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Comparing Trump to two biblical kings

During last year’s presidential campaign, Ken Burns posed a question to evangelical Christians about the Republican candidate: “What part of Donald Trump reminds you of Jesus Christ?”

The evangelical leaders who supported Trump in the campaign—folks like James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Franklin Graham—did not think it necessary to make that kind of comparison.  They seemed quite willing to grant that there were a lot of things about Trump that Jesus would disapprove of. But some of them simply excused Trump on the grounds that that he was a “baby Christian,” not very far along in his journey of faith. And, furthermore, as one of them put it: “we are not electing a pastor-in-chief.”

I am willing to give them a pass on all of that. As an evangelical,  I typically don’t evaluate presidential performances on whether the leader reminds me of Jesus. I am glad that Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, and that Lyndon Johnson worked diligently for voting rights. I also cheered Nixon for his role in opening up China up to the rest of the world, and George W. Bush for saving lives in the global HIV-AIDS crisis. I think I have good support from the Bible for my views on those matters, and I do think the Bible gives us some measures for evaluating national leadership.

Actually, the evangelical Trump supporters pointed to some biblical measures during the campaign. A reporter called me right after the Republican convention for some background theological discussion about what she was hearing from evangelicals about their support for Trump. When she asked them whether the Bible had any role in their support for his candidacy, they responded by comparing him to two biblical kings: David and Cyrus.

The David comparison is certainly apt. The great king of Israel did some very bad things in his personal life—most notably, having a man killed so that he could commit adultery with the man’s wife. But he is also celebrated in the Bible for some good accomplishments as a national leader.

And even if we discount Trump’s professions of religious faith,  we still have the Cyrus example to consider. The Persian ruler was one of the few pagan rulers in the Bible to get high praise. The Bible even refers to him as God’s “anointed” servant.

So, two good reference points from the Bible. And now we are at the half-year mark in Mr. Trump’s presidency, so I think it is important to see how he is doing in the light of what we know about those two kings. Is President Trump being David-like in his leadership?  Or, lowering the bar a little: is he living up to the standards set by the pagan King Cyrus?

Here are some of things we can think about. In one of the first of many psalms that he wrote, King David asks God to bless his reign. He wants to lead, he writes, the kind of nation where “the needy are not permanently ignored” and “the hopes of the oppressed are not forever dashed” (Psalm 9:18). And  at many points David also asks God to give him a humble and contrite spirit. How do Trump’s many public statements—including his inaugural address and his speech to the National Prayer Breakfast—measure up to that kind of spirit?

And what we know about King Cyrus is that he purposely undid the brutal policies that his predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar, instituted against the captive Jewish people, a minority group in his kingdom. The prophet Daniel had given clear instructions to Nebuchadnezzar about what God required of a pagan ruler: “Therefore, O king, may my advice be pleasing to you. Break away from your sins by doing what is right, and from your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor. Perhaps your prosperity will be prolonged” (Daniel 4: 27).

But Nebuchadnezzar refused to listen, and instead he engaged in some self-aggrandizing boasting: “Is this not the great Babylon that I have built for a royal residence by my own mighty strength and for my majestic honor?” (Daniel 4: 30).  So, as the biblical story goes, God punished Nebuchadnezzar and later raised up Cyrus. And Cyrus got it right.

So, I’m not fixated on how President Trump compares to Jesus.  But I’m glad that many of my fellow evangelicals agree that we should expect Trump to be David-like and Cyrus-like in his leadership.

The time is ripe now for evangelicals to conduct a job performance review in this regard. I have my Bible handy whenever Mr. Trump’s evangelical supporters are ready to get started!

About the author

Richard Mouw

Richard Mouw is Professor of Faith and Public Life at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he also served as president for twenty years. He is the author of twenty books, including Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World. He earned his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Chicago.


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  • The comparison of the alleged repression of Christians to the real captivity and repression of the Jews under Babylon is ridiculous. Stick with the King David scenario.

