Virginia governor urges Trump to call white supremacists out ‘for what they are’

Flowers and other mementos are left at a makeshift memorial for the victims after a car plowed into a crowd of people peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally earlier in the day in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12, 2017. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP/RNS) — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe visited two Charlottesville churches and spoke to congregants after violent clashes in the city between white supremacist groups and counterprotesters that left three dead.

COMMENTARY: The hatred in Charlottesville does not surprise me

McAuliffe reiterated that the angry political rhetoric needs to stop.

And President Trump “needs to come out stronger” against the actions of white supremacists, McAuliffe told reporters at the First Baptist Church in Charlottesville. “They are Nazis and they are here to hurt American citizens, and he needs to call them out for what they are, no question.”

McAuliffe also visited Mount Zion First African Baptist Church.

Three were killed and dozens were injured amid what is believed to be the largest group of white nationalists to come together in a decade to protest the city’s decision to remove a Confederate monument. A car rammed into a crowd of protesters, killing a 32-year-old woman, and a state police helicopter crashed into the woods, leaving two troopers onboard dead.

Trump criticized the violence and called for a return to law and order. But his critics say his racially tinged rhetoric has exacerbated the nation’s political tensions and emboldened racists.

The mayor of Charlottesville blamed the nation’s intensifying political divisions for the violent clashes between white supremacist groups and counterprotesters that left three dead.

Mayor Michael Signer on Saturday bemoaned the “very sad and regrettable coarseness in our politics.”

Three were killed and dozens were injured amid what is believed to be the largest group of white nationalists to come together in a decade to protest the city’s decision to remove a Confederate monument. A car rammed into a crowd of protesters, killing a 32-year-old woman, and a state police helicopter crashed into the woods, leaving two troopers onboard dead.

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  • It is somewhat disingenuous to link the death of the troopers to the events in Charlottesville, their air operation, even if part of the police effort to contain the demonstration and counter demonstration, is by its nature intrinsically more dangerous than the efforts on the ground despite our long history of human flight. Such an accident might have occurred regardless of the social and political context undergirding the situation which necessitated their duties. The death of the young woman in the crowd is another matter altogether. While all three deaths are tragic, the young woman’s death was the result of the direct unlawful act of one who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for engaging in a willful homicide.

  • It is predictable to see this tragedy being exploited to put more pressure on Trump.

    White supremacism is always evil and dangerous. There is NO upside to Nazism, no excuse. But the anti-racists rejected King’s pathway of non-violent protests.

    You read the news and saw the photos. Getting directly in people’s faces, fully willing to trade yelling and punches. Violence coming from both sides. Weapons on **both** sides. Anti-racism is a very just cause, but you really mess it up if you get violent.

    Trump directly spoke to the “violence from both sides” aspect, but that ain’t good enough for people who are okay with violence coming from anti-racists.

  • So when ISIS drove trucks into crowds of people all over Europe, it could have been perfectly excusable if the victims were acting obnoxiously in your opinion.

    Because this was exactly that kind of terrorist attack upon a crowd. Something you refuse to acknowledge. Even this long after the fact.

    Trump dodged any kind of reference to the neo-nazis, how they support him or the act of terrorism. As I have known from the start, he is a turd.

  • One thing that I haven’t done so far, is check the other players at Charlottesville. We know the White Supremacist gang was there, but who else was there?
    Ask that question, Spuddie. It will cause you to REALLY question why Virginia’s governor is demanding that Trump only criticize the White Supremacists.

    Newsweek (“What Is Antifa”, Aug. 13) says that Antifa was there, Black Lives Matter was there, and groups calling themselves “Anti-Racist Action” and “Showing Up For Racial Justice” was there. All these groups specifically went to the University of Virginia ***in force***, Newsweek said.

    I’m currently googling the last two groups, but weknow that the first two are as hateful, as bigoted (although aimed at different targets), and as violent and patently dangerous, as the KKK’s and Neo-Nazi’s. Remember, all sides were yelling, cursing, punching people. Weapons on ALL sides. Hate on ALL sides.

    Black Lives Matter collectively made a bad name for themselves not only with their arrogant, wide-open intimidation tactics, but also with the blood of police officers of ALL races on their hands (Dallas, New York, etc). They haven’t apologized for ANY of the unholy mess they have done and encouraged.

    And Antifa? They are a Far Left or Alt-Left bunch of thugees.They’ve been linked to violent protests, such as the violent 200-arrest mess — including attacks on police officers — that went down during Trump’s inauguration, Newsweek said.
    National Review points out, “Antifa is not satisfied with labeling people fascists; they want them to bleed as a result.”

