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God and the Great American Eclipse: religious leader publishes book of revelation on extraterrestrial life as millions look to the sky during the total solar eclipse

As millions across the United States look up to the sky on August 21st to witness the relationship of the Earth to our sun, moon and solar system, Colorado-based religious leader Marshall Vian Summers is releasing a new book of divine Revelation on extraterrestrial life beyond our world.

The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe is the newest book of the New Message from God, a series of written and spoken Revelations received by Marshall Vian Summers over a thirty-year period revealing humanity’s place in a larger universe of intelligent life.

Marshall Vian Summers states that The Greater Community is a communication from God to assist humanity in ending war, stewarding the environment and preparing for the next great evolutionary step facing our world: contact with intelligent life in the universe. (watch the interview) The Greater Community will be released worldwide during the total solar eclipse on August 21st.

A successful Kickstarter project has been launched to support the publication of The Greater Community and its translation into 16 languages.

In addition, the publisher is planning a huge book giveaway during and after the Eclipse, both online and at the massive Glendo Wyoming Eclipse Viewing party (with 50-100,000 planned in attendance). The Society for the New Message, the 501(c)(3) non-profit publisher of the books of The New Message from God, will have staff present giving free print and eBook copies of the new book to those attending.

As awareness builds about life in the universe, the existence of earth-like planets in our region of space and the possibility of Contact with alien visitors from beyond our world, The Greater Community book of Revelation presents a revolutionary shift in religious and spiritual perspective that many find compelling and extremely timely.

According to Summers, through The Greater Community, God is presenting a new vision and pathway for a united human response to the converging global dangers of environmental destruction, climate change, increasing war and political conflict as well as an unprecedented education about the reality of intelligent life in the universe around us.

With this, Summers says that “The information and teachings contained in this book are a direct communication from God. Only God could reveal what life in the universe is really like. Only God could reveal the intentions and full activities of the Alien Intervention operating in our world. Humanity needs this Revelation now to infuse new purpose, relevance and direction into the world’s religions as we enter a new phase of humanity’s history and evolution in the universe.”

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