  • The political pastors behind Trump do not deserve to be “given a pass” on their actions. By their actions, they identify their faith with violence, intrigue, prevarication, and plutocracy. Of course, such is par for the course for Mouw, one of the authors behind the phony “War on Christmas” hoax and the like.

  • As an evangelical myself going on 50 years, I am appalled by these evangelical leaders who fawn over, flatter and make excuses for almost every thing this president says and does. And when they don’t approve of something, they simply keep silent from a stubborn refusal to agree with anyone not of their kind that he is off the wall. In their lust for access to his wealth and political power, they have sold their souls to the golden cow, forgetting that the spirit of anti-Christ has the power to deceive even the very elect. They take the name of the Lord in vain every time they try in the name of Christ to minimize this president’s callousness, vindictiveness, boasting, lies, lies and more lies!

  • At this early stage of Mr. Trump’s presidency it is a bit early to be making such comparisons. However, unless a dramatic transformation in his heart and spirit takes place, it is unlikely that He will rise to the opportunity. I think it may be fairly wagered that David and Cyrus need not fear being eclipsed by Mr. Trump in righteousness or statesmanship.

  • I didn’t vote for Trump bc he was like Jesus. Voted for him bc he wasn’t Hillary. She stands for the murder of the unborn…. how any Christian can vote Democrat is beyond me. It’s their platform not just the individual

  • Is there any evidence Trump is a Christian? Has he ever read the Sermon on the Mount?

  • You completely missed the point. Christians aren’t oppressed in America but there are groups that are

  • There was indeed repression of Christians’ rights as American citizens under the previous oppression. Requiring them to violate their Biblical beliefs was draconian and wrong — also violated the First Amendment.

  • I was/am no Trump fan. At the same time, I see issues just as bad, and even worse, with Hillary Clinton. We did not have a great choice this time. Certainly not my choice.

  • Likewise for the political pastors behind Hillary Clinton and her predecessor. They are not guiltless, they violate the Word of God continually.

  • As much evidence as there is that the Clintons are Christians. We didn’t have a great choice this time.

  • Not repression. Simply a disagreement over the limits of religious freedom versus other people’s civil rights. Ultimately the court will decide on its constitutionality.

    My original point is valid. Any issues with your religious freedoms in no way compares to the captivity of the Israelites under Nebuchadnezzar. Your Christian brethren in other parts of the world are being banned, harassed, imprisoned, tortured and killed. So please don’t whine about the situation here at home.

  • No. The article is about comparing Trump to Cyrus and Obama to Nebuchadnezzar regarding Christians. Both are hyperbole inaccurate comparisons.

    To what groups are you referring?

  • Yes, repression fits. Imposing draconian fines on Christians, causing them to lose their businesses — all of that was repressive and wrong. And a violation of their First Amendment rights.
    This of course cannot compare with the persecution of Christians in other countries — nor did I use the word persecution, did I?
    At the same time, persecution typically does not begin with such oppressive measures. There is typically a build-up in order to “boil the frog” so gradually that people don’t notice or realize what is happening.
    Speaking the truth about the last admin’s repression is not whining. It is simply telling it like it was.

  • I agree the comparisons are not exact, but it is true that Trump promised to restore First Amendment rights which Obama had taken away. So that does compare.

  • This is it. It’s their platform, not just the individual. Thank you for making that clear.

  • Another lie. Trump is busy taking away the First Amendment right to be informed by professional journalist who fact check and get accurate information. He calls down his wrath against them and they get death threats. Trump is a Thug and has not use for the First Amendment.

  • oh, now we’re into how Christians are the victims….egad, what utter garbage. Christians are the persecutor and perpetrators of many horrors like the Catholic Church’s priests molesting hundereds of thousand’s of innocent children. Pope Benedict’s brother, a choirmaster in Germany molested and/or physically abused 456 boy singers. He and other priests were serial predators.

  • You changed the subject and took off on another rabbit trail instead of discussing the topic here.

  • Actually, what I said is true. You changed the subject, and what you said has nothing to do with the First Amendment.

