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Bruce Tomaso

Bruce Tomaso is an author at Religion News Service.

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Southern Baptist seminary turmoil leaves stained glass artists picking up the pieces

By Bruce Tomaso — May 15, 2019
FORT WORTH, Texas (RNS) — A pair of stained glass artists in Dallas lost years of potential income when a Baptist seminary canceled a commission for a series of stained glass windows. The windows, which depict leaders of the so-called 'Conservative Resurgence,' had been on display at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The windows were a pet project of Dorothy Patterson, wife of former SWBTS President Paige Patterson, who was fired last year. The new president had them removed and canceled orders for additional windows.

Christian financial planner praised by Robert Jeffress facing Ponzi scheme charges

By Bruce Tomaso — March 21, 2019
DALLAS (RNS) — Neil 'Doc' Gallagher, a Christian radio house and financial planner, claimed he cared for his clients' spiritual well-being and their finances. But federal officials say Gallagher, who was arrested in March, ran a Ponzi scheme.

Christian company’s $150 million dream of Israeli oil boom may go bust

By Bruce Tomaso — December 21, 2018
DALLAS (RNS) — Zion Oil & Gas spent $150 million chasing its founder's dream of finding oil in Israel. Now that dream and the company may go bust.

Anti-Shariah rallies nationwide ‘intended to manufacture fear’

By Bruce Tomaso — June 10, 2017
RICHARDSON, Texas (RNS) In many places the protests, organized by an anti-Muslim group, were met by counterdemonstrations, and in some cases there were scuffles between two sides.
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