future.

    Despite the natterings of Christian Fundamentalists, religious belief is still not an excuse to get out of laws of general application. Especially those meant to protect the public from harm. I am against throwing people off buildings and stoning people to death as well. Its all murder.

    But if it makes you feel any better it is Scott Lively’s Christian agenda in Africa and Russia.

  • ” Christians who somehow feared God couldn’t take criticism or a joke at His expense”.

    But they didn’t behead people, besides we are talking about today not 100 years ago.

  • True about christians, except a lot of “modern” muslims have not gotten over this behaviour, and seem to quietly support violence and non progressive laws. Just a few years ago cartoon protestors became violent, and even in progressive multicultural societies like australia, there were examples seen of “moderate” islamic women and children holding up signs calling for beheadings and violence.

  • Pacifist apologists like you just ignore the core islamic problem, stay silent, react calmly to the terror, and enjoy a nice cup of tea in your safe space and pretend nothing is wrong while half the world burns. Don’t ever tolerate islam’s overall desire to change western values and way of life.

  • The greatest threat to this country, world – humanity, is these self deluded idiot’s ‘congressmen’ they ‘voted’ for. They’re budgetless, $20+TRILLION in debt, intentionally sending jobs abroad, deviously neglecting/exploiting society/humanity, relentlessly and intentionally genociding the middle east, feverishly militarizing the planet with 800 bases and counting, selling arms and munitions like a colossal, deathmerchants fueling wars/feuds all over the world.. upheaving Africa and overthrowing South American governments for over a century now …creating enemies by the thousands daily …intentionally manipulating, deceiving and exploiting, getting rich from their global anguish, suffering, misery, despair, death and destruction.

    ‘Uhmurukuns’ deserve every bit of physical, spiritual and financial pain they knowingly allow their satanicaly greedy, betraying, corporate whors to ‘legally’ bring upon them… especially after ‘voting’ in, and still right now allowing a treasonous, belligerent, treacherous, guile, insecure coward, a moral-less, puzzygrabbin, tax evading, moronic, vile, repulsive, compulsive perpetually lyin, fkin criminal with a 72 IQ to determine the fate of the human species! WTF!

    It takes a self deluding, fiddlingfool to buy this Evil, planet ravaging BS!

  • Assertions devoid of argument. there is nothing whatsoever “Anti-Christian” about Democrats. We support freedom for all to worship as they please or not, including Muslims. To do otherwise is anti-American.

    As I said above, Muslims are of all races: Whites in Bosnia and Albania, Arabs, Asians, Africans, and all of them in America.

  • yet you chose huff instead of any other source. as legit as quoting alfred e nuemen or the bible. it´s about peoples gullibility to give legitimacy to our military continuing to murder innocent women and children each and every day and needing billions more dollars to further protect us from the boogie man of the day. north korea, the taliban, issis, upickem

  • Pacific? Hell no, Sparky. Just not being an easily panicked fool. You let bigotry make you into a tool for terrorism. ISIS considers those like yourself their best unpaid foreign support.

  • Spuddie, you are spruking the same regurgitated leftist catchphrases on every post. Ill break it down:



    intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

    Yes I refuse to tolerate human rights abuses, sharia law, and radicalisation that comes from islam itself. If you tolerate any of that, you condone it with your silence. the standard you ignore is the standard you set

  • In one of the episodes from Charles Barkley’s American Race series, the subject of Sharia law came up. And it seemed from that episode that the implementation of Sharia Law being fought against by self-proclaimed patriotic Americans would be no different from how some conservative churches implement church discipline on its members. And with no legislative actions being brought to prohibit Church discipline in our nation, the message of those protesting Sharia Law is clear: Christianity is consistent with patriotism and is for America while Islam is not.

    But what kind of Christianity is consistent with being patriotic and is for America? That is the question us Christians must address lest our patriotism becomes a religion in and of itself and corrupts our understanding of the Gospel of Christ. And if the Sharia Law being proposed does not have precedence over our court system, then what are some Americans fighting against when they try to prohibit Sharia Law here?

  • From
    Why is there a need for the AMJA ?

    In English, the AMJA is known as the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America. However, this benign-sounding title is dramatically different, and much more ominous, when translated directly from the Arabic, i.e., the Majama Fuqaha Al-Shariah B’Amrikia (Group of Shariah Specialists in America).
    More specifically, the covert use of the term Al-Shariah B’Amrikia (Shariah in America) should send up an immediate ‘red flag.’ After all, haven’t we been reassured repeatedly that Muslims have no intention of implementing Shariah law here in America, and that Shariah poses no threat to our constitutionally protected freedoms? Aren’t those who raise concerns about Shariah routinely branded as bigots, raving conspiracy theorists and dubious Islamophobes?
    If there is no intention of implementing Shariah law here in America, then why does the AMJA include the Arabic term Al-Shariah B’Amrikia in its official title and logo? And, if these reassurances are really true, then why are Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR so consistently and vehemently opposed to efforts to pass legislation known as American Laws for American Courts (ALAC)?