  • The whining is all Trump’s. He’s the whining-est president ever.
    Second the “boil the frog” metaphor is bogus.

    Third, you’re exaggerating again. Fines were not exorbitant and they went out of business rather than serve everyone in “the public.” Businesses cannot refuse to serve one segment of the public just on a whim. You are a business, you agree to serve people who come through the door and ask to purchase your goods or services. SO, they closed the business out of pique.

    Fourth, your comment on First Amendment Rights is illogical and wrong. See business law.

    Fifth: Trump’s repression is burgeoning fascism. Obama, that dear civil, polite, careful, legal scholar did not oppress anyone illegally. He protected the REAL victims of religious bias and refusal to serve: those buying the wedding cakes. Egad, this is so backwards of you.

    Sixth: get your news from wider sources. If you believe all this stuff as truth, then your news sources are extremely biased.

  • Jesus took a coin and said, ‘render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars’. See above. Those in business use the public money supply and thus must obey the secular rule of law in that country.
    I could add, that the big televangelists in this country are so obscenely wealthy that they have multiple Jaguars and certainly neither they or their cars could fit through the eye of a needle.

  • I voted for Hillary because she was the best person running. She had/has experience, caring, intellect, even temperament, and knew how government works. I refused to believe all the lies told about her, like she killed a million Indonesians. All those lies came from ‘bots’ — cyber bullies from Hungary and Russia and paid for by Putin.
    Trump is the most vile and disgusting and dangerous president we’ve ever had.
    And if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. But you have NO right to tell me what to do. Your religious beliefs must not be written into law. Church and state must be kept separate.

  • Trump is busy calling down his thuggish supporters to commit violence against news reporters. Without a free press, we are not free. Even during the campaign he vilified and blamed reporters who were roughed up by Trump goons. I want to hear and see the real news. Not Breitbard garbage or Fux News, which is never news. Fux News runs for two purposes: molest, intimidate, and use women as sex slaves. And two, to keep low information voters in the dark while Trump robs them blind and gives the money to people like Sheldon Adelson and the John Bircher Koch brothers.

  • Military doctors overseas have been excused from having to perform abortions on military bases for YEARS, at least since Bill Clinton’s admin, because that would have violated their conscience,

    . It is not “whining” to simply tell the truth about this, and continuing to make that false assertion doesn’t make it true.

    The boil the frog analogy is applicable wherever people’s minds are slowly being changed, without their even realizing it, to accepting things which once were unacceptable to them. That analogy is true and holds true.

  • The apostle Peter said, “We must obey God rather than men.”

    The Lord declares that ALL immorality is sin and that everyone who lives in immorality is on his or her way to Hell. He makes it clear in His Word that believers who encourage anyone in immorality will pay a severe price.

    “Rendering unto Caesar” does not give believers license to disobey the Lord. That just means that they should obey the government IF that does not require them to violate God’s Word.

  • I agree that “Without a free press, we are not free”, but not the rest of your screed.

    The msm does nothing but fawn over liberal “progressives” while demonizing conservatives with false accusations and half-truths, also with omissions of news which would give the real picture. This is why they were Obama’s cheerleaders. Journalistic integrity? Forget it. They abandoned all pretense of that YEARS ago. Their open bias is shocking.

    They’ve been doing this for years, but Trump — who is not a smooth politician, but tells it like it is — has outed them for what they really are.

  • You said, “hey are not guiltless, they violate the Word of God continually.” This is not a valid argument. This is an assertion devoid of evidence. The follow-up posts are merely acts of obtuseness. You have made a spurious accusation. You have bourne false witness against the majority of Christians for which you should be sorely ashamed.

  • If they really are the majority of “Christians”, tares among the wheat, so what? Christ Jesus said that the way of salvation of narrow, and few there be that find it.

    I have not borne false witness. I grew up in a Religious Left “church” and I know whereof I speak. They have a form of religion, but deny the power thereof. They are like the blind leading the blind, and they all fall in the ditch.

  • You are 100% wrong about that. I speak from experience.