    Now you begin to see the real deal. You see why Trump said what he said. Yes, condemn the hateful violent Neo-Nazi’s and the KKK’s, but also let’s ALSO condemn the hateful violent Antifa’s and the hateful violent Black Lives Matter (a few members are not, but clearly they collectively ARE.) But you see the liberals don’t wanna do that.

  • So you are ignoring the most lethal and newsworthy event during the protests as to feign ignorance so you can continue your silly moral equivalence argument.

    “Ask that question, Spuddie. It will cause you to REALLY question why Virginia’s governor is demanding that Trump only criticize the White Supremacists.”


    Condemning terrorists and the group which not only supported the act, but congratulated the president on avoiding reference to it.

    All of your Antifa BS doesn’t come close to an outright attempt to indiscriminately kill a crowd of people during a protest. YOU ARE ATTACKING VICTIMS OF TERRORISM.

    “I’m currently googling the last two groups, but you and I both know that the first two groups are as hateful, as bigoted (although aimed at different targets), and proven to be as violent and patently dangerous, as the KKK’s and Neo-Nazi’s”

    No they aren’t. In fact their goal is ultimately to prevent indiscriminate violence against the public. As opposed to the neo-nazis/KKK which would gladly do so to further their means. As they have acted as legitimately labelled terrorist groups on plenty of occasions.

    I can’t even pretend you are saying anything seriously if you won’t acknowledge the ISIS style incident which has made all of the headlines about the protests.

  • ISIS has nothing to do with Charlotteville. A least three PROVEN violent armed thugee groups (plus other gangs) showed up in force, and yelled, cursed, assaulted each other, openly wielding some maiming & lethal weapons. Then one guy decided, on his own, to escalate and use his car.

    Antifa. BLM. KKK-Nazi’s. Other fanatic gangs of Alt-Left and Alt-Right.
    The police had to tear-gas all of them. Together.

    But the liberal politicians and media don’t want Trump to EQUALLY denounce all these hateful, bigoted, violent, dangerous groups. They want a free pass for Antifa, BLM, and every violent gang EXCEPT the KKK-Nazi’s.

    And YOU, Spuddie, are one of those libbies. That’s your call, (a bad call), but that don’t change the fact that Trump did the right thing.

  • ISIS provided the inspiration for the method of mayhem. If not the goals. You still refuse to even address the incident with the car directly. Btw the white supremacists did not disavow the guy with the car. In fact they support him. They even congratulated Trump for not mentioning it.

    In the past, white supremacists used to spray counter protesters with bullets.

    Again, the only people who used deadly force were the white supremacists. So there is no equivalence to be found here.

  • If you haven’t informed yourself about the attack with the car, you missed the most important part of the story. The one FATALITY and nearly a score of real tangible injuries caused. All at the hands of a white supremacist. One whose actions are being applauded by that group.

  • Folks, think abut this. You too Spuddie.

    You have three of the most hateful, violent, bigoted, intimidation-tactic gangs in America — the KKK-Nazi’s, the Antifa’s, and the Black Lives Matter — along with their respective allies, openly fighting each other — and fighting the police — in the streets.

    Weapons on ALL sides were capable of maiming or killing. Baseball bats are messy, but still do the job.

    Yet somehow you are surprised that in the middle of all that fighting, one crazy guy decides to go get a bigger weapon than the others, and use it. As if he needed an underground ISIS manual for instructions.

    But anyway, Trump correctly denounced ALL sides’ violence.

  • The counter protesters didn’t try to kill people with a car, pretend victims were at fault or congratulate officials for pretending it didn’t happen. White supremacists and their supporters did.

    Antifa isn’t even a real thing. It’s a joke label conservatives are using for any protest against them. But the KKK and no Nazis are very real and have a very long history of violence and murder to their credit.

    In this case they murdered a person and injured a bunch. Yet you have nothing to say about it except to pretend victims share the blame.

    Trump acted like a weasel and tried to maintain his white supremacist support. It’s interesting to see both you and David Duke agreeing on things. He applauded Trumps effort at deflecting blame. Just like you are doing now.

  • Newsweek was quite clear that the Antifa gang, was and is NO joke. They are clearly and fully into street-violence and intimidation.

    (And last time I checked, Newsweek wasn’t conservative.)

    Wonder why you’re trying to defend Antifa, Spuddie. Hmm?