  • While not Nazis, his summation of the Far/Progressive/ Regressive Left is reasonably accurate. Their embrace if Islam includes anti-gay and misogynist positions held by many Muslims (and fundamentalist Christians). The Left’s embrace of Linda Sarsour is one example. FYI I am a left of center Liberal and atheist.

  • No, maybe they shouldn’t have to deal with antagonistic people standing outside their houses of worship with loaded weapons saying that they’re all goat-f*ckers. But we already know, as evidenced by your response to the anti-Muslim terrorist incident in Quebec a few months ago, that you don’t think violence against Muslims is a bad thing.

  • I’m not pro muslim violence – for, or against them, Arb. They need Christ just like anyone else.

  • I understand that the US education system permits ignorance and irrationality to be inculcated in children, but to this degree? Agent provocateur is the expression that comes to mind, but only after a few less charitable ones.

  • I suspect that any decent human being would hate the version of America you seem to fantasise about.

  • I am also a left of center liberal and atheist and have never see an ’embrace’ of Islam by the left. I am afraid you may be left of center liberal and atheist, but just not a critical thinking one. ?

  • Keep repeating as you may eventually actually believe this propaganda. Sharia Law is simply a red meat issue thrown out by the Repugs to their ignorant base. Tell me, just where does it say “hate thy neighbors?”. Ignorance = bigotry = alt-right Repugs.

  • “Gabriel, in her writings…has often blurred any line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Islam.”
    The problem of holding outsiders to that distinction is compounded by the fact that many Muslims blur the same line.

  • Nobody needs to say one good thing about sharia. That has nothing to do with being liberal. I do notice you never responded to my requests for evidence of your outlandish claims yesterday. (Because you have none. A gentleman would admit they were licked but there are few conservative gentlemen out there these days…)

  • So much hate. Did Daddy beat you growing up, or was it both Mommy & Daddy using leather belts, coat hangers, etc?

    You are in need of some serious counseling as your world view is skewed to the point of being unrecognizable and certainly has nothing in common with Christianity.

  • Funny such generalizations can be said about Christians too. Of course they would be just that, generalizations, stupid ignorant generalizations.

  • Guess we need a moderator to step in.

    We also need a means with which we can tag a post needing to be evaluated by a moderator.


    A questionable source exhibits any of the following: extreme bias, overt propaganda, poor or no sourcing to credible information and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis.

    Bias: Extreme Right, Hate Group

    Notes: FrontPage Magazine is an online conservative political website, edited by David Horowitz and published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California. This source has a pretty strong right wing bias in reporting that often is negative toward minorities and Islam. Frontpage Magazine is also listed on the Islamophobia Network. The Southern Poverty Law Center has this magazine labeled as an anti-Muslim

  • It’s called common law, as in what is the common punishment for ______? 49 of the 50 US states & the Federal system is based on English Common Law. The only one different is Louisiana which is based on French Common Law.

    All this BS about “activists courts/judges” is just that, BS. It has historical roots and clearly is part of the legal system going back centuries.

  • Could we have the same effort directed toward stamping out the threat of Christian law invading civil law and not respecting the most basic ideals of democracy – equality and freedom?

  • Not an embrace but a fear of criticizing Islam that they do not have with Christianity. The same issues that they criticize Evangelicals and Fundamentalists for are present in Islam yet do not get the same attention.

  • I must be hanging around better liberals and certainly reading better atheist thoughts. I criticize Islam as much as I criticize Christianity when merited. I just don’t go around saying all Christians or Muslims are disgusting and should be returned to the country they came from.

  • Except Christians are not murdering themselves and rival Christians. Think about Suni/Shia relations.

  • Yes – you know there are > 1 billion muslims in the world right? Still want to make the generalizations?

  • You make it sound like they are all killing each other. Untrue. But that’s fine; I expect no less from a right wing Christian. Not the brightest bulbs in the box these days.

  • “But what kind of Christianity is consistent with being patriotic and is
    for America? That is the question us Christians must address lest our
    patriotism becomes a religion in and of itself and corrupts our
    understanding of the Gospel of Christ.”

    It’s already happening. I’m a liberal Episcopalian and disabled combat vet and have had my patriotism and status as a Christian questioned on multiple occasions. According to the hate mongers if you do not believe their heresy and jingoism to the letter you are neither a Christian nor a true American.

  • He’s not a Christian, therefore its best not to address him as such. Reactionary is one of my preferred labels as is heretic.

  • Three?

    I’m wonderful thanks – the products of the scientific method are still holding my inherited consequences of evolution at bay.