    Bottom line, this is a Biblical issue — you addressed a Biblical issue. My statements are Biblical. What is your objective standard of truth, outside of yourself, by which you determine what is right and wrong?

  • Examples, please. NON-fictitious examples, and remembering that the First Amendment does not and never has meant the ability to ignore or disobey any law you wish without consequences.

  • Show your work, like you do in geometry class. Assertion after assertion is arguing in bad faith. What I believe is not relevant. You appear to believe a series of meaningless catch phrases and scare quotes which you have thus far been unwilling and/or unable to explain rationally.

  • Screw their consciences, their convenient consciences and their false morality. A woman is dying from an incomplete miscarriage and they let her bleed to death. The fetus is dead and the Irish Catholic hospital refuses to act, and the woman, a Hindu, YOU, and they are complicit in her death. Your religion is ”proverbs and ashes.”
    I despise that idea of doctors, nurses, pharmacists refusing to care for the patients they are sworn to serve. You are a nutcase. You are obsessed with religion. Get a life.

  • You people are so desperate to justify your unjustifiable faith that step as low as to compare the Orange pig to a make believe character of the bible.

  • Are you out of your mind? He wants to “OPEN UP THE LIBEL LAWS” and JAIL JOURNALISTS who post stuff he doesn’t like. Amazing the degree of RANK FILTHY DISHONESTY among people who claim to be followers of Jesus. Stinks like SHIT.

  • Donald Trump has paid for 12 abortions that we know about. Two for one of his ex-wives. He has no morality. He is just hustling Christians. His “modeling agency” is being investigated by the NY DA for bringing underage girls to the US for prostitution. He is a compulsive liar. The NYTimes used a full page to list his major lies in just the first few months of his presidency. His whole life has revolved around telling people whatever they want to hear to get what he wants. I have never voted for either party’s presidential candidate, preferring to vote for people like Nader and Perot. But my heart sank when Trump was elected, because I knew his history, with mob lawyer and closet homosexual Roy Cohn, and the Russian and Italian mob. And the thousands of people he swindled. This is not a good man.

  • Dumpy’s numbers are going down even with his base. Many who voted for him are fed up with him. You goobers where hoodwinked. And still are.

  • you forgot the Russian oligarchy, Putin, and his merry band of hucksters and murderers. Dumpy admires Putin so much that his goal is to turn the USA into a model fascist state with him as dictator. And the EFFING religious right is still behind him. Hypocrites for Christ….Jesus be spinning in his grave.

    “From the outside grief looks a lot like anger. The external markers tend to be similar; impatience, bitterness, violent outbursts, a loss of optimism (I’ll cop to those), but the difference is that the source, is a profound loss. Something or someone has died, and this is the mourning that has come to take up residence in your chest cavity in its absence. Yes, you’re all negativity and rage outside but it’s because sadness has fully saturated your heart, and carrying around that heaviness takes its toll after a while.

    Looking around at my country right now I can’t help but grieve at the passing of the faith I used to know, the one I grew up believing was home for me, the one I once wanted to make my life’s work. I am witnessing the second death of Jesus here in American Christianity and no I’m not dealing with it well. When someone you love dies, the disorientation is profound, but when you lose your religion it’s an existential sh*t storm, so you’re going to have to excuse my unpleasantness while I process it.”

  • You stand for murder of adults. Trump supporters a will burn eternal in the bowels of hell!

  • Eternal life is given to believers not unbelievers. I don’t believe the Lord burns in your conscience torment hell. You will either live with the Lord or die eternally … the dead know nothing. I pray you learn the difference. Yes, I support Trump but the Lord doesn’t judge you on your politics… you might live in a communist country or other…. He judges on what you do with Him. May you come to know Christ.

  • Trump is pro life bc that’s his political party’s platform. I don’t know what’s in his heart and neither do you. Haters just want to hate. Personally, I’m hopeful.

  • The lord will judge you for following a false prophet. You will burn in the bowels of hell.

  • Very few people alive on this planet knows the true heart of Jesus. Anyone can claim to be a Christian, but very few are.