    When you get three hateful, violent, bigoted, dangerous mobs from both sides of the racial fence doing a wide-open weaponized gig — and the photos speak for themselves — anything can happen. Chaos.

    Any one of them on any side, could have reached for a gun in that chaos. But one crazy guy chose a car. There’s no evidence that it was other than an individual decision.

  • None of them committed an act of terrorism killing/attempted murder of people at the events a few days ago. It is dishonest and rather repugnant of you to focus on them when the truly bad actors go on unacknowledged here.

    “Wonder why you’re trying to defend Antifa, Spuddie. Hmm?”

    Because they didn’t commit an act of terrorism at the protests, while the White Supremacists not only did, but are proud of it and bragging that Trump effectively ignored it.

    Its real easy: People who commit and support acts of terrorism get strong denunciation. People who may act threatening and have all this press from a group of hysterics, yet do next to nothing on the same level, get a “meh” reaction.

  • Back in the mid ’80’s I worked for 4 mo’s as a corrections officer in a county jail in a large midwest city. Periodically we’d get an Aryan bro’hood convict in. To a man they were crazy! Violent. Probably psychopathic/sociopathic. Scary people. Upon entering any module [read cell block] they would seek out minorities and pick a fight. Of course they’d get the birdseed and apple butter knocked out of them. Then we’d usually have to put them in isolation. Aryan Bro’hood folks are not to be lightly dismissed as they are flat out violently insane.

  • the white or the black, neo-nazi side? please clarify further, if they were in one of the cars being damaged by the black lives matters nazi party?

  • if you can blame trump, for what some body else did. then you! are just a guilty for what that somebody else did.

    if you! have two or more groups of fools looking to have a fight. then you! are going to have a foolish fight.

    and to take sides in this matter, places you in the racist wrong whichever way you foolishly side with.

  • it, takes a fool to support their other fools.

    to protest a fool, only increases the number of fools involved.

    adding more flames to the pot, does not decrease the boiling point.

    so objectively you, have more than one group of fools to justify the violence.

    and to take sides in this matter, makes you a violent racist also.

    do not care what form of nazism you choose, black, white, brown, yellow, or red. you! are wrong to chose one.

    when two or more evils clash, were you expecting peace on earth?

    when your evils, taunts fire from HEAVEN your going to get fired.

    ELOHEEM, is in charge of what you evils physically does too.

  • There was that car driven by the neo-nazi which was damaged by those counter protesters bodies being in the way as it went through the crowd. /s

    Much like claiming injury of a broken hand after punching a bunch of people.

  • Because the shoving, name calling and bloody noses from all groups present was overshadowed by an act of domestic terrorism by a member of the white supremacists.

  • Of course you can blame Trump after the fact. By not acknowledging the blatant act of terrorism which was committed, it was taken as assent of the act by its perpetrators.

    David Duke outright congratulated Trump for ignoring that part of the story and felt the statements made about “many sides” was helpful to his cause.

  • The Charlotte Observer Aug 12, 2017

    In televised remarks, Trump said he and his administration “condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides. On many sides.”

    “It’s been going on for a long time in our country,” Trump said. “Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It’s
    been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America.”

    Trump went on to say that “no citizen should ever fear for their safety; the hate and division must stop now.”

    “I love all the people of our country. We’re gonna make America greatagain but we’re gonna make it great for all the people of the United States of America,” Trump continued.

    Trump’s remarks came soon after the mayor of Charlottesville tweeted that one person had died as a result ofthe protests. In his remarks, he did not address this report, but he did call for a “swift restoration of law and order and the protection ofinnocent lives.”

    Now someone tell me what is wrong with this statement.

  • I disagree with your dismissal of Leftist violence. I saw the videos of the masked and violent groups at Berkley starting fires and commiting vandalism. They may not be well organized as the Right but they are an increasing presence. Any violence against free speech and assembly needs to be called out.

  • the virginia governor racist, demands that trump only condemns the other racists involvement?

    as if one group of fools wasn’t enough, it took another group of racist fools to justify their foolish violence.

    but i, refuse to be held accountable for what your own antiG-D stupidity does to yourselves. just so you, can blame somebody else to justify your own foolishness.

  • So who has reported serious injury at the hands of the counter protesters here?

    With all the talk of “left wing violence” with these protests, there aren’t any specific examples of it from the people bringing it up. Whereas the racists committed an act of domestic terrorism killing a person and seriously injuring 19 others.