  • From it’s earliest days, first as colonies and then as a confederacy and then as a federated republic, our nation has in it’s Constitution, law and practice at every level been informed by the Christian faith. Sharia has no place in this nation. If muslims want to come to this nation, let them come legally. Let them be mindful that they must be part of the salad bowl that is our nation. They don’t get to go to the buffet line and just pick and choose what parts they want to accept. They are part of the salad. They don’t get to choose the dressing. It’s been that way for everyone else. They are no exceptions.

  • Maybe ACT for America is a hate group, maybe it isn’t, but pointing to a Leftist partisan organization like the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t help make the case.

  • Doing very well here thank you. God is blessing me left, right and centre……
    I guess it’s 5 holes, eh? My addition lacks…..God bless you.

  • Constitutional precepts, as much as possible, are not to be influenced by the ancient practices you cite, which is why original intent is such an important consideration; i.e. what did the framers intend originally, and how can we interpret that? The answer is by having a good understanding of what the terms they used meant at the time they used them. It is impossible to completely maintain strict objectivity in this sense, but some judicial renderings are so far out on a limb that the reasoning is clearly subjective and biased to a personal point of view, this is making law from the bench in a way the framers did not intend.

  • The Netherlands can’t get its law off the books. Occasionally a few people still go to police with complaints.

  • Kind of like the nooses in progressive multicultural societies ?

    Pew just updated their profile of modern Muslims – even though some of the findings were from a year ago spring,.. Not surprisingly, Muslims also hold stereotypical views of Westerners – violent is the second most agreed upon characteristic.

  • You seriously need further education. The influence of common law continues today. Back in the “good old days” an English village chief would judge violations of common (note the word its important) behavior. If the subject was found guilty he/she would then be sentenced based on what was commonly adjudicated.

    The concept of juries was introduced to the English court system by the Norse. Instead of a single person having to determine guilt 12 members of the village would sit, hear evidence and determine if one was guilty or not.

    Course work I took for my doc included basic legal principles, contract law and personnel law along with some history of the US legal system.

    I have absolutely no expectation that you will accept my statement as you simply dismiss anything that conflicts with your extremely warped narrow extremist world view.

    As to attempting to cite the US Constitution in your false argument, its just that another alt-truth in an attempt to justify a unsupportable position.

    So Mr “I’m right and everyone else is wrong” how about understanding you are not God’s gift to mankind, far from it.

    This the last time I’ll respond. As an educator I found there is a minority of people who just refuse to learn. You obviously fit that category. I’m simply not going to waste my time & effort trying to straighten out someone who has such a warped world view. You remind me of a student I had when I taught at a Vo-Tech who later could not even complete Navy boot camp. He was so out of control having been frequently beaten by his retired USAF Sergent father as “discipline”. Later I read in the local paper’s police column he had been arrested for cattle rustling. He and another Einstein killed a cow & were attempting to drag it into the back of a pick-up. It would have been much easier to lead the cow into the bed & then shot it.

    Another example was a student who believed “it’s OK” if you were able to get away with _______ as long as you were not caught. That was taught to him by his father. He was headed into the Army and was scheduled to go through boot camp the following summer. I warned him if he did not straighten up his drill instructor would take him out in the woods and beat the crap out of him. That fall he stopped by to confirm my warning. Seems he “fell down some steps”.

    Ever hear of a “blanket party”? They are real, but not common. Shipmates would use the “event” as a way to try to keep the jerk from ending up at Captain’s Mast. Worked at least some of the time and no I was not on the receiving end. Watch the movie Hamburger Hill if you do not know what is a “blanket party”.

    Frankly you’re beyond hope. Keep that in mind as you move from low rent job to low rent job and are unsuccessful in maintaining an adult relationship.

  • We have been following the exchange and agree that inflammatory rhetoric has no place in our comments. The user has been removed from our site. Thank you for your interest in

  • My, what a pathetic response. There are substantial numbers of well educated legal professionals who hold views similar to my own, but apart from that you do not hold a monopoly on constitutionalism. Your views with respect to government and religion are somewhat fanatical and your caustic responses to anyone who holds a different viewpoint do not demonstrate a mature Christian character. As to the level of my employment, such has no bearing on my character as a human being. Jesus did not measure people by their professional status. You might keep that in mind as your reflect on your own sense of self.

  • Don’t even think about taking that insult seriously, Edward. This is the same guy who tried to tell me the other day that Galileo got in trouble with the Church for denying the earth was flat. Told me instantly everything I needed to know about him.

  • Yes, but as I believe he has represented himself as a genuine christian stalwart, I have tried to engage him thoughtfully on a number of questions, sadly, thoughtfulness is not his long suit. Unfortunately, our last exchange involved pettiness on both sides.