  • 1. No evidence of that. Stop reading liberal leaning media outlets.
    2. Trump wants to undo roe v. wade
    3. Trump is not the next coming of Jesus, neither was Cyrus
    4. Trump is light years better than Hillary
    5. Trump has been prophesied from God throughout time. Trump + Pence = Trumpets.
    6. Trump is God’s choice.
    7. Deal with it.

  • 1. Even conservative Fox news has shared some of this information.

    2. Trump wants to satisfy evangelicals and says he wants to undo Roe v. Wade…only the supreme court can do that anyway.

    3. Trump is most likely the man who will usher in the time of the antichrist…he’s already “deceived the very elect.”

    4. Evil is evil…Trump or Clinton. We let the media sell us Trump to keep up their ratings while we tossed away good men like John Kasich.

    5. Trump + Pence does not equal trumpets, which was NOT written in English when first prophesied.

    6. God allowed Trump to become president, just he allowed every other leader to take their positions. However, the Lord gives and he takes away.

    7. Did you deal with Obama? Probably not if I had to guess.

    Now, let me share my thoughts. I don’t hate Trump but I have never liked the man, not even 20+ years ago. I’ll let God’s word address my thoughts on the matter:

    “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For
    men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud,
    blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! (2Timothy 3:1-5

  • I also cheered Nixon for his role in opening up China up to the rest of
    the world, and George W. Bush for saving lives in the global HIV-AIDS

    We should have left China alone, and the Bush’s hurt the world far worse then they ever helped it, they are NWO Evil! = WMDs?

    You need to do research before you praise an Evil vile NWO monsters!

  • I don’t like the man? Why cause he’s not evil?
    Or is it because you think he should be all nice and polished like a brand new Turd like your used to?
    Because of Trump we are not in WW3 and thats a fact.

  • What do you know about American history and WWI and WWII? As for our President, he is the representative of this nation. As such, he should carry himself with both strength and dignity. He is missing the mark…

  • It is ironic that someone who cannot properly use the English language would question if someone is “bright.” As for his heart, “…out of the mouth the abundance of the heart speaks.”

  • I have not compared Trump to any Biblical character, period. But I saw way back when Bill was prez that Hillary directly compares to the Biblical character Jezebel, who is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments. She hasn’t gotten any better since then, but worse.

  • The truth has already been shown, for millennia. God’s Holy Word is Truth, according to Christ Jesus the Lord. If you do not hold to an objective standard of truth which is outside yourself, bigger than your own mind, then you don’t have a way of determining what is truth.

  • Yes, they were. Freedom of Religion means (used to mean) that one did not have to violate one’s conscience. Some people were fined horrendous amounts of money which led to the closing of their businesses. Some were jailed.
    And it was all completely unnecessary. Other bakers would have made the cakes. Other photographers would have taken the pictures. Other florists would have provided the flowers. Etc, etc, etc. Thankfully, now that a modicum of common sense has returned to our land, some of those cases are being overturned. Those who caused them so much harm should have to pay them for the money they lost so unjustly.
    Why is it that no one strong-armed Muslim bakers and florists and photographers, causing them to lose their livelihoods and go to jail? Hmm?

  • Sorry, but when you open a business to the public you must ‘serve’ everyone. This baker styles himself as an ‘artist’ like he had the creative right to deny service. In my book, Christianity is about serving others. Jesus speaks of loving one another and doing good for people.

    Stop acting like a snowflake and get real. This couple went to this baker. Making a cake for them doesn’t violate their ‘deeply held religious beliefs.’ In any case what about the deeply held religious beliefs of the couple, their family, and the diverse belief of their guest. This is not about the baker. He set out to make a test case. The world is changing and such refusals must give way to protect them from the pettiness and pique of this stupid baker.

  • Trump is a false prophet? I thought he was just the prez. I could have never voted for either of the Clintons in good conscience. They’ve been evil for more than 25 years, probably before that.