  • You can have whatever issues with Black Lives Matter you wish, I certainly do, but they’re not Nazis. We’re not talking here about grammar Nazis, or saying “that state trooper was such a Nazi when he pulled me over.” The protestors of the removal of the statue are actual members of various National Socialist movements, or in common purpose with them. They are real, actual Nazis.

  • That it was an individual decision is right out of ISIS’s playbook. They provide the inspiration, but the terrorist acts themselves are perpetrated by so-called “lone wolves.”

  • I think the helicopter accident coverage is just to put an even sadder face on the day’s events.

  • I’m usually a huge supporter of the police, but why didn’t they intervene? Why did they let it get so far out of control? Why were they told to “stand down”? Why were they even there if they were just going to be on-lookers? Why isn’t the press looking into that? Why isn’t the mayor of charlotte answering questions about that? Why isn’t the governor answering questions about that?

  • To answer you, it was a guy from the white KKK-Nazi side. There are no black KKK’s or Nazi’s.

    But there IS black racism going on. There IS black hatred, black bigotry, raw armed black violence, and raw black intimidation going on. There ARE innocent people, public servants of ALL races, who have been injured, taunted, maimed, and even killed because of this mess.

    And if you’re willing to concede that at least a few folks in this group aren’t completely like that (because of Christian influences), then I will state the obvious name of this group who is honestly guilty of it:

  • I don’t believe it. You were given an easy chance to simply say you’re NOT defending Antifa’s proven violent mess, and yet you concede you ARE defending them after all !!

    Oh no no. This nation is going bonkers or something.

  • nazism is nothing but socialism, with a racial preference added. it does not matter, whether you include, white, black, brown, yellow, or red lives matter independently. and including creedism, only adds to the alleged our only true flames.

    ELOHEEM, forged diverse races because you are all racists. even though your caspers, are all white on the inside or on the outside.

    the physical judgement, has nothing to do with race. but it, may be highly effected by organized creed be it secular or sectarian creeds.

    to put it bluntly, the less true you are to ELOHEEM or THEIR Son the greater risk you have placed yourself in here in THEIR Physical Theocracy. mental freewill, does not include physical free will. THEY! dictate how this finite seven day physical story always happens.

  • i, do not care which race you give your socialist favor to that is nazism. the kkk are nazis.

  • Because they are not equivalents here. Nor have any culpability in the domestic terror attack which took place. You are holding out Antifa as this great boogeyman to avoid addressing the very real and lethal violence of the white supremacists here.

    There is nothing to defend because there is no relevance to Antifa here. You don’t even have accounts of neo Nazis claiming injury at their hands here. It’s like comparing an adult film actress to Meryl Streep. Both act, but they are not even close to the same level.

  • if i, were you. i, would be more worried about why ELOHEEM commanded this to physically happen. if you, are all rather be demons. you, are not going to be commanded to physically act like The Angels.

  • (Waiting to be stricken down by the hand of God for my wicked ways)
    (Still waiting)
    (Still waiting)

  • have you been keeping track of when and how you died, the last two times? when you, could be destined to repent, in a week, a month, a year, or a decade.

    because you are this stupid today, does not mean you shall be all that stupid tomorrow. but would still take years, off of your longevity or good health.

  • There was only one person who committed that one act. You cannot deny that.

    And that individual, who was correctly arrested, did his one evil violence in the middle of clearly reported, clearly photographed, verbal and physical violence involving THREE proven, hateful, bigoted, weaponized gangs — KKK/Nazi, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.

    No ethical and rational person, whether Christian or Atheist, can legitimately defend any of those three proven violent gangs.

  • I can see that, and recognize that the events are not wholly separate, I just prefer crisper editing.

  • For all your talk of big bad BLM and Antifa, you appear to be hard pressed to cough up anything they were doing which puts them on the same level of the KKK/Nazis here or in other situations.

    You are conflating and exaggerating them for the purposes of lessening the culpability of right wingers in a terrible incident you are highly reluctant to address in any way.

  • Why aren’t the Governor, the mayor and the chief of police being held responsible for letting this get so far out of control. Why aren’t THEY being grilled by the press?

  • hypocrites! who only blame the white nationalists. in this gathering of antichrists, on all violent sides. using the race card, to try and justify the violence of the other antichrist side is still idolatry and is still all hatred of ELOHEEM and THEIR Son.

    you sided with the devils, and wanted your nation without G-D or THEIR Son. and this, is and worse is what it is and shall physically look like for your treason.