    I am not a Trump fan, never have been. We didn’t have a great choice, certainly not my choice. I didn’t vote for him. I voted against the socialist/statist Dem agenda which is truly evil.

  • There is none so blind as he who will not see. The people in this country who voted for Trump over Hillary, as flawed as he is, (she’s even more flawed) knew that she would continue the evil agenda which had begun under Billy, made huge unprecedented headway under Obama, and would completely destroy (what was left) of this nation.
    You have the right to disagree, but you can’t change the truth.

  • If everyone who owns a business *must” violate his or her religious beliefs, why has no one forced a Muslim business to cater ham and fixings for an event?

    Why is it that no one strong-armed Muslim bakers and florists and photographers, causing them to lose their livelihoods and go to jail?
    HUGE double standard.
    David Horowitz, who was raised Commie (like Obama, another red-diaper baby as they were called) knows all about this from the inside out. He was a fellow SDA with Billy Ayers (an Obama buddy) way back in the day before he saw the truth and it brought him to his senses. He’s written extensively about this. If you want to know the real truth, his books would be a good start. He’s not a Christian, but he has remarkable wisdom and common sense.

  • you come from the loopy wing of the GOP and evangelism, I take it. Christians don’t hate, not real ones.
    Evidently, you didn’t read my post. When you open for business, you contract (in effect) with the government. You have to abide by regulations for employment standards and get your premises inspected. Those are “intrusive”?? They are not, they are how business is done. You serve the public or you go out of business and live with your bogus ‘purity’.
    Bakers don’t serve ham, in case you’ve never been in one.

  • You said one true thing: Real Christians don’t hate. I didn’t say one word about hate.
    The people who could have had their cakes baked, flowers arranged, and photos made with other vendors deliberately went after Bible-believing Christians because they wanted to a) force them to violate their consciences (a violation of the First Amendment) or b) cause them to go out of business, and/or c) cause them to be jailed.
    THAT is hate. That is bullying.
    And, yes, it is hypocritical for them not to go after people of ALL faiths who do not believe as they do.

  • Did I say that bakers serve ham? I was referring to food being catered at wedding receptions. Surely you’ve heard of that???

    You didn’t answer my question: Why is it that no one strong-armed Muslim bakers and florists and photographers (and caterers), causing them to lose their livelihoods and go to jail? Hmm?

  • BTW, I am not Catholic. The Roman Catholic religious system has a multitude of unBiblical beliefs and rules, some of which have contributed to such horrific actions.

  • LONG before Roe v Wade, it was perfectly legal for doctors to perform abortions to save mothers’ lives.
    60 MILLION babies (maybe more by now) have died in this country because of legalized abortion, most for no reason but convenience. That’s 10 times MORE than the number of people killed by Nazis in Germany during WW2. YOU have been complicit in their deaths.
    Those babies were the youngest, most innocent, most vulnerable among us. Christ Jesus said that it would be better for people who harm them if millstones were hung around their necks and they were thrown into the sea.

  • Do you remember that Chris Matthews compared Obama to God? He said that Obama was “like God, looking down on the world.”
    Either he or Brian Williams carried on about “chills going up his leg” when he heard Obama speak.
    Good grief, they worshipped the man! That’s a whole lot more bizarre than comparing a man to a man who lived in Bible days.

  • Obama did not carry himself with strength. He bowed down (literally) to our nation’s enemies and employed tactics which were designed to cripple and destroy America. You can call that “dignity” if you like. I don’t. I call it treason.
    Trump is not smooth like Bill Clinton and Obama. He doesn’t have a silver spoon in his mouth. But he generally tells it like it is when it comes to our nation’s issues. I much prefer that to a smooth-talking shyster.

    BTW, I know a LOT about our nation’s history.

  • You are entitled to your opinion. As for the “silver spoon” and Trump. He was “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” since he came from wealth. Obama and Clinton were not. This has nothing to do with anything. I never liked Trump, not even 20 years ago when he wasn’t in politics. He has a history of ripping off people, bullying his way into getting his way, womanizing, etc. I’m well aware of our nation’s history and much of it is nothing to be proud of quite honestly. We are a great nation in many ways but we have a very dark side to us, as well. I can only pray for our nation and our leaders. The world is ugly and getting uglier…Come Lor Jesus, Come…

  • You’re right that I used the wrong analogy. I should have said “silver tongue”, not “silver spoon”.
    I also never liked Trump, ever. Never liked his personality or anything else, to be honest. As I’ve said here a number of times, I’m not and never have been a Trump fan.
    I don’t believe there has ever been a worse womanizer in the office in my lifetime than Bill Clinton (going back to his days as governor of AR) and that continued right on at the WH.
    Hillary was his “defender”, defending even his rape of a girl. She called the Lewinsky allegations “a vast right-wing conspiracy”. She is a shameless liar. Bill does have a modicum of charm, but she doesn’t. She has always reminded me of Jezebel in the Bible, both OT and NT.
    I didn’t vote for Trump, because I don’t like the man. I voted for the Rep platform which is much, much better for the country than the Dem platform.
    He has been a much better prez than I expected. He has had much more success than Obama or Bush. He has kept most of his campaign promises. I’m still not his fan, but I am grateful that we’re not under the Dem cloud anymore.

  • P.S. Amen to this:

    ” I can only pray for our nation and our leaders. The world is ugly and getting uglier…Come Lord Jesus, Come…”
    I have felt this way for more than 25 years.

  • I wanted Kaisich. I am unaffiliated and vote both dem and rep…depending upon the issues and their thoughts on them. I’m just concerned about the excessive influence of corporate America on our democratic process…I’m a believer of terms limits and I think the decision for Citizens United should be overturned.

  • Your victim stance is pathetic. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. Just observe the norm that when you are in business, you serve the public. You wing nuts think you can do whatever you want. PS that’s not democracy. If you want to live in a theocracy, try Iran.

  • Absolutely, they were forced to violate their consciences — to violate God’s Word — or to be fined draconian fines, lose their livelihoods, be jailed.
    This is not a “victim stance”. That was news, for several years. Ad hominems are always a red flag.

  • Read the book Stonewalled, by S. Attkisson, to learn of the draconian tactics employed by the Obama administration which would make what you described look like kindergarten play.
    She was employed by CBS News at the time, part of mainstream media.
    Then read her newest book The Smear, which tells from the journalists’ viewpoint what happened during the 2016 prez campaign. If you dare. If you really want to know the truth.

  • In other words, you have no examples, or you’d have provided them instead of spouting vague condemnations.

  • i WAS A FAKE CHRISTIAN AT THE LAST ELECTION…HILLARY CLINTON WOULD HAVE LET EVERY MUSLIM AND THERE BROTHER OVER SO THE UNITED STATES WOULD BECOME LIKE THE UNITED KINGDOM..BEFORE WE LET THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD KILL ALL THE INFIDELS BY SLITTING THEIR THROAT , WE SHOULD THANK GOD FOR TRUMP , ITS ACTUALLY THE CREATOR WHO SETS UP KINGS. and declared: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to Him.He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals the deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.…Daniel 2:20-22 ANYWAYS I THINK TRUMP IS DOING GOOD I HAVE NO COMPLAINT’S. EXCEPT FOR NOT HELPING THOSE POOR PERSECUTED Christians world wide but even hillary clinton wouldNT care just as obama did not. care. i gave up on trying in life after i found out id probably never afford a dodge challenger scat pack edition ill be content with not even trying how bout that?

  • ill try to obey the Creators Commands how bout that or how bout you keep your god away from me so i don’t break the 1st and 2nd commandment..

  • your either on the cnn side or the one american news side..if i had to choose im going with the oan network it just makes sense.

  • Good luck burning. DEATH PENALTY OR PRISON FOR TRAITOR TRUMP. All his supporters should hang next to him.

  • And if u think the Clintons, who have REPEATEDLY been proven innocent by dozens of right wing investigations are evil and trump isn’t, then YOU are a complete and total RETARD. Down syndrome level dumb ass